From the Archives: THE LEGENDARY TRIO BREAKS UP (by Kasper 21. January 2010)

It is with melancholy that we announce the break-up of the legendary Danish/German rock band 18th Dye. Their 3rd album “Amorine Queen” from 2008 unfortunately was to be the band’s last. It’s not the first time the band dissolves. The first time was in 1996  after two trendsetting albums and an EP (released by Matador, Che and Cloudland Records), 3 John Peel BBC sessions and a lot of memorable concerts. After a long break they reformed in 2005 to play the Crunchy Frog festival VibraCrunch in Malmö, Sweden. This performance was the spark that inspired the trio to do more concerts reaching and surpassing the high quality of the 90s shows. The band started writing new material and the ensuing 3rd album revived the well-known, compact Dye musical universe – and extended it with alternative instrumentation and a less naturalistic approach to the studio process. “Amorine Queen” was met with due critical acclaim and the band toured both home countries and the USA, and played the Roskilde Festival. Even though 18th Dye artistically – both regarding recordings and live energy – was showing great promise for the future, the band report that external circumstances and other obligations has come in the way of continuing the band. The members are good friends and the decision was taken together.

18th Dye write – taciturn and characteristically to the point:

“It is not possible for us to compose, create and act as a band any more. We have decided to stop the band at this point.”

Jesper Reginal, Crunchy Frog MD, dye-hard fan and producer of “Amorine Queen” states:

“It is a huge loss to our label and to the Danish rock scene in general that 18th Dye has chosen to stop. Their influence on the Danish indie rock can hardly be overstated. They seriously put uncompromising noise, minimalism and originality on the agenda here in the 90s, and it was a great honour for us to be able to work with the band when they reformed in 2005. That their last show was to be at our Crunchy Frog 15th anniversary party is also something of which we are proud. Without putting any of the other bands’ fine performances down, 18th Dye simply showed all of us how it is Done. In my opinion among the 5 best live bands on the planet. On a good day: the best. At the party Dye played a handful of new tunes, promising great things for the planned 4th 18th Dye album, which we will now never hear. Dammit! And seriously: It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with the band, and we of course respect Piet, Heike and Basti’s decision. It hasn’t been an easy one. We wish them all the best for the future and cross our fingers for a re-union in 2017.”

18th Dye was – and will always be:

Sebastian Büttrich: guitar, vocal

Heike Marie Rädeker: bass, vocal

Piet Breinholm Bendtsen: drums, vocal



From the Archives: Videos from Crunchy Frogs 15th Anniversary Party (by kristina 16. September 2009)

So, we had a great party! You weren’t there? You really didn’t make it to the best party in the universe? Well, yes we are disappointed.

But still – feel free to watch these groovy, swell videos! Enjoy – and see you next time, m’kay? And to everyone else who were there – enjoy again!

See stills from the party HERE!

From the Archives: Pictorial from NYC and SXSW with 18th Dye, PowerSolo and Snake & Jet (by Yebo 16. April 2009)


It took me a while but finally I got around to sorting out our photos from the recent trip to USA with the 3 Crunchy bands. It was a really fun trip and we got a lot out of it in terms of business. We had great shows and great food – and drinks aplenty. Like it should be.

You can see Jessica’s pictures from the trip at flickr with my comments. As you’ll notice we brought our son Henry on the trip, so it was hard to find pix without him in them (that’s what happens when you become a parent – you can’t stop photographing the little buggers!). Anyway: we at CF HQ thought that it’d be of general interest to the citizens of the planet, so please go to our flickr-page and get an eyefull (and isn’t he cute btw?).

We also put a small video snippet of 18th Dye on there. If you wanna watch some PowerSolo from the trip you’ll find some stuff in this very blog.

Here’s also some Youtube-stuff from the Music Slut dayparty show of Snake and Jet.

Enjoy! We did!

From the Archives: Crunchy at SXSW + NYC (by Jessi-Q 9. March 2009

We are getting ready to hit the USofA this week. The bands to go are 18th Dye, PowerSolo + Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. There will be shows in both NYC and Austin. We will keep you posted with crazy diaries, updates, photos and more on this very page. You can find gig details in the tour section at Here are some of the e-flyers for the shows. More soon! Please note link on PIZZA BY THE SLICE flyer. Go to “mixtape” and listen to tracks from the bands at this totally cool line-up.

– Jessica




From the archives: SXSW free music (by andreas 20. February 2009)

The SXSW festival is just around the corner and final details about the line-up of bandsplaying official showcases has been released. Among the many fine artists andbands that will attend SXSW are Crunchy Frog’s very own PowerSolo, Snake andJet’s Amazing Bullit Band and 18th Dye.

One of the coolthings about the SXSW festival is that every year, simultaneously withannouncing the full list of performing artists and bands, they make a songavailable for download for many of the bands. It’s a great way of getting newand free songs for your collection as well discovering some of the many up andcoming acts… and of course the always awesome crunchy acts.

You can get SAJABB’s 10 Cities Beyond (here), 18th Dye’s Soft the Hard Way(here) and PowerSolo’s Pirates of the Oblivion for free download (here). Allawesome Crunchy tunes for you listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Othertracks/acts recommended to check out:

GoldieLocks– Cold Sweat (here), Abe Vigoda – Don’t Lie (here), Ungdomskulen – Idunno (here),Hatcham Social – So So Happy Making (here), Au RevoirSimone – A Violent Yet Flammable World (here), We Have Band – Hear It In Cans (here), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Come Saturday (here),Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today (here), Lemonade – Big Weekend (here),Efterklang – Mirador (here) and many many more (here)… you should really check themall out. So much good music, so little time.

From the Archives: 18th Dye – Amorine Queen (by 28. April 2008)

On the new album ‘Amorine Queen’ 18th Dye proves their reputation from the 90’s, as a well acclaimed, highly respected and international rock band. On the album 18th Dye continues their intensive work during the 90s, but mixes the hard-hitting and noisy rock sound with a more melodic approach.
As a result to this development, 18TH DYE doesn’t just thrill the fans from ten years ago, but also carry away a new audience – and thats a fact that’s hard to miss at their recent concerts.

18th Dye earned great recognition in the international music press during the 90s, with their groundbreaking, catchy and consistently explosive rock music. They toured all over the US and Europe and left a name, which has inspired a vast number of bands. 18th Dye’s success in the 90’s also includes touring with Stereolab and Yo la Tengo, recording albums with the legendary producer Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey, and The Auteurs) and signed a deal with the renowned Matador Records.

18th Dye is touring in Denmark and Germany in April and May, and will be playing at this years Roskilde Festival in July. You can check out 18th Dye’s other tour dates here.

Danish Reviews
Since 18th Dye released their comeback album ‘Amorine Queen’ on February 31. 2008, the critics has been thrilled and 18th Dye has been interviewed in several magazines and newspapers in Denmark – including a full page interview and front page photo in Politiken. Among other, the critics wrote: 1. april. 2008
On ‘Amorine Queen’ stunningly great melodies walks hand in hand with hard-hitting distortion, raw and staggering guitar attacks, without getting over the top and loosing direction’.

Politiken 3. april 2008
‘They are back with a nuanced noiserock, wich both sounds like Phil Spectors and Velvet Underground, without forgetting the relations to for example Sonic Youth.’

Jyllandsposten 1. april 2008
‘After almost ten years apart the Danish noiserock band 18th Dye is back with the album ‘Amorine Queen’, an album carried by a strong line of great melodies.’

Ekstra Bladet 25. marts 2008
‘After 10 years break this awfully great trio is back, and the years apart has done them well.’ (Information)
‘The trio lives strong in the tension between noise, melody and poetry.’

From the Archives: 18th Dye Signed to Crunchy Frog (by 14. November 2007 )

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce the newest addition to the crunchy roster. None other than the legendary noise-rockers from 18th Dye. We are absolutely 1000% thrilled to be the label representing this amazing band in the future. We have been fans since they reigned on the indierock scene in the 90es and we pride ourselves to be the first to push them to do a gig at our Vibracrunch festival in 2005. (check pictorial from VC7 here).

The band has worked on their 3rd album for a couple of months and have just left the Kondi Frost studio after completing recordings. Now the mix stage is approaching and we expect to be done with the album around X-mas. release early spring.

For the sorry persons that have never heard about 18th Dye, check out this video-interview at, where you can also hear and see some old videos and some very recent live-recordings. As you can hear in the interview the band broke up in 1995 after having released their 2nd album “Tribute to a Bus”, but fortunately thought the better of it and started playing some live shows. Found out that the old magic was still there, and started to write new material.

The Crunchy Crew witnessed both the show at VibraCrunch7 and the more recent – but already legendary – show at the Danish SPOT Festival. There were no doubt in our minds. We need to sign this band.

And now we have. Feel good story of the year!

From the Archives: VibraCrunch – The 7th Edition (by 10. July 2005)

This year’s VibraCrunch Festival will take place Friday August 26 in Malmö. First band wil play at 17:00, so come early and enjoy the best spot in Malmö. Please note: The venue site will be moved from Bastionen to the larger Mölleparken (a 3 stage festival area situated in Kungsparken). See the bottom of this page for a road map. It’s a result of years of massive success and because we care to make you feel even better. And still it it’s not only cheap, but musical madness for FREE.

The lineup is a mix of both label mates, Danish, Swedish and International artists. Rockabilly à la John Waters with Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray’s Heavy Trash, indie galore with epo-555, dance lessons with The Mopeds, spy-fi soundtracks played live by Tublenco, a reunion concert with 18th Dye and much more… Fun factor is guaranteed!

The lineup is now confirmed. Please read on…

The Raveonettes (DK)

Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo started out at Crunchy Frog by releasing two albums. The first was full of whipping songs of lost love in a minor key and the second in a major key was about summer raids and untamed girls. They were a great success and as Rolling Stone wrote recently, Raveonettes was »history on the march.«

Their new album is full of inspiration of some of the sixties’ all-time greats, such as Everly Brothers, the pre-punks Suicide and Velvet Underground. It’s the beauty of trash aesthetics and retro tunes in a new amalgamation. Even though it’s less fuzzy than the initial matching dual albums, we still love their heartbreaking sound and songwriting. So much they even fit the VC7 poster colouring pretty darn well: pink dreams, black suits and white noise. Crunchy Frog proudly presents The Raveonettes exclusively for the Malmö Festival.


Heavy Trash (US)

Heavy Trash — Crunchy Frog’s latest signing — is a dirty beatnik duo of Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray. If you loved the early work of Mr. Spencer (Blues Explosion, Pussy Galore and Boss Hog), you’ll enjoy his new outfit. Wrapped in stylish suits and quiffy hair, he has transformed into what oldschool American glamour and filthy rhythm’n’blues is all about… Mr. Verta-Ray (Madder Rose and Speedball Baby) is a master of the twangy guitar. Armed with six razor sharp strings and crisp grooves, he has only one mission: To soothe all of the lonely hearts out there.

Heavy Trash is on this occation backed up by Kim ‘Kix’ Jeppesen (Powersolo) on upright bass and Crunchy’s head honcho Jesper ‘Yebo’ Reginal (Tremolo Beer Gut) on drums.


18th Dye (DK/DE)

Artrockers Sebastian Büttrich, Piet Bendtsen and Heike Rädeker have reformed after ten years! The band formerly desribed as »breathtaking pop tussles with a breathtaking guitar assault« was kindly asked by Crunchy staffer Jessica to pick up drumsticks, fuzz pedals and newly found inspiration. Their track record is still strong and impressive: 18th Dye was originally discovered by indie darlings Yo La Tengo and signed for Matador Records in the mid-90’s, they were invited to record three Peel Sessions for BBC and their second full length album, Tribute To A Bus, was recorded by Steve Albini (the recording mastermind of albums by e.g. The Pixies, Nirvana, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Breeders). And here they are: The Danish/German indierock sensation once again back on the block — but actually their first gig in Sweden — 18th Dye will be feeding back again!


The Mopeds (S)

The Mopeds represent the best of intelligent and wacky pop music from Sweden. Malmö is their home town and Crunchy Frog have kindly asked the local power trio to give a sightseeing tour through musical nuggets that are geeky, yet sexy… Subtle, yet extreme… Retro, yet innovative… All that stuff that make them a must-see live act. Not to mention their production and horn skills, which have been used in the past by releasing artists like Bob Hund, St. Etienne, PowerSolo, Superheroes and Eggstone. Their studio, Gula Studion, has also been an outlet for music by The Cardigans, Junior Senior and Franz Ferdinand. And yes, the list continues.

The Mopeds’ latest longplayer FORTISSIMO has set new standards in r’n’r show biz. Now amps can be cranked up to 11 — just that extra notch. But trust us, The Mopeds will treat your ears well with their sexy tunes and if »you wanna dance, but you don’t know how to« — a key phrase of the song Loverman — The Mopeds surely will give us all a serious lecture this Friday night. So, why hitchhike when The Mopeds will take you for a ride?


epo-555 (DK)

A year has passed since The Crunchy Crew signed epo-555… And what a year! The debut album, Dexter Fox, received massive media compliments and was rated with nothing less than star constellations. Reviewers were thrilled by the new Danish sound of indietronica — 90’s indiepop belle epoque meets electronica beat reflections and bit crunching effects. As a result the longplayer about the fictive, heroic Fox was nominated for a Danish Music Award and considered as one of the most outstanding albums of 2004 by Danish National Radio, DR Online.

It isn’t a secret that epo-555’s main inspirations are shoegazers like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. But just as obivious as their inspirations are, the quartet certainly have created they own perceptive, heartfelt sound and raison d’etre. Within a short period of time they’ve succesfully played at most Danish venues and festivals, and since March ‘05 the epology continued in U.S., Iceland, Germany and Scandinavia. Consider epo-555 your favourite drug: Beautyseeking layers of sleepy guitars blended with melodica and twilight vocals can be strongly addictive! Please welcome epo-555 back again at VibraCrunch.


South Ambulance (S)

The Stockholm band South Ambulance was formed in late 2003 with the ambition to write good music on Saturdays and record it on Sundays. Two years later the self-titled debut album was released presenting music that could have been Stone Roses’ third album with high climbing walls of chords and great melodies. Soon, South Ambulance may not be a Sunday band anymore. As a great man once said: Everyday is just like Sunday. VibraCrunch is most importantly on a Friday where you will fall in love with the band that gives an emergency heart massage. Please welcome South Ambulance to VibraCrunch.


Figurines (DK)

It might be a secret to some, but Figurines is one of the most hard working Danish indie bands at the moment. Touring has been a dayjob during the last half year where they’ve been constantly on the Autobahn from venue to venue in Germany. Alongside concerts, their second album, Skeleton, full of catchy cuts has just been released this summer. Before signing to Morningside Records, playing gigs were the only advertising since little or no money could be afforded to do promotion. And the reputation as an excellent live act has obviously been spread throughout tastemaker fanzines to music lovers.

The band formed in the mid-90’s by youngsters, started out with inspirations of both British and American alternative rock and has now turned into a very talented quartet. In front are Christian Hjelm’s characteristic high-pitched vocals that are backed by a powerdriven setup of tearing, melodic guitar riffs and bass. There are no additional spicy effects layered upon their music. It’s plug’n’play, baby — crisp and clean with natural grains of grease. So genuine that it somehow reminds you of patinated pictures from your childhood. Straight from stuck in the middle of suburbia to concert halls and festivals, doing powerful and yet subtle guitarbased indierock with a gentlemans touch of rhythmic complexity — is sounds so fresh you can imagine tasting Grandma’s strawberrys on a summer evening. Even though, it isn’t strange fruit or forbidden fruit. It’s Figurines.


Tublenco (DK/S)

My name is Enco, Tublenco… Inspired by film noir, spy movies and bizarro car chasing music, a collective of seven Swedish and Danish sparetime agents formed Tublenco in 2004. They use the sounds of the past and the beats of a new millennium to generate a swinging mix of villains and heroes. The selfdefined genre is called Spy-Fi — a meltdown of rare groovy surf’n’roll with a modern fingerprint of electronic sound-scope. The group has written a special plot for this occation: A tasty fondue of evil twang, juggernaut beats, rude rock and electro-fusion… Shaken and well stirred.


Death To Frank Ziyanak (DK)

Named after the lead singer, Death To Frank Ziyanak isn’t about committing suicide but about being outlaw to the bone. Driving through highways with the car stereo speakers in shredding mode, they sing lyrics from the gutter with howling attitude. Even though they’re young, after two well received EP releases, they’ve proven themselves to be able to play rock with the big guys.

In the land where music is in grayscale only and Jack Daniels iced with tequila is the only drink; DTFZ would be your favourite horror tweepop band. The rebel duo — on drums and axe with additional bass for the occation — is on the run from Interstate Police. Wanted dead or alive — well, mostly dead — they prove that 3 chords are still going strong and expressive: One for your gut, one for your blood-red lips and the last for your dancing feet. Long live Frank Ziyanak!

Bandsite: /

Bazookahosen (DK)

The nightmare of genetic engineering that is Bazookahosen, continues to amaze and amuse. Denmark’s proud exponents of thrash-noir are guaranteed to make you forget, if only for a few scant moments, the poor, stunted lives of the five individuals who created it. Formed by a group of friends in Copenhagen, 1998, the five band members set out to create their own brand of music and the outcome is an ever-changing blend of genres from blues to noise jazz with a gypsy flavor. Their music has been called Modern-Primitive — showcasing a smorgasbord of block rockin’ beats — DIY biscuit-tin banjos and cigar box guitars spliced with harmonica’n’scratch space-castanets and bass clarinet.



First of all, VibraCrunch is for free. No ticket dealing, just good ol’ fun and fantastic music. As stated above, the venue site has been moved from Bastionen to the larger Mölleparken situated in Kungsparken.

You can buy beer and food at the festival site, and of course records and t-shirts. As a special note to all the beer loving Danes: It is NOT allowed to bring your own beer to the festival area in respect to the people who have the concession for selling beers. So if you bring your own beer, then you have to sit outside the fence while drinking them. Sorry for this inconvenience, but as the festival is in general free you may be able to afford a few cold draught beers.

Link to the official Malmö Festival site: