From the Archives: Düreforsög release on Kool Arrow (by 30. November 2000)

Düreforsög has just returned from a tour in USA, where they thrilled a whole bunch of new fans at places like the Knitting Factory and the Sin festival (both NYC).

But what’s even more exciting: Düreforsög has signed a deal with American label Kool Arrow, which is run by former Faith No More bass player Billy Gould, infamous Brujeria singer Juan Brujo + Raymond Herrea and Dino Cazeres of Fear Factory – in other words: the perfect place to be for the weird and tameless band. The second album from Düreforsög called “Exploring Beauty” will hopefully be in record stores all over North America by January 2001.

Check out the label site at: And as Düreforsög is exploring new teritories, they have decided to include their longtime friend and video director Adam Hashemi in the band. The man behind their cool videos “Beach” and “Living in vain” will be playing keyboards and percussion – and will add a whole lotta beard-ness to to the band!