New Oliver North Boy Choir video

On a grey and rainy day like this we think it’s time to give you a little treat to keep you happy. The trio that only exist online, Oliver North Boy Choir, have released another single – WUHU! It’s called “Sleep” and as all other ONBC songs it’s sad pop with a great femal vocal. Perfect for the autumn.
And it doesn’t stop here. Oliver North Boy Choir have made a video for the single inspired by Chris Marker, one of the big guys in French Nouveau Vague and known for his short film ‘La Jetée’. Take a look at this little photo novel with sleeping people and enjoy the rest of your (sleepy) Thursday.

Crunchy Christmas coming up

Crunchy Frog loves Christmas. So we have decided to throw you all an amazing Christmas party. It will take place at Pumpehuset, the 8th of December, and we´ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff going on. First of all we will give you 9 bands including “Apparat Organ Quartet”– coming all the way from Iceland,“Powersolo” and even “Beta Satan”. We will give you awesome DJ´s and you will also receive a free beer when you enter the doors of Pumpehuset. Furthermore there will be extremely cheap n´crunchy merchandise for sale, so if you are looking for a awesome Christmas present to give to your mother in law, you may find it here as well. All this fun, and christmas joy will only cost you 150 danish kroner.

Ohhh  – and if you have children we suggest you drag them to Pumpehuset in the morning – because we´ve also arranged at Crunchy Kids Xmas Manité, were Hr.Skæg and Ramasjang Rally stars Powersolo will be performing.

And speaking about fun, we have a competition for you as well. Answer the following question, and win 2 tickets to this awesome night:

“The Raveonettes, Sterling, Powersolo and Thee Attacks have all released a Christmas song on Crunchy Frog. What’s the name of these 4 songs?”

If you know the answer please write an e-mail to jakobl (at) and you will be a part of a draw were you can win 2 tickets for the show.

Check out the facebook event for Crunchy Christmas 2012 and Crunchy Kids Xmas Matiné and read more.

Buy your tickets HERE.

OLIVER NORTH BOY CHOIR IS BACK by Simone 13. June 2012

Oliver North Boy Choir split up right? Right. That’s exactly why these news are so unbeliable good. ONBC is back! Back with the first single since 2009. And with a very fine video as well. This is their new single Shadows. It shows the band more up to beat than ever with a contagious and inescapable pop melody. The b-side is called You & Me Against The World and it’s filled with depth and sad melancholy.

The story goes as always: ONBC is sad pop. ONBC only releases singles. ONBC only exists online. ONBC do not play live. And ONBC is till the greatest band that never played. But the happy news doesn’t stop here. ONBC will release a new single plus b-side every half year. And send out goodies and in-betweeners every now and then. That really is really, really good news.

From the Archives: New fuggen A-mazing videos from Beta Satan + ONBC (by Yebo 31. January 2009)

Gather ’round young’un!

Everybody has to check out Palle Nørgaard’s video for “666” by Beta Satan. It truly rocks. It’s sexual, it’s sweaty, it’s classy, it’s tacky, it’s dangerous – and it even have something for all you animal lovers.

Enjoy and let’s hear what you think!

And speaking of buttnakkedness – did you miss Oliver North Boy Choir’s latest video? If you missed it – see it now, and if you didn’t miss it you surely miss it – so watch it again.

How about that? Too bad ONBC just announced that they are splitting up. So stay tuned for their final releases out 22nd of Feb!


From the Archives: The Massive Oliver North Boy Choir 2007 Girl Collection (by 17. December 2007)

Oliver North Boy Choir Releases Their Complete Works
Since march 2007 Oliver North Boy Choir has released four in their own right, extraordinary and evocative EP’s. ONBC create a musical universe of minimalistic, electronical/acoustic disco, garnished with a steady guitar and a spherical vocal.

With The Massive Oliver North Boy 2007 Girl Collection, the complete works of Oliver North Boy Choir can now be enjoyed as a whole.

Existing only on the world wide web, ONBC is not constrained by the album format, nor by national borders, and has the whole world as their platform. They have been on French and Spanish radio, and the biggest indie radio station i LA, 101,3 FM, are also playing ONBC.

ONBC, consisting of Camilla Florentz, Mikkel Max Hansen and Ivan Petersen, released their first EP, Adrenaline on march 2007. The EP went straight into rotation on Danish national radio P3 and into a #2 on the Indie music chart Barometeret. On May 9th 2007 Shell For the Mourning was released and was also added to the P3 rotation lists and student radios. The third EP, Baby Cool came out on September 9th and was on Soundvenues High Five List. On December 16th 2007 the fourth EP, Blizzard, was released together with the complete works, The Massive Oliver North Boy Choir 2007 Girl Collection.

Danish Reviews (sorry only in Danish)
Soundvenue 7. DECEMBER 2007
”De små elektroniske popsange er yderst originale, medrivende og velkomponerede med afdæmpede og skæve programmeringer, kælende guitarfigurer og Florentz’s forførende og drømmende vokal. Særligt Adrenaline og Baby Cool er ualmindelig tilfredsstillende bekendtskaber… og så er der kun tilbage at glæde sig til næste elektroniske ladning sange fra den virtuelle trio”.

Gaffa 16. december 2007
”Man (får) lov at følge udviklingen i ONBC’s køligt sensuelle elektropop fra første parket: Ep for ep bygges der ovenpå, til trioen står med et raffineret og mangefacetteret udtryk.”

From the Archives: NEW SIGNING: Oliver North Boy Choir (by 22. February 2007)

Yessir! We have a new band signed to Crunchy Frog. We are very excited about it – although some of the people are actually signed already. But we DID manage to sign 1 new person. And his name isn’t even Ollie North.

So who are these people? Are they even boys? Why not let the band speak for themselves. In the below letter to the world population, they try to explain:

We are Oliver North Boy Choir, formerly known as Pierre. A name even the artful dodgers at Crunchy Frog found too provocative! So, we changed identity. Who wouldn’t?

So, why are we called ONBC? Because we thought that the face of one of the ugliest, dirtiest and filthiest affairs in American foreign policy through the years (Oliver North) ought to have a choir to his appraisal, a.k.a. us.
The Iran-Contra scandal involved the US supporting the Iranians (while also supporting the Iraqis) in their mutual war, supporting the Contras in Nicaragua to overthrow the democratically elected government AND financing the whole charade with a deadly mix of guns and drugs. Much like us. We just make an equally deadly cocktail of pop and indie and support both Kylie and Dat Politics.

We’re all three from a petty little town in the South, not worth mentioning.
At all.
Ivan and Mikkel knew each other through what in the music business is known as “da groovy and excellent yodel punk”.
Not reeeeeally worth mentioning either. Their top-hit Mr. Rustifil never even made it to the local radio, Radio Mojn. Thank god for that.

Anyway, this rock solid companionship evolved like mammals into stars from the Pierre band including Camilla (the sexy biiiaatch and Mikkel’s wife, so stay away goddammmit!) a bunch of sad songs made on a lousy computer with a dreadful microphone and into this shining example of “how to be” and “youknowwho”. The songs we make now are also made on a lousy computer and a microphone slightly resembling the first one. We’re just so much cooler now; like robots are cooler than mankind and motor oil is cooler than olive oil.

Ok, here’s a neat detail: ONBC has seen the future. Instead of loosing a mega bunch of dollars and cents by releasing our songs in one go on a disc that needs to be shipped and handled and so on, we’ll be releasing songs through iTunes and the likes gradually, like the sugar dew from the aphis ass, like occasional rain in the Mojave, like – you know – once in a while.
A single with a b-side is the deal. You’ll never stop yearning for those Oliver North Boy Choir products!

Also, because we have no stinkin’ time because of them bloody kids we shan’t be coming to a theatre near you. Sorry. Your ears and imagination will have to suffice. Maybe one day. But not now.


Members are in perfect order: Ivan, Camilla and Mikkel.

You can reach them here:

Base: Copenhagen, Denmark

In case you are wondering: Yes, it is Mikkel and Camilla from epo-555 that make up 2/3 of the ONBC. As Camilla left epo-555 as singer and keyboard-player becasue of her (in order of appearance) pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, she and her two choirboys will now focus on recording their singles and releasing them for downloads only. No albums. No cd’s. No touring. No live gigs. No nothing – apart from sweet sweet music available world wide shortly after it’s conceived and performed.

Their first single “Adrenaline” will be released on sunday March 4th. Meanwhile you can pre-listen and even download an exclusive track “Cobra” from their myspace-page.

Also check out