From the Archives: VibraCrunch6 ROCKED y’all! (by 18. August 2004)

People, people, PEOPLE! Thank you one and thank you all for a most memorable day and night. Both the bands and the fans were all part of making VC6 the best one ever. We have no way of measuring how many was there but we estimate that during the whole day about 5000 people must have visited Bastionen. Some hung out all day and some just drifted to and from and checked their favourites out. All seemed to enjoy the good weather and the excellent cast of bands. Here is a report for all of you poor sods that missed out.

A central hang out between the two stages was the merchandise booth. Here it is manned by Thomas and Soren from the Crunchy Frog staff. Thomas, by the way, is talking to Kale, the mother of Yebo and Nalna – two of the founding fathers of Crunchy Frog. During the day several of the band members were present and met with friends and fans. One of the good things about VibraCrunch: the back stage area is so small that it is usual for the bands to actually come out and see each others’ shows and get drunk off their asses with all us other music lovers.

First band on was the totally terrific trio Talking To Teapots. They are Swedish last we checked, but entered the stage saying “Hello, we are from Poland”. MAD hatters alright. But not as mad as their special brand of music. Some sort of mix between The Beatles and The Residents. Reminiscent of the Copenhagen band TWANG you could say.

Talking To Teapots was the perfect band to kick off the whole thing, and they did a remarkable job before packing their stuff and going right to the Emmaboda Festival where they were to play later the same day.

As first band on the indoor stage the growing audience experienced Moon Gringo. The lead singer Mette and her boy-toy Anders (guitar+voc) had flown in from Berlin especially for their VC6 show. We were most grateful for this as was the rest of the band, who without the singers of the band would have had to do 40 minutes of instrumental euro-dance along the lines of, say, Eiffel 65. Thankfully this did not happen, and the MGs did a cool show. Great sound, strong performances and lotsa fine tunes from their latest album “Ingrid Superstar”.
After Moon Gringo left the stage it was time for a small set from Learning from Las Vegas’ lead singer and songwriter. Klaus Mandal Hansen is hands down one of the most talented songwriters in Denmark. Today he did a small acoustic set which really brought out the fine lyrics in the songs, and actually suited his voice really well. An intimate and poetic little concert for a seated audience enjoying the sun and cold beers. What more could you ask for?

Next band up was Sandy Mouche – local heroes from Malmö. The beautiful singer Helena in front made a great impression on the many Danes, that probably had never witnessed SM’s sweet sweet brand of pop music. Several songs were in French, which was a nice touch. For some reason girls singing in French is just, well, a really nice touch.

Sterling’s lead singer Mads took full advantage of the nice weather and sported a white badminton suit and red maracas. Apparently he’s trying to put some distance between himself and his moniker “The fat boy from Sterling” – and what can you say: there’s not one ounce of fat on that hunky body of his. He is indeed good enough to eat. Mmmmm.

Sterling had a really good show with great sound and lots of energy that beamed into the receptive crowd. Danish lyrics, indie pop and analog synthesizers is the mark of honour for the 4 piece band – at this occation joined by a keyboard player by the name of “He Who Rock!”

You can aaaalways count on an entertaining show from the skinny brothers and chickenman. The threepiece tour de force from Club Crisp. Yes! We are talking about the Power of Solo. The Soul of Powwow. The band you hate to hate. The band you love to love. That’s POWERSOLO! Yeah!

Kim Kix, Atomic Child and Jens Benz (and Fzattebassen stroking a gentle Moog bass off stage) blasted the crowd to oblivion with hits such as “Juanito”, “Oak Tree Girl” and “Kat Nazer”, plus old favourites such as “Stupid Little Bitch” (always dedicated to Grandma) and “Asshole”. If you haven’t witnessed the hillbilly genius of their spring album “It’s Raceday” then go out and buy it NOW!

All the way from Stockholm came Radio LXMBRG. A band we discovered recently at Crunchy Frog when their 3 track demo came our way. At once we tried to book them for VibraCrunch6 and luckily they agreed to take the journey for the benefit of the VC6 visitors. Sweet melodies and interesting soundscapes. Easy to listen to and easy to love. The Radio LXMBRG proved a most enjoyable relaxing experience between the actionpacked hi-energy shows from PowerSolo and Tiger Tunes.
Why is it always such a treat to watch a Tiger Tunes show? Apart from the actual music, which is great of course, it must be the fact that these guys seem to actually LOVE LOVE LOVE to play. Smiling faces all around. The sheer pleasure of making loud noises and making people dance and clap their hands seems to be the energy that gets Tiger Tunes going. Well, it is something of a treat isn’t it? Kaare – always the dandy – was wearing a Hawaii flower necklace and stirring up a frenzied crowd. The songs are a wee bit crazy and – between us – so is the band, but their melodies are sheer pop power. You gottta love them.
Bob Log III is something of a phenomenon. A one man band in an Evil Knievel suit and a pilots helmet with a telephone melted into the plastic shield. Performing rustling slide guitar sitting down playing a kick drum and cymbal with his feet + operating a prehistoric drummachine as well. All of this resulting in a most entertaining mayhem of screething almost inaudible vocals, fast pounding beats and deft fingerpickin’. At one point Bob got up and proclamed his 16$ spare guitar the cheapest piece of shit being played on VibraCrunch. He might be right about that even though Jon Spencer’s legendary Korean guitar he uses in Blues Explosion is supposed to have been purchased for a similar amount (sounding way better). Another of Bob’s great party tricks is to get two girls to sit on his lap while he plays a song. At this picture he is in Boob Scotch Heaven strumming along with a couple of chicks bouncing up and down in front of him.
Local boys Niccokick proved to be a huge draw for the Malmö crowd. When it was time for their show the tent was packed, and stayed that way the rest of the night. With their blend of indie rock they had the fans going from start to finish.
As the night started to fall the newest addition to the Crunchy family entered the out door stage. The summer night was a perfect setting for the eclectic pop sounds from epo-555.

This band is quickly gathering a good fan base – and with good cause. Their show at Roskilde festival received 6 out of 6 stars and the show at VC6 was in many peoples opinion way better. Intimate, poetic but also powerful and noisy at times. A magical sonic universe that continues to please and surprise you.

epo-555’s debut-album “Dexter Fox” is going to be released next month, and this night they gave several samples of the rich and varied flavours it contains. Here at Crunchy Frog we can only recommend that you buy at least 10 copies when it is out on September 13th.

Here is the lady of the beat Camilla “I was young and needed the money” Florentz in a focused moment playing her miniature keyboards during the highly addictive “Pre-Emptive Stroke”, which is the first single from the album.

As a symbol not only of the brotherhood of the Danes and the Swedes but also of the two soul mate record labels Crunchy Frog and Vibrafon Records (the two labels that started VibraCrunch 6 years ago) The Tremolo Beer Gut took over the main stage at 10.30 pm. Featuring The Great Nalna on lead guitar and Bas Morgansen on organ and percussion, two of the owners of each label was present on the stage at the same time to give the audience all the old school surf & western they could just about take without bursting in ecstacy. At this point the festival site was getting so crowded that the security guards had to close the entrance. A lot of people had to see the last shows from the outside the fence turning the adjoining closed street into one big block party.

As an added bonus the king of suave, the secret son of Elvis, the very cool Mr. Jon Spencer joined TBG for two songs: “Tahonga Lounge Babe” and the Beer Guts rendition of Blues Explosion’s “She Said”. The stuff of legend, kids! So damned cool! for the very last song Dr. Neuss even laid down a mean theremin adding the last touch of hysteria… and then everybody burst in ecstacy. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how it’s done!

