Epic The Tremolo Beer Gut concert

(Photo credit: Jessica Tolf Vulpius)

If you don’t know what to do this weekend, grab your party mood and head to Helsingborg. You may wonder why but stop wondering and listen! This Friday the Danish instro band The Tremolo Beer Gut are playing an exclusive concert at Thomas Öberg’s (Bob Hund) mini festival “Folkets Hamn” which will be held at Helsingborg’s harbour.

And this won’t be a night as all other nights. On stage The Tremolo Beer Gut will be joined by a ranch of legendary Swedish artist such as Jonas Jonasson (Bob Hund, Scifi Skane), Joachim Leksell (Dipper, Erwing and The Family Stone) , Cecilia Norlund (Souls) and Jenny Wilson (First Floor Power) who will perform songs by Kraftwerk, The Cramps, Iggy Pop, Johnny and the Pirates etc.

If you don’t think this is epic enough TBG have announced that the concert will end with a black, sombre, sexy and extremely dangerous vampire version of “We Are the World” where all the guests and some from the audience will be sacrificed on an altar made of surf board. Or maybe it all just ends with a cover version of “Death Valley 69”. No one knows!

Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on stage? Check out the event for more information about the concert and tickets.

It’s going to be legendary!


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