The Crunchy Frog machine is working well these days. Our artists are all over sharing good looks and great music!

Thee Attacks02

While Thee Attacks are playing their pants off in LA and Toronto, The Malpractice and Shiny Darkly just delivered awesome concerts at this year’s Spot Festival in Aarhus, playing shows both at the festival and at the late night Crunchy Frog afterparty at the legendary Sway.


Finally Lars and The Hands of Light’s new album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is out there for you. Closewatch Music enjoys it “The first thing to say is that BWCDT is a pop album of the highest order.” … you should enjoy it to.



Thee Attacks – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In between rocking out at SxSW and giving acoustic sessions to toddlers Thee Quite Awesome Attacks took time out to visit KAOS Radio Austin

The Smooth & Demented Show

(go to 1:17:00 if you crave Thee Attacks)

Click the picture for Thee Attacks on The Smooth & Demented Show

Thee Attack’s foray into art cinema – oh, and they rock the hell out of SxSW! by Kristoffer 19. March 2012

Danish newspaper Politiken equipped Crunchy Frog’s very own Thee Attacks with a video camera to document their crunchiness at this year’s South by Southwest. Check out their vid’s below.

In their first clip they try MTV Cribs’ concept on for size while presenting their humble lodging place. Also, they dabble with art cinema…come on guys, what’s up with the furball?

A bit of drunken disorder? Maybe, but the guys sure seem to be having a blast even though the head honcho Yebo oversees a dayparty appearance.

On to Canada!

Crunchy Club # 2 by Kristoffer 15. March 2012

Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit BandA devoted crowd took everything Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band and The Malpractice threw at them as Crunchy Club # 2 went down on 8 March.

Everyone had a blast – fish n’ chips ‘n all – on Thursday last…and the music wasn’t too shabby either.

Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band

Check out these shots from our in-house photographer.

TONITE’S THE NITE – CRUNCHY CLUB BEGINS! by Yebo 23. February 2012

Crunchy Frog is coming to Big Smoke.

As previously advertised we are starting a residency at the Camden bar The Wheelbarrow. We call it … dadaaah … Crunchy Club. Over the next months we will bring Crunchy bands to play live for the flabbergasted London public. And the fun starts tonight. The bands are Thee Attacks and our brand new signing Shine Darkly.

Shiny Darkly are standing in for Lars and The Hands of Light who had to cancel in order to focus on the new album which is being recorded right now!

Please join us at The Wheelbarrow tonight!

Crunchy Club # 1Cruncy Club # 1It will be a blast. Also join up at the facebook event.

In just 2 weeks the next instalment will be ready. The Malpractice and Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band!

Crunchy Club # 2Here‘s the facebook event for that.

And stay tuned hare at the Crunchy Blog for a little photo reportage from tonight’s mayhem in Camden Town.



From the Archives: THE TREMOLO IS GIVING IT ALL AWAY – FOR A FEE (by Yebo 17. May 2011)

Check out the innovative ways of The TBG. On an upcoming tour of Denmark the punters will not only get a rocking live show but also gifts aplenty. Check out the flyer – and see you at the show(s)!

Find tickets here:
Tickets for the Copenhagen show 16/6. Join this event at facebook.
Tickets for the Kolding show 17/6. Join this event at facebook.
Tickets for the Aarhus show18/6. Join this event at facebook.

From the Archives: Der Döner tour pt. 3 – now with guidelines for creating your own 86 meter hering-hotdog (by Lise 15. December 2010) are ready with the third part of Thee Attacks Germany Chronicle. This time featuring backpacking in Köln, hering-hotdogs, a punkish-rockish cover of Superheroes ‘Johnny & I’, drunk exclamations and döner döner döner… Go see!

From the Archives: PowerSolo fugged on US visas. But idle hands finds things to do. (by kasper 4. March 2010)

Once again the Railthin Brothers proves why they are one of Crunchy’s finest. And definitely the craziest!

Having had to postpone the west coast leg of their US tour that was supposed to start a few days ago – due to the US embassy tardiness – they have kept busy in the rehearsal room. Delivering this little diddy. Or guitar clinic as it were.

The good news is that now PowerSolo has gotten their visas and will soon embark on the US tour in support of the upcoming release of “BloodSkinBones” over there.

New west-coast dates are already confirmed! Also check out the epic adventure of Powersolo in the USA and their run-in with Lady Bad-Luck here

From the Archives: POWERSOLO GOES TO THE USA(nus) (by Kasper 22. January 2010)

We did it!
Powersolo have turned their noses to the Fätherland. The record label Long Live Crime
Have signed Powersolo and thus helped them kickstart the american dream.

The PowerHog have worked very hard on the breakthrough and through the later years toured with Heavy Trash and of course on their own.
Mob Boss Susan Ferris from LLC have been a fan of Powersolo for years, but first now the deal have been signed with blood, sweat and beers!

LLC and LLC after it have been infected with The Powersolo

From the Archives: Heavy Trash hits Europe (by Ramogens 12. January 2010)

If you’re willing to defy the strange European weather you’ll have a good chance of seeing one the best live bands around this very month. Heavy Trash hits The Netherlands Thursday the 14th and roams on to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Belgium. Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray are in better shape than ever and with the sharp “Midnight Soul Serenade” album in their back pocket you’re in for treat. Tour dates here:

14-01-2010 Effenaar Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, NL15-01-2010 AB, Brussels, BE
16-01-2010 Gebaude 9, Cologne, GER
17-01-2010 Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
18-01-2010 Mousonturm, Frankfurt, GER
19-01-2010 Manufaktur, Schorndorf, GER
20-01-2010 Spazio, Torino, IT
21-01-2010 Init, Rome, IT
22-01-2010 Unwound, Paduna, IT
23-01-2010 Auditorium Flog, Firenze, IT
24-01-2010 Locomotiv, Bologna, IT
26-01-2010 Rockhouse, Salzburg, AT
27-01-2010 Flex, Vienna, AT
28-01-2010 Orpheum, Graz, AT
29-01-2010 L’Usine, Geneve, CH
30-01-2010 Gaswerk Winterthur, Zurich, CH
31-01-2010 Ampere, München, GER