An Invitation From The Boys in Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band

We’ve just received this invite from the guys in Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. Apparently they wanna show us all something.

…and they even made a flyer – click it and it will take you to the party!

“Dear Amazing friends

This friday the world will become a tiny bit larger, for some at least and maybe just for a moment. Our new record has arrived from the factory and it looks great and sounds even greater!

We would like to celebrate this release and the expansion of the universe
with you! And hopefully others too!

So please come to our record release on our album ´Stuff That Rotates´ this friday April 27. It will take place at Bakken in Kødbyen, Flæsketorvet 19-21 KBH V from eight o’ clock.

Come and hang. Drink some free stuff till it starts being not so free. Listen to us perform some songs from the new album. Wear shades because the sun will shine, or wear them ´cause it rains. Get your copy of “Stuff That Rotates”. Share our joy. Its gonna be a ball! A ball of treats!

See you soon

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band”

From the Archives: The Crunchy Frog Podcast (by Andreas 23. February 2011)

Yes sheople, the rumours are true! We are branching out in our quest for total airwave domination and now have a monthly podcast via the kind people at Euradio Nantes. Informative yet entertaining, the Crunchy Frog Podcast will bring you the finest in musical recordings and on- air banter.

The first episode can be streamed or downloaded below and is hosted by Andreas (the regular host and male prostitute) and guested by Yebo (the boss). So go ahead and listen to us wax poetic about the music we love, interview Powersolo at their release party and play some tracks we recorded at said release party. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Right here

Intro: Tremolo Beer Gut – Tahonga Lounge Baby (Most Groovy)
Powersolo – Teach You Fun
The Fresh and Onlys – Waterfall
The Dirtbombs – Underdog
Earl Sweatshirt – EARL
The Malpractice – Boss Stallion
Lars and the Hands of Light – Me Me Me (Laidback Remix)
The Pixies – Bone Machine
Thee Attacks – Are You?
Powersolo – The Rither (Live at Bakken)
Powersolo – Hear My Plea (Live at Bakken)
Powersolo – I Love You But I Hate You (Live at Bakken)
Outro: Tremolo Beer Gut – Tahonga Lounge Baby (Most Groovy)

From the Archives: Powersolo Party Pics! (by Mark 18. February 2011)

Buzz Human is officially out there. Last Thursday the Crunchy gang and a packed Bakken celebrated the release of Powersolo’s fifth studioalbum. We had a camera loaded with bits and bytes, so relive the concert or see what you missed out on. Enjoy!

To see more pictures and videos click here and here

Photos By: Niels Chr. Jung & Sanne Rud


From the Archives: Powersolo Release Party (by Mark 8. February 2011)

Tighten your belt. The time has come. The BUZZ HUMAN release party! This Thursday at 9 pm Powersolo will play a full set at Bakken (Flæsketorvet 19 – 21, Copenhagen V).

The bar will be handing out free beers to get the party started. The Powersolo Big Band will play songs from the new album and DJ Yebo (Crunchy Frog) and Jean-Luc Gâteau (Big Oil) will be your resident DJs all night long.

So bring all your friends and come down and party with Denmark’s hardest working rock band.

From the Archives: Thee Attacks are everywhere (by Kasper 7. April 2010)

The Crunchy Blog have been busy lately and now we have some more goodies for you.

First of, Denmarks largest festival, The Roskilde Festival, have announced today that Thee Attacks are on the program. We knew it of course, because we rock, and now you know, meaning that you rock to!

Read more here and here.

Secondly Thee Attacks have reached to far away shores of Portugal. have posted a review of the soon to be released debut album.

Thirdly don’t miss out on the lavish release party at Pumpehuset the 15th of April. Free entrance, free booze, free beer and free concert!

From the Archives: Lars and The Hands of Light – Release Party! (by Kasper 21. January 2010)

OnMonday the 25th Lars and The Hands of Light releases their debut album”The Looking Glass”. But you have the opportunity to claim your ownpersonal copy, already on Saturday the 23th. Lars is hosting a releaseparty at DRONE Bar Nørrebrogade 184 20 o’clock. Here you can purchasethe album both as CD or Vinyl for the neat amount of 100 Dkr.

And to make this deal even sweeter Lars is supplying thefirst attendees with 200 free Golden Tuborgs and later on Lars and TheHands of Light plays a little live session.

If your one of the unfortunately ones who cant come to the party we’ll happily throw you a link to the web shop. VinylCD
TheLooking Glass will be shipping from the 22th already, so witj a littleluck you’ll be sitting at home listening to it while we, at Drone, willbe drinking our brains out. also features a sneak-peak listening to the album here. Which also contains Lars thoughts behing the tracks.

And last but not least Lars and The Hands of Light tour dates:
5/2 Forbrændingen/Albertslund
6/2 URT Huset/Thisted*
18/2 Studenterhuset/Aalborg*
20/2 Kansas City/Odense*
25/2 Studenterhuset/Århus*
26/2 Fermaten/Herning*
27/2 Kulisselageret/Horsens
5/3 Loppen, KBH*

From the Archives: Snake & Jet’s vinyl release party of Peace Boat (by Jessi-Q 14. May 2009)

The Amazing vinyl release of Peace Boat is out and what else is there to do about it than throw a party with free pølse and beer for the first guests in the front yard of Jolene?? Come out Thursday at 5 pm next week (May 21st), where you can listen to the record, enjoy a bite and a sip and later in the evening, Snake and Jets will play a gig at Jolene, Klub Johnnie in Kødbyen, Copenhagen! If you can’t be there at 5 you better bring your own sausages!
Find us in the sun!
– Jessica

From the Archives: Candid, revealing, scandalous photo exposé from the PowerSolo Releaseparty! (by Yebo 2. March 2009)

As promised. Here is it! The uncensored pix from the releasepart of BLOODSKINBONES.

It was held at Copenhagen’s Märkbar on saturday feb 20. The place was packed, the bartendresses were stacked and the volume was jacked…up!

Erdinger supplied some free beer and the good people at Märkbar also threw in a few crates. Thanks so much for being so kind and welcoming towards us and a LOT of thirsty music lovers.

Kim and Bo supported themselves togther with Mr. Ho-rati-oh as Kim and the Cinders – and then JC Benz joinedthem for his very LAST show as PowerSolo drummer. What a legendary night y’all!


After the party a bunch went on to Dyrehaven where the railthin Bruthas DJed until the literally fell down. It sure was a craaaazeh nite.

There are about 65 more revealing photos! Check it out at FLICKR.