Crunchy Christmas coming up

Crunchy Frog loves Christmas. So we have decided to throw you all an amazing Christmas party. It will take place at Pumpehuset, the 8th of December, and we´ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff going on. First of all we will give you 9 bands including “Apparat Organ Quartet”– coming all the way from Iceland,“Powersolo” and even “Beta Satan”. We will give you awesome DJ´s and you will also receive a free beer when you enter the doors of Pumpehuset. Furthermore there will be extremely cheap n´crunchy merchandise for sale, so if you are looking for a awesome Christmas present to give to your mother in law, you may find it here as well. All this fun, and christmas joy will only cost you 150 danish kroner.

Ohhh  – and if you have children we suggest you drag them to Pumpehuset in the morning – because we´ve also arranged at Crunchy Kids Xmas Manité, were Hr.Skæg and Ramasjang Rally stars Powersolo will be performing.

And speaking about fun, we have a competition for you as well. Answer the following question, and win 2 tickets to this awesome night:

“The Raveonettes, Sterling, Powersolo and Thee Attacks have all released a Christmas song on Crunchy Frog. What’s the name of these 4 songs?”

If you know the answer please write an e-mail to jakobl (at) and you will be a part of a draw were you can win 2 tickets for the show.

Check out the facebook event for Crunchy Christmas 2012 and Crunchy Kids Xmas Matiné and read more.

Buy your tickets HERE.


Triple Trouble

This Thursday there’s only three places you should be (if you’re in Copenhagen) – either at Blågårds Apotek, Harbo Bar or Understellet. You may wonder why and that’s what we’re going to tell you now. Thursday it’s Spil Dansk Dagen (you Danes know what we’re talking about) and to celebrate the day three bands have decided to play three concerts at three pubs.

Now you may have a bunch of question but just lean back and listen – the bands are The Tremolo Beer Gut, Tempomatador and Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band and they will each be at one of the pubs 9 pm and after a concert switch places and play another concert etc. (see the schedule HERE) Yeah, that means you can catch three concerts with your favourite band or three concerts with three different bands – we hope you will play along and enjoy the alternative pub crawl.

Epic The Tremolo Beer Gut concert

(Photo credit: Jessica Tolf Vulpius)

If you don’t know what to do this weekend, grab your party mood and head to Helsingborg. You may wonder why but stop wondering and listen! This Friday the Danish instro band The Tremolo Beer Gut are playing an exclusive concert at Thomas Öberg’s (Bob Hund) mini festival “Folkets Hamn” which will be held at Helsingborg’s harbour.

And this won’t be a night as all other nights. On stage The Tremolo Beer Gut will be joined by a ranch of legendary Swedish artist such as Jonas Jonasson (Bob Hund, Scifi Skane), Joachim Leksell (Dipper, Erwing and The Family Stone) , Cecilia Norlund (Souls) and Jenny Wilson (First Floor Power) who will perform songs by Kraftwerk, The Cramps, Iggy Pop, Johnny and the Pirates etc.

If you don’t think this is epic enough TBG have announced that the concert will end with a black, sombre, sexy and extremely dangerous vampire version of “We Are the World” where all the guests and some from the audience will be sacrificed on an altar made of surf board. Or maybe it all just ends with a cover version of “Death Valley 69”. No one knows!

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on stage? Check out the event for more information about the concert and tickets.

It’s going to be legendary!

From the Archives: R’N’R MJEEEELLO-WEEN: Thee Attack and The Tremolo Beer Gut combine EVIL forces (by Yebo 19. October 2011)

Darkness falls on the land of the Danes these days. The days are getting shorter and black clouds gather… Halloween is approaching. To celebrate this all ghouls, vampires, werewolfes, spirits and sexy humans are invited to join the Halloween party of the year. The Tremolo Beer Gut and Thee Attacks will both be playing dangerous, murderous, evilspirited shows and as a special treat  – to comemorate Spedalskdagen –  they will each premiere a new Halloween-themed song. After the live stuff the bands will DJ or rather iJ with their pods.

It’s all going down down down at Café Teatret in the center of Copenhagen (Skindergade 3) – so it’s going to be an exclusive crowd of just 115 people that can get their hands on tix for this blood feast. They cost 100 but you get a free drinnk if you’re in costume (and who isn’t these days, eh?). Prices for the best disguises are going to be sweet russian vodka from and 12 glasses – all delivered by Russian Standard.

Get tickets at BILLETTO.DK. Hit THIS LINK to go there.

From the Archives: The physical CD has arrived! (by Annette 4. October 2011)

Today we got an exciting package, which contained the newly made CDs of “UNDER THE COVERS WITH…” The Tremolo Beer Gut:

It looks great! We can’t wait untill it hits the stores in Denmark the 10th October and 18th November in UK and Benelux.
You can catch a concert with them on the following dates:

13th October                  Dee Diner, Copenhagen
29th October                  Caféteatret, Copenhagen
10th November              Studenterhuset, Aalborg
11th November              TBA
12th November              Studenterhuset, Århus together with Who Made Who
18th November              Gent, Belgium
19th November              Paris, France
21st November              Paris, France
22th November              Dijon, France
23rd November              Freiburg, Germany
24th November              Biel, Swtizerland
25th November              Augsburg, Germany
26th November              Stuttgart, Germany

For those who can’t wait, sneak-listen to The Tremolo Beer Gut’s new album “UNDER THE COVERS WITH…” and compare with the original songs – fascinating and exclusively on WIMP!

Click click click here!

From the Archives: THE TREMOLO IS GIVING IT ALL AWAY – FOR A FEE (by Yebo 17. May 2011)

Check out the innovative ways of The TBG. On an upcoming tour of Denmark the punters will not only get a rocking live show but also gifts aplenty. Check out the flyer – and see you at the show(s)!

Find tickets here:
Tickets for the Copenhagen show 16/6. Join this event at facebook.
Tickets for the Kolding show 17/6. Join this event at facebook.
Tickets for the Aarhus show18/6. Join this event at facebook.

From the Archives. CRUNCHY / CPH PIX PARTY – more preview interviews (by Yebo 18. April 2011)

After the latest news-item on this momentous occasion but few days away two more youtube-interviews have been posted with Lars i lommen Vognstrup of “and he Hands of Light” fame, talking about his band hand his equipment in his rehearsal space, and the legendary The Tremolo Beer Gut, setting up for a “rehearsal” in the Crunchy Frog office. Go cat go and check them out.

Lars talking about himselv, his band and his stuff

The TBG talking nonsense about nothing.

From the Archives: Tourdiary from The Tremolo Beer Gut (by Yebo 24. November 2009)

The Tremolo Beer Gut just returned from an inebriated tour of Germany and Belgium. Take out 5 minutes of your busy day of bloggin’ and pornsurfing and check their tourdiary at It’s in Danish, but the pictures speak for themeselves.

Ach du fuggin lieber – it’s the paparazzi!

Here are the linx for the tourdiary part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.

If you get hooked on the selfexposing, embarassing, drunken footage of the TBg then also check the pictorials from their recent tours of Russia….
… and Scotland…

…at their most exquisite website: You need to go to “The Exposé” section to see the mayhem.