From the Archives: Crunchy Frog bands in NYC (by 10. October 2002)

CMJ action!
Yesterday’s NEWS…
Soon the streets and venues of New York City will resonate with the sound of CRUNCH!

Just before and during the annual CMJ Festival several Crunchy Frog bands will play shows. The most promintent is the Crunchy Frog Showcase at Arlene Grocery (95 Stanton Street)on October 29th. At this show YOU can experience The Raveonettes, Junior Senior, Superheroes and THAU + special guest star James Kochalka Superstar. If you live in NY or is visiting you do NOT want to miss out.

The running order will be:

7 pm: James Kochalka Superstar
8 pm: THAU
9 pm: Junior Senior
10 pm: Superheroes
11 pm: The Raveonettes

During CMJ we have the following shows set up:

Oct. 30th, 11.30 pm: Junior Senior @ Galapagos
Nov. 1st, 7 pm: The Raveonettes @ The Elbow Room
Nov. 1st, 11.30 pm: Superheroes @ The Cutting Room

You KNOW you gotta be there, so show up goddammit!


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