You love Money Your Love and they love you. That is the way of the world and there ain’t no two ways about it. Money Your Love was last band on the outdoor stage. The crowd at this point was ready to get down to the danceable beats and melodic songs. The 3 hipsters in MYL did their best to give the crowd no good reason not to dance, and all the beer everybody had been drinking all day didn’t hurt either. All in all a hot show, that unfortunately was cut short by the stage manager. The thing was that due to some misunderstanding the last band on the other stage started a couple of minutes early. This shouldn’t have meant that MYL couldn’t finish their set, but – alas – it did. Apologies for that, but just all the more reason for y’all to get on out there and see the next Money show anywhere near you! (this picture by Signe Pedersen)
Last band of head liner of VibraCrunch6 was of course the Blues Explosion. Even though the band was on a promotion tour (and not doing shows) they agreed to come to VibraCrunch and give it hell as a special favour. What a goddamned TREAT people! The BX hasn’t played in Malmö for ages, and it’s been even longer since their last legendary show at Loppen in Copenhagen. And they came back in style. Fit, bold and mean. Classic tracks and loads of tunes from the forthcoming “Damage” album. Action, danger and pure rock’n’roll poured from the stage and into the grateful crowd.

What an incredible end to a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Crunchy love goes out to all the participants. See you next year we hope!


Vibracrunch 06 – Oh Yeah!!
Saturday the 14th of August at 14:30 will be when this year’s Vibracrunch Festival will take place as part of Malmöfestivalen in beautiful Malmoe, Sweden.

As always we promise to give you a full day of some of the finest Danish and Swedish music around, so don’t miss it!

We are happy and proud to announce the following acts, to appear on the festival:

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (US)
This great band has been one of the most respected, popular and critically acclaimed acts on the indie scene since the early 1990’s. Jon Spencer and his two band mates play catchy, anarchic and noisy rock ‘n’ roll. This band simply delivers the best freakin’ live show on this motherfuckin’ planet! Read more about them here

Moon Gringo (DK)
A very talented and catchy Danish indie favourite. Their brilliant new album Ingrid Superstar is out now. Go wear your Dirty Underwear! Learn more about this gorgeous band at
Money Your Love (DK)
This new sensation has surprised everyone with their stunning electroclash sound and great up-beat performances. Frontman Lars I Lommen is also part of Junior Senior’s band, where he does splendid backing vocals. Their debut album will be out in August on Drama Kings Records. Drama Kings
Tiger Tunes (DK)
The energetic blend of Commodore 64-inspired electro sounds and a dangerous kind of rock ‘n’ roll is quite a cocktail. However, the tigers deliver sounds so infectious that you can’t help dancing along on their terms – have a go! Tiger Tunes
Sterling (DK)
The former Gangway songwriter is their biggest fan. Their record has been recorded with Kliché’s old beat box. The Danish lyrics are about red wine, light sabers and love.
They are from Jutland (now with home field advantage in Copenhagen). They play unpretentious rock in a mixture between trash and “the good melody”. They are extremely sympathetic, but time and again they end up in verbal fights – what is there not to love about Sterling?
Talking to Teapots (S)
Since the beginning, back in 1989, Talking to Teapots has grown from a dreadful boyband into one of Sweden’s most cozy indie-lo-fi-rock bands. Last year Teapots played Emmabodafestivalen, which led up to the release of their debut EP; “Are You Talking to Teapots?” talking to teapots
PowerSolo (DK)
Powersolo may be a power trio, but in this case the prog-metal acrobatics of rush are replaced with something they call “donkey punk.” Two tremolo-loving chicken-scratch, rail-thin guitarists Kim Kix and Atomic Child. And drummer J.C. Benz playing his trade on just a snare, bass drum, and floor tom. But the fact that this exercise in B-movie punk-a-billy is coming from Aarhus, Denmark, adds plenty of delicious cognitive dissonance. “The next song goes out to Grandma. It’s called “Stupid Little Bitch!””
Bob Log III (US)
The fiercly one-man-army Bob Log III is playing primitive & cool blues-punk and noise rock distinguished by Latin-styled drum machine beats and vocal pressed through telephone microphones. Expect some crazy shit when Bob Log enters the stage wearing his motorcycle helmet and grabs innocent girls from the crowd to jump on his knees during the show.
Learning from Las vegas (DK)
This all time favourite Crunchy band delivered one of last year’s best Danish albums – the shining Richard & Liz. Since then the band has toured in Scandinavia and regrouped into a mighty trio, where their beautiful love-songs really come alive. Don´t miss their new line-up and live show.
epo-555 (DK)
epo-555 is one of the best bands on the Danish indie scene right now – and Crunchy Frog’s newest signing. The Copenhagen based group has a truly unique sound that combines roaring noiserock, alternative country, electronica and beautiful poptunes with poetic and political lyrics. The result is astonishing and orginal and is inspired by bands like dat politics, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underground, bob hund, Flaming Lips and Calexico
The Tremolo Beer Gut (DK/S)
Armed with their Hawaiian shirts, ties and vintage surf-rock the good ol’ Tremolos are back in action! This highly missed band is always a popular crowdpleaser, when they fire up their furious guitars and light their cool cigs.
Sandy Mouche (S)
The lovely Swedish band, Sandy Mouche plays gentle indiepop with a twist. The group flirts with their view of the idyllic French; The Riviera, red wine, worn out yellow piano keys on a detuned piano and warm coloured colduroy suits.
Niccokick (S)
Niccokick was formed in 2001 and consists of five guys from Skaane, Sweden. They play energetic and tuneful indie/retro pop that will make Neil Young and Stephen Malkmus faint of envy.
Radio LXMBRG (S)
Radio LXMBRG’s musical influences range from simple pop and bombastic movie soundtracks; they create their music as a summery of musical genres ranging from the fifties and up until today. The band uses four elements – Analogue, Digital, Acoustic and Sampling. Their songs are performed by different vocalists.
Practical Stuff!
This map shows the excact location of the site. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Central Station.
For Copenhageners it’s nice to know that the trains back to ol’ CPH departs every hour all through the night. It’s free and no tickets are required – so just turn up in time to soak up all of the splendid music!

You can buy beer and food at the site, and of course records and t-shirts from all the bands that have any. As a special note to all the beer loving Danes. A couple of years ago it was OK to bring your own beers right into the stage area at Bastionen. It is no longer allowed in respect of the people that have the concession for selling beers. So if you bring your own beers, then you have to sit outside the fence while drinking them. Sorry for this inconvenience, but as the festival is in general free you may be able to afford a few beers.

Look out for much more info about this extraordinary and much anticipated day – It’s crunchy, it’s crispy & it’s coming soon!

From the Archives: Learning From Las Vegas is now a trio… And on to new territories! (by 21. January 2004)

Learning From Las Vegas is now a trio… And on to new territories!
Following the great reviews of last year’s brilliant album “Richard and Liz” it´s now time for Learning From Las Vegas to teach the rest of Scandinavia how to Rock ‘n’ Roll! Crunchy have signed a license deal with Virgin Records which means the album will be out in Norway and Sweden in mid February. To support the Scandinavian releases, Learning from Las Vegas just played a very successful concert in front of a packed and swinging audience at Fritz´s Corner @ Debaser in Stockholm. On the 13th of February the band will play in Norway at the BY:LARM festival in Bergen.

Currently the band’s new radiosingle “1989” is out in Denmark and will follow in the rest of Scandinavia, and the video to the previous single “The Only One” will be tested on MTV Nordic during the first week of February (remember to vote!).
But things don´t stop here for our ol´ Crunchy favourite band: We are working hard to release “Richard and Liz” in the rest of Europe this spring as well, and after that … who knows? Las Vegas!

Finally Learning from Las Vegas started 2004 by announcing that they are henceforth a trio as former semi-attached member Jesper “Fzat” Sand (of THAