From the archives: Roskilde & Midtfyn 2002 – the Crunchy reportage (by 19. July 2002)

As many may know, 2002 was a swell year for Crunchy Frog at Roskilde Festival. We had no less than 4 great bands on the festival: Superheroes, THAU, The Raveonettes and Junior Senior, on top of that we had Crunchy personel playing at the shows with Knallert (Yebo) and Niels Skousen Band (Sune Wagner), and on friday Yebo and Jessica (from KUBI Booking) hosted the “Northern Light” shows at Blue Stage as DJs. In this pictorial reportage you can se pictures from and behind the stage of the CF concerts, and at the bottom we also included some snaps from the Supa and Jr Sr shows at Midtfyn.


Superheroes – Orange Stage, thursday

THAU – Blue Stage, Sunday

The Raveonettes – Yellow Stage, sunday

Junior Senior – Green Stage, Sunday


Superheroes and Junior Senior played the same stage (Rytmescenen) on saturday night. This – once more – made it possible for the two lead vocalists to guest star in each others bands. It was truely a swell night. Good music, a great vibe, beautiful lights and that extra little something we call…. CRUNCH!

Junior Senior


We thank all the audience that came out to our shows on the festivals. It was a pleasure to perform for you. Love from Crunchy Frog, Superheroes, Junior Senior, THAU and The Raveonettes…

Thanks for the photos to: Søren Solkær Starbird, Rikke Petersen, Thomas Troelsen, Filip Nikolic, Jessica Tolf Vulpius.


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