From the Archives: What can we say …? Crunchy X-mas rocked! (by 5. December 2002)

The Crunchy X-Mas show in Copenhagen was a huge succes – 1500 people came to celebrate and experience the full roster of crunchy bands playing. Thanks to everybody who attended and to our wonderful staff both from Vega (the venue) and CF HQ. Everybody did a fantastic job. For the back stage and afterparty action check out another news item on this site called “Behind the music: The underbelly of the frog”

The show started with a brief welcome by one of our founding fathers of CF: Mr. Jesper Rofelt. He presented the humongous electrically lit Crunchy Frog logo which hovered above the stage all night and spred love, peace and sweet sweet crispness. Rofelt then presneted the REAL presenter of the evening Mr. Karsten Irving “Show” Schiøler, who also happens to be the lead singer of Tothe Int’l. And thus the party begun….

TOTHE INTERNATIONAL hasn’t played live for quite some time, but MAN are they back in great form! They played a few of the classics and spellbound the audience with their mix of great music, weird instrumentation (with Yebo NOT playing drums on most songs but instead organ, theremin and megaphone) and whacky stage show (whith their manager Rud standing in the back with a white cowboy hat, looking mean as f***). One of the best highlights was when they played their contribution to the Xclusive Crunchy Xmas Covers-sampler. They did a wonderful country rendering of Junior Seniors “White Trash”, and also a powerful “Momma, I’m a Communist”, which in turn happens to be the song that was covered for the sampler by…..

THE RAVEONETTES who gave a loud (the loudest of the evening!), energetic and truely electrifying show. Looking cool as always the band was clad in black, only exceptions (as a reviewer pointed out) was Sunes red scarf and Sharins white cleavage – uh baby.

THAU was next band on stage after one of the 3 half hour breaks of the night. Introduced as the band without whom (…etc.) they entered the stage together with the “5th member” Soma Allpass Hammarlund on cello, organ and percussion. The band kicked off presnteing a retrospective of songs from the first, second and third album. At this point the room had filled to the maximum capacity and it was nice to see that the Crunchy Frog fans actually had the attention span to listen to difficult music and not get bored or go to the bar in hords. It is in fact a great tribute to the music lovers out there, that although many came for Superheroes or Junior Senior, they actuelly gave the more underground and weird sounding bands a chance, and generally dug them as well. This certainly proved to be true during the Thau show as well as some of the later ones. The concert climaxed as Thau played “This Is OK” which transformed itself into “I Touched Her Legs” by Superheroes, and at the last song “Na Ni” when Per Sunding of TBG and Tanja of Superheroes joined them on stage.

JUNIOR SENIOR was the band that made sure that EVERYBODY got their ass in gear and got the party started right. As always Senior was the master of ceremonies and Junior did a fantastic piece of guitarwork. The Rhythm Prophets (as they call themselves) Yebo and Filip were tight like hell and the girls Anna and Lullu (with 3 l’s!) had never looked or sounded better. That band just is a treat to watch and hear.

Even though they don’t like being labeled a “party band” it is pretty damned hard to stop a party from erupting when they play. On stage they were joined by the always great Lars I Lommen and Thomas T (Superheroes), and for the last song Senior asked the audience to join the band for a orgasmic overpopulated version of “White Trash”. Again it is a tribute to the fans that the stage wasn’t trashed and everybody just had a great chaotic time.

LEARNING FROM LAS VEGAS was next band up, and this was the awaited first time they presented a lot of the material from their forthcoming album, which is being recorded at the moment – it will be out before summer ’03. They also had a few of the old classics on the program this night and it was a pleasure to revisit songs such as “10.000 Songs” and “DataBankMemoHaiku”. With new member Jesper Sand (from Thau) as a strong pressence on guitar and backing vocals the set up we almost didn’t miss the newly departed member Per, who used to play the keys in the band (but we still miss you… come back!). Thomas T from Superheroes who is producing the new album helped out with some keyboard parts on stage. It was so nice to hear the lads play live again. Stay tuned for the album people. It is gonna be great!

THE TREMOLO BEER GUT – now there’s another band that hasn’t played live for some time. Apart from 10 minutes at a street party during summer, the band has been spread out doing their own stuff in other bands and as producers etc. This was truely a home coming. Per just finished the Cardigans record as producer. Sune has been travelling the world with The Raveonettes, Yebo has kept busy with Crunchy Frog and Junior Senior and Jengo is still the Fruit King of Denmark. It was such a thrill for the guys to be together and that wasn’t even all: on organ and theremin we witnessed the genius of Mr. Bas Morgansen (aka P. Bartosch of Eggstone), and on backing vocals 4/5 of the B-team from Roskilde Festival 2000: Show (Tothe Int’l), Satan Beck (Pleasure Machine), Magnus S (Cardigans) and Simon Beck (Sun Lounge). All in all a pretty happening bunch of cool cats.

Despite the lack of rehearsal the band played a wonderful show and topped it off with the entry of Senior who did the vocals for “Cool Cig’s” which in his version on the XCXC-sampler became “Cool Dicks”. A gay anthem with witty rhymes such as “mono” rhyming with “homo” (?) etc.

As a surprice Tanja from Superheroes showed up with a huge dildo and tried to ram it down Yebos throat… some happy camper from the audience went home with a trophy this night…

THE MOPEDSunfortunately couldn’t make the sound check during the day, so they had a bit of technical troubles and was suffering with some bad sound. BUT it was a treat to see and hear the band again – back on Danish soil.

They brought Patrik B and Sven on Sax as guests, and did an entertaining show playing all their hit songs and speaking their funny brand of Danish in-between the songs.

SUPERHEROES was the most delicious treat, saved for last. Everybody knows they are the best live band in the State of Denmark, and they certeinly had no difficulties living up to that (no offense to the other great CF bands).

Even though the audience by now had listened to 7 shows and had been drinking for 5 hours, it was no sweat for Thomas T and his troops catching the eyes, ears and hearts of every single person in the audience. The band simply grooved and played like there was no tomorrow.

Thomas T was a lean mean crowdsurfing, stagediving, waterthrowing, stripping machine. We are talking ACTIONPACKED!

Joined onstage by most of the other bands and a lot of the CF staff for the last song “In Control of the Beat” the superheroes finished the night in great style.

Oh what a night to remember (if you weren’t too drunk). We hope everybody had a great time and enjoys the record we did for each other and all of YOU!

Watch out for more pics, behind the scene revelations and after party scandals… Check out “The underbelly of the Frog”

From the Archives: It’s gonna be a Crunchy Christmazz (by 22. October 2002)

Get your Christmas spirits going on the night of Crunchy X-mas, one hell of an evening with all 8 crunchy bands performing live – and a free exclusive CD for all guests. That’s right: Junior Senior, Learning From Las Vegas, The Mopeds, Superheores, The Raveonettes, THAU, Tothe International AND The Tremolo Beer Gut + a free cd AND international DJs as weel: DJ Theandernaler, DJ Crillinator and DJ Franke – all for 180 DKR.

The time for a racing pulse, clammy hands and warnings from your financial advisor is moving closer; Christmas is the name of the Beast! But this year you will be prepared, or at least you will have the resistance to stand up to this demanding season. We – the good and kind people at Crunchy Frog – will give you an injection of pure energy, joy and X-mas love.

Saturday the 30th of November we proudly present the ultimate concert experience of the year in Store Vega, Copenhagen. It’s gonna be one hell of a night with all your beloved crunchy bands performing live, surprises, DJ’s and a buttload of ho ho ho’s. Spread the word: Crunchy X-mas is the only rock’n remedy for this years holyday-blues. As a guest you will receive a special crunchy treat you can’t buy for money: A CD containing crunchy bands covering the songs of other crunchy bands. The bands have done all recordings and honestly: it is one cool cd! With this funky tracklist:

Tothe International: White Trash (written by Junior Senior)
The Raveonettes: Momma, I’m a Communist (Tothe International)
Learning From Las Vegas: Veronica Fever (The Raveonettes)
Superheroes: St. Christopher (Learning From Las Vegas)
Thau: I touched Her Legs (superheroes)
The Mopeds: Awestruck (Thau)
The Tremolo Beer Gut: Deep under the Chinese Snow (The Mopeds)
Junior Senior: Cool Dicks (The Tremolo Beer Gut)

Tickets are available right now (but only 1000 of them, so hurry up!!!). Get’em on billetnet or

From the Archives: Crunchy Frog bands in NYC (by 10. October 2002)

CMJ action!
Yesterday’s NEWS…
Soon the streets and venues of New York City will resonate with the sound of CRUNCH!

Just before and during the annual CMJ Festival several Crunchy Frog bands will play shows. The most promintent is the Crunchy Frog Showcase at Arlene Grocery (95 Stanton Street)on October 29th. At this show YOU can experience The Raveonettes, Junior Senior, Superheroes and THAU + special guest star James Kochalka Superstar. If you live in NY or is visiting you do NOT want to miss out.

The running order will be:

7 pm: James Kochalka Superstar
8 pm: THAU
9 pm: Junior Senior
10 pm: Superheroes
11 pm: The Raveonettes

During CMJ we have the following shows set up:

Oct. 30th, 11.30 pm: Junior Senior @ Galapagos
Nov. 1st, 7 pm: The Raveonettes @ The Elbow Room
Nov. 1st, 11.30 pm: Superheroes @ The Cutting Room

You KNOW you gotta be there, so show up goddammit!

From the Archives: VibraCrunch 4 – Over and (well) done! (by 23. August 2002)

VibraCrunch 4 is over and what a night! The evening was held in good spirit, nice sunshine, warm summernight breeze later and cold beer all over. Everything just worked perfect, except for the last-minute cancellation of Raveonettes’ concert because of Sharin getting sick. It all ended well though, with the rescue team of Pleasure Machine taking over without any warning or practising. Thanks to them for a great show!Unfortunately we don’t have pictures from all shows, but if any of you who were in the public that day have any snapshots from any of the bands, that you’d like to share, please send them to

Ny Akustik

The first band to enter the main stage was one of Stockholms most interesting bands right now: Ny Akustik. They had the opening slot because one of the guys had to dash off right after the show to play with Doktor Kosmos in Jönköping (or was it Lindköping? – some kinda köping anyhoo). They delivered a heartfelt and intense show despite the fact that people was just starting to arrive. Too bad for Ny Akustik, but they managed to do a really great concert for us that were there in time.


Knallert means “Moped” in Danish. But the word can also be used to describe a loudmouthed sassy punk kid, and that’s really a conotation that fits the band Knallert much more precisely.Knallert from Copenhagen started out with an instumental tune designed to shred your ears and kick off 45 minutes of hectic punk rock. The boys in the band origin from some of the strong bands on the grunge and rock scene in Denmark such as Psyched Up Janis, Strawberry Slaughterhouse, and all that accumulated rock energy (and distortion effects for the guitars) certainly paid off at their VC4 show.


As usual Knallert had invited guest vocalists (today: Bo from On Trial and Krstian from Soft Porn) and even Yebo from THAU playing the Theremin in a long psychedelic intense live offering. These boys sure knows how to rock!

The band brought a new batch of their almost home made t-shirts, that surely brings on a smile at most peoples faces. They use their own old used tees, and just print their childish “knallert-rock-usa”-logo on it, and voila: an incredible piece of ugly – yet charming – merchandise…

(Knallert photos: Ztine)


After the sonic outburst of Knallert the audience must have felt ready for Revolvo who delivered a great indie pop show.


Back at the “lounge stage” – as it has been dubbed by the Malmö Festival – Thau was next in line to deliver one of their best concerts for a long time. They had decided to play a lot of rare older songs, slow gripping tunes such as “Come Whatever” and “Fast Awake”. From a very low key beginning the set picked up speed and noise towards the end. Their reworked version of “Detached” and the always amazing “Awestruck” being the most poignant songs of the show.As usual Soma Allpass delivered an excellent performance on the cello, and as a guest bassist Thau had brought along Tor Slotman that some may know from labelmates Tothe International.Tor has been moonlighting as substitute for Roffe, but he’s leaving for Barcelona this fall, so who knows what we can expect of Thaus next show???

Swan Lee

As their very last live show on an extremely long tour, Swan Lee took the main stage at VibraCrunch4 and played their hearts out. Everyone there must have been touched by Pernille’s intense vocal performance. The band seemed genuinely grateful to play before the Malmö crowd, and they indeed had a nice last show.As usual the sound was awesome, the lights really captuered the mood of the songs, and that Pernille Rosendahl isn’t hard to look at, as many of the boys out there will agree (not that the boys from Swan Lee aren’t sex bombs in their own right!)

By the way: right now the documentary about Swan Lee called “Stjernekigger” is out in selected Danish cinemas. We suggest you go check it out. This band really had to fight to get to where they are now, and respect is due for all the effort and hard work they have shown to make a succes of themselves.

The show at VC4 indeed showcased a band at the hight of their powers.

Revlon 9

2 tough chicks and 2 nice boys from Stockholm entered the Lounge stage at VC4 and won over everybody in the tent. Or that is not quite true: Revlon 9 seems to have a way of dividing the audience – either you get it, or you don’t. They make simple and powerful music, and that’s it. So to rectify: everybody who liked it, loved it! Nobody from the primarily Copenhagen and Malmö audience relly knoew the band, but we have heard from a lot of people that Revlon 9 was the single best surprise they had the whole day.By the way: the band is being sued by the american Revlon-company, so they may have to change their name pretty soon.

Junior Senior

Just returned from the Skanderborg Festival Junior Senior was a lean mean party machine. At this point the main tent had been filled to the brim with interested audience, that just had to check out what all that commotion about the band is all about. And they soon learned their lesson. Senior was once again the master of ceremonies getting people to clap, sing along and dance at his command.

Quit Your Dayjob

QYDJ also played last year at VC3, and back then they had a great show and great response. This time the band was even more in tune and geared up. In fact they played 10 songs in 20 minutes and left the stage and the audience hungering for more more more. But alas: all the fuel had been used up, and the band refused to play another note. But that’s the spirit: leave ’em hungry!As a footnote we can divulge that the band indeed DID get their share of fuel after the show. MAN those boys know how to drink beer! Several crates of it!

From the Archives: VibraCrunch4 – the legend goes on… (by 23. July 2002)

Another year another swell line up…
Yes, once more we are ready to host the best day of the summer during Malmöfestivalen. We and our sugar daddy Nicklas Johansson have compiled a sweet list of great bands from Crunchy Frog, Denmark and Sweden for you to enjoy absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

All you have to do is to show up on friday 16. august around 17.00 CET at Uppsala Bastionen (see map below) and bring your smile and money for beer and merchandise!

The party goes on at two stages – alternating between Main Stage and Lounge Stage – until 0.30. Both stages are covered by tents, so even if the weather is bad, you can enjoy the sounds of…

17.15 Ny Akustik (S)
18.00 Knallert (DK)
18.45 Revolvo (S)
19.45 THAU (CF)
20.30 Swan Lee (DK)
21.30 Revlon 9 (S)
22.15 Junior Senior (CF)
23.00 Quit Your Dayjob (S)
23.45 The Raveonettes (CF)

…. just think of it: all these excellent bands for the price of 0 SEK… you just gotta be there!!

If you should happen be one of the poor people in the world that don’t know ANYTHING about the bands, here’s some info:

Ny Akustik:
The band from Stockholm is playing some of the most beautiful music there is to find in Sweden these days. They have a certain affinity to the fellow-townsmen from bob hund, with their – very scandinavian – mixture of weltschmertz, humour and popmusic. And just like bob hund, they sing in their native language.

The Band – featuring ex-members of Psyched Up Janis, Strawberry Slaughterhouse and Amstrong – has recently enjoyed great succes before the eyes and ears of thousands of people on the campingstage on this years Roskilde Festival, with golden reviews as the result. Knallert plays hardpunching alternative and noisy rock’n’roll, both instrumental and with the charismatic leadsinger Patricia!

Good reviews will never end for this quartet from Malmö, who has played with The White Stripes. They have a particular british sound, which leads your thoughts to My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver, but never as pure retro. It’s melancholy and melodious.

Besides being the owners of the best and crunchiest recordlabel in the Universe, the quartet has in many ways been right in the middle of everything on the indie-stage of Copenhagen. They were up against the Worldcup-final on this years Roskilde Festival but gave nevertheless a concert many has mentioned as the best this year! Since the rumours has been circling, telling that the bassplayer has left the band and that they therefore were splitting up. Let’s once and for all state: THAU will never split up, because the ambitions has allways been to exist longer than Rolling Stones AND Beethoven. Put together! At VibraCrunch they will play material from both the latest album “All It Takes Is Everything” and a few oldies and perhaps a couple of new ones.

Swan Lee:
This band has untill now mostly been broadly known for the song that didn’t appear in a James Bond movie, but connoisseurs have already long time ago given them a little room in their hearts. And there must be quite a few of them, since the debutalbum “Enter” has sold more than 10.000 copies, without any kind of tv-campaign or major-label-millions as backup. As bonus info we can say that Swan Lees singer Pernille Rosendahl might be the best of her kind in Denmark!

Revlon 9:
“Fuck you right here” are only one of many alike titles of Revlon 9’s songs. On stage they swap instruments all the time, while they sing lyrics like: “I’ve got no underwear – ahrrgghhhh!!!”. Swedish when it’s hard and at it’s very best.

Junior Senior:
You know them already and if you don’t, you must be on this site by accident! Junior Senior are still terrorising the charts with their hit Move Your Feet and soon all of Europe will sing along, when their anarchistic dancemusic are going to be released through Universal Music.

Quit Your Dayjob:
This Malmö-trio played an outstanding concert on last years VibraCrunch. They are not afraid to cut the music down to basic. Quit Your Dayjob is therefore one of the hardest punches in your face, that the human body is capeable to enjoy!

The Raveonettes:
Crunchy Frogs own The Raveonettes has during the last few months of their short life drawn a good deal of attention to some of the big recordcompagnies, caused by their raw and spell-binding sound. The band has two EPs out this year – one in the tune of Bb-minor and one in Bb-major.

Practical stuff…
This map shows the excact location of the site. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Central Station and about 10 minutes from the boat from Copenhagen.

For Copenhageners it’s nice to know that the trains back to ol’ CPH departs every hour all through the night.

You can buy beer and food at the site, and of course records and t-shirts from all the bands that have any.

The previous years…
As the 4 in VibraCrunch4 implies, this is not the first time we are doing this festival. It all started out 4 years ago when the local Malmö label called Vibrafon was asked by the Malmöfestival to put together a bill of cool artists. The boss at Vibrafon, Mr. Martin Theander, thought it would be cool to invite the soul mate label from Copenhagen to be co-host. This labe of course was Crunchy Frog. We started out having just one outdoor stage, and though it started raining in the evening, the first VibraCrunch was a great succes. The first year there was almost only Vibrafon and CF bands on the bill, but the next year we started inviting more outside bands, and developing the festival as a Danish/swedish brotherhood kinda thing. Still with a heavy base of our own bands of course.

Unfortunately Vibrafon just barely survived long enough to participate in VibraCrunch 2. The label caved in (with the signing of The Mopeds to CF as a result, and we also took over the management of – so at least two “good” things came out of that…). The following year the Malmöfestival asked us to carry on the tradition, and we did it with pleasure. So even though it is now only a Crunchy Frog thing, we still take pride in presenting new intersting bands from both contries at the 1 day music feast. We hope that all the participants from the previous years and a lot of newcomers will take part this year and make it a great day for us all.

We want to thank Malmöfestivalen and especially Nicklas Johansson for being our partner in crime on this thing, and for supplying the funds to make this a FREE event.

C ya there!

Oh yeah! – please go to the NEWS-section of this page to see the accounts of the previous VibraCrunch’es…

From the archives: Roskilde & Midtfyn 2002 – the Crunchy reportage (by 19. July 2002)

As many may know, 2002 was a swell year for Crunchy Frog at Roskilde Festival. We had no less than 4 great bands on the festival: Superheroes, THAU, The Raveonettes and Junior Senior, on top of that we had Crunchy personel playing at the shows with Knallert (Yebo) and Niels Skousen Band (Sune Wagner), and on friday Yebo and Jessica (from KUBI Booking) hosted the “Northern Light” shows at Blue Stage as DJs. In this pictorial reportage you can se pictures from and behind the stage of the CF concerts, and at the bottom we also included some snaps from the Supa and Jr Sr shows at Midtfyn.


Superheroes – Orange Stage, thursday

THAU – Blue Stage, Sunday

The Raveonettes – Yellow Stage, sunday

Junior Senior – Green Stage, Sunday


Superheroes and Junior Senior played the same stage (Rytmescenen) on saturday night. This – once more – made it possible for the two lead vocalists to guest star in each others bands. It was truely a swell night. Good music, a great vibe, beautiful lights and that extra little something we call…. CRUNCH!

Junior Senior


We thank all the audience that came out to our shows on the festivals. It was a pleasure to perform for you. Love from Crunchy Frog, Superheroes, Junior Senior, THAU and The Raveonettes…

Thanks for the photos to: Søren Solkær Starbird, Rikke Petersen, Thomas Troelsen, Filip Nikolic, Jessica Tolf Vulpius.

From the Archives: THAU back on the road after 2 years of nothing! (by 28. September 2001)

All It Takes Is Live Power
At long last the new album from THAU came out. “All It Takes Is Everything” has been a long time under way. 2,5 years to be excact. The reviews have been great and now the band is setting sail towards the venues of Denmark.

They will tour with the two excellent bands (one at a time) Wynona and our very own The Mopeds (and even one show with Sune Wagner’s new band). As a special treat they will bring the talented and beautiful Ms. Soma Allpass on cello, organ and vocals. We are all looking forward to this!

October 4th: RUST, Copenhagen with The Mopeds
November 10th: Panic, Haderslev with The Mopeds
November 16th: Voxhall, Århus with Wynona
November 17th: Ungdommens hus, Fredericia with Wynona
December 19th: Vega, Copenhagen with The Girl On Death Row
February 1st: Rytmeposten, Odense with The Mopeds
February 2nd: Studenterhuset, Aalborg with The Mopeds
March 14th: Gimle, Roskilde

More shows are under way. For up to date tour info, check out

From the Archives: A full Vibracrunch 3 report (by 12. September 2001)

It was surely one hell of a fine day. On Saturday 11th of August Crunchy Frog presented a bill of 13 superb artist from Denmark, Sweden and USA.
The weather turned out to be OK, the crowd was growing all day and the Swedish beer was cold and kept on coming – and the music was startling: mean and crazy from Angus & Graves and James Kochalcka, moving and moody from Wynona, Glorybox and Rhonda Harris, oisy and poetic from Diefenbach, Hell On Wheels and Thau, and groovy as hell from David & The Citizens, The Mopeds and Superheroes.

The third edition of the annual Vibracrunch one day festival included not one, but two stages: the big tent stage and the small and cozy lounge stage. Local heroes David & The Citizens kicked the day to a funky start on the big one, and the good people of Malmö started pouring into the VC3-site.

Among the musical peaks was Quit Your Dayjob, who spanked the ears of the audience with their focused and punked up in-your-face electro/guitar tunes.
And the theatrical rubber show Angus & Graves introduced their own performance in both Swedish, Danish and English wearing elaborate swimming gear. They performed a show that made believe that there is still new musical ground to be explored. Saturday Frank thrilled people with their Waits-garage sounds and the “ethnic” Glorybox (US/DK/N) gave a perfect evidence of why they are so popular in the Benelux.  Denmarks best post rock band Diefenbach kicked up the volume on the guitars, Rhonda Harris took them down again and delivered (as usual) a great and intense concert. The newcomer Moonbabies (who was quite unknown to at least the Danish part of the audience) was an interesting new aquaintance.

Copenhagen based country rockers Wynona seduced us all with their melodic indie country. And when James Kochalcka played his second show at Vibracrunch3 on the big stage, people where wise to all the tricks: the dino choreography, the Swedish (!) heavy rocker Ozzy Osbourne and best of all: James’ funky magic finger (his dink!). Whenever this crazy American visits Europe he gains a larger and larger crowd of fans. Among these are Hell on Wheels who – despite the fact that they played earlier on the same day at the Arvika Festival – insisted on driving to Malmö to play and – more important – to hail and enjoy mr. James Kochalcka Superstar. As usual the HoW-liveshow was startling and excellent, and they gained many Danish fans as well.

A most amputated version of THAU – only 2 fourth of the band played under the name “AU” – gave a world premiere of songs from their new album “All It Takes Is Everything” (out September 10th) accompanied by recorded drums, strings and organs. Though the dimminutive band explained the absence of brothers Nalna and Yebo with a “double tour of Europe” (Roffe and Fzat playes northern Europe, Yebo and Nalna the southern part), which would double the income of this lazy band. But that explanation was ruined when Yebo entered the stage and sang the last song of the gig and received great applause by the audience.

Day turned into night before The Mopeds played one of their best shows ever, supported by Patrik “Muso” “Paddy” “Bas Morgansen” Bartosch of Eggstone and a thrilling brass section – which of course meant a kick ass sax solo, you didn’t think was even legal these days. Mopeds presnted a long string of hits and included recent radio favourites “Dina Tried Her Silverbow”, “The Right to Be Unfunky” and “Steppin’ On Fire”.

As the big crescendo of the day superheroes was flown in from sunny France to play a gig of extraordinary show quality. Lead singer Thomas Troelsen showed his more devilish sides spitting, spacing out and putting his hands all over his 1,5 meter body – where everybodies eyes could see! The show was recorded by the Swedish National Radio (P3) and is to be heard later this year – as well as Rhonda Harris and Glorybox, which both as well ended on national tape.

Whoa, it’s hard to sum up such a smashingly happy day of thrills, chills and high quality music. VibraCrunch3 was indeed a great success, and we have received nothing but praise by the fans and participants. What we still need, though, is some more pictures from the concerts to post on this very page. As you see we have a limited supply as of now.

Looking forward to next year!

From the Archives: VibraCrunch3 – FINAL SCHEDULE!!! (by 31. July 2001)

Get ready for Vibracrunch 2001
It’s time for the annual one day festival in Malmö called Vibracrunch (it’s a part of the Malmöfestival throughout the city). It started out as a Swedish-Danish collaboration, featuring some of the best bands from the two countries – among these several from Crunchy Frog and Swedish Vibrafon Recs. And even though Vibrafon is now only a warm memory and pop history, the event continues with both Swedish and Danish acts.

VibraCrunch3 features loads of good bands on two stages at Uppsala Bastionen only 200 metres from Centralstationen in Malmö (Malmö central train station). It’s all free and all day on the 11th of August from 14H (2pm) ’til 01H (1am). Enjoy all these fabulous bands:
Superheroes (dk)
The Mopeds (s)
Rhonda Harris (dk)
James Kochalka Superstar (us)
David and the Citizens (s)
Wynona (dk)
THAU (dk)
Hell On Wheels (s)
Glorybox (us/n/dk)
Diefenbach (dk)
Quit Your Dayjob(s)
Saturday Frank (s)
Moon Babies (s)
Angus & Graves (dk)
+ DJ Martin Theander (malmö)