CRUNCHY CLUB #8 Season Finale

Ladies and gents, get ready. The Crunchy Club #8 Season Finale is just ahead of us. Again we will throw a party at The Old Blue Last in London with some of our finest acts. This Tuesday evening we give to you Shiny Darkly and Lars and The Hands of Light. And this is the season finale of Crunchy Club parties in London, so it will be a show to remember! Be there on May 28th and enjoy!




The Crunchy Frog machine is working well these days. Our artists are all over sharing good looks and great music!

Thee Attacks02

While Thee Attacks are playing their pants off in LA and Toronto, The Malpractice and Shiny Darkly just delivered awesome concerts at this year’s Spot Festival in Aarhus, playing shows both at the festival and at the late night Crunchy Frog afterparty at the legendary Sway.


Finally Lars and The Hands of Light’s new album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is out there for you. Closewatch Music enjoys it “The first thing to say is that BWCDT is a pop album of the highest order.” … you should enjoy it to.


Check out the beautiful new video for “Time To Glow” with Lars and The Hands of Light

With only two weeks untill the release of the sophomore album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow it is time to present to the world, the new video for the international single “Time to Glow from Lars and The Hands of Light. It is most beautifully directed by Anders Bigum. Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is out on April 29th in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Schwitzerland and on May 6th in the UK.

lars video still

Click on the picture to see the beautiful video!

Lars and The Hands of Light at GoldFlakePaint

The video for “End of Summer” from Lars and The Hands of Light has just been premiered in UK at the tastemakers’ blog GoldFlakePaint. They sensed the yearning for summer warmth in both the video and the song even though Lars sings about its departure. Right now we all suffer a bit from withdrawal.

Check out the UK premiere of “End of Summer”

Back home in Denmark, the second single “Kiss You In The Doorway” from the forthcoming album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is in solid rotation on National Danish Radio. So tune in and enjoy some Lars and The Hands of Light while we wait for the summer to come.
Kiss You In The Doorway_single)02

Lars and The Hands of Light on Barometeret

Every Sunday evening all the young kids in Denmark are feeling sad, heartbroken and in mood for some quiet music. They tune in on Det Elektriske Barometer but this time they are getting pretty exciting – Lars and The Hands of Light are on Barometerlisten (a hitlist made by the listeners)! Yeah that’s right, the brand new single ‘End of Summer’ made it to the list!

And we don’t want it to stop here. So take a listen to the new single from Lars and The Hands of Light while you vote the song all the way to the top of Barometeret. Just follow THIS LINK and remember you don’t have to be quiet while voting!

Crunchy Christmas coming up

Crunchy Frog loves Christmas. So we have decided to throw you all an amazing Christmas party. It will take place at Pumpehuset, the 8th of December, and we´ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff going on. First of all we will give you 9 bands including “Apparat Organ Quartet”– coming all the way from Iceland,“Powersolo” and even “Beta Satan”. We will give you awesome DJ´s and you will also receive a free beer when you enter the doors of Pumpehuset. Furthermore there will be extremely cheap n´crunchy merchandise for sale, so if you are looking for a awesome Christmas present to give to your mother in law, you may find it here as well. All this fun, and christmas joy will only cost you 150 danish kroner.

Ohhh  – and if you have children we suggest you drag them to Pumpehuset in the morning – because we´ve also arranged at Crunchy Kids Xmas Manité, were Hr.Skæg and Ramasjang Rally stars Powersolo will be performing.

And speaking about fun, we have a competition for you as well. Answer the following question, and win 2 tickets to this awesome night:

“The Raveonettes, Sterling, Powersolo and Thee Attacks have all released a Christmas song on Crunchy Frog. What’s the name of these 4 songs?”

If you know the answer please write an e-mail to jakobl (at) and you will be a part of a draw were you can win 2 tickets for the show.

Check out the facebook event for Crunchy Christmas 2012 and Crunchy Kids Xmas Matiné and read more.

Buy your tickets HERE.

Lars and The Hands of Light plays Toky-O – a report.

Even if it is in danish, we would be remiss if we didn’t give you a report from Lars and The Hands of Light’s Japanese conquest. By the looks of it, the land of the Samurai took a liking to Lars and his cohorts.

Check out the article on MXD and give the photos a look see.

Lars and the Hands of Light tearing uo Toky-O

(Photo: Kent Dahl)

Lars and The Hands of Light plays Toky-O! by Yebo 24. May 2012

As the Danish part of the next Nomex show case “Hokuo Nights” in Tokyo, Japan, Lars “i Lommen” Vognstrup and his band of merry men and one girl will build a fire, add gasoline and strike that sweet pop music match. Banzai style.


Sumimasen while I kiss this guy!

It’s all going down friday 25th of May. Other band are Husky Rescue (FIN), Kira Kira (ICE), Lo-Fi Fnk (SWE).

We are un-glad it’s not us not being not there.

While we cry alone in the rain here in Copenhagen we rejoice that we still have the great music to comfort us. and a great new one to look forward to. We expect to drop the next amazing album by Lars and The Hands of Light after summer!


From the Archives. CRUNCHY / CPH PIX PARTY – more preview interviews (by Yebo 18. April 2011)

After the latest news-item on this momentous occasion but few days away two more youtube-interviews have been posted with Lars i lommen Vognstrup of “and he Hands of Light” fame, talking about his band hand his equipment in his rehearsal space, and the legendary The Tremolo Beer Gut, setting up for a “rehearsal” in the Crunchy Frog office. Go cat go and check them out.

Lars talking about himselv, his band and his stuff

The TBG talking nonsense about nothing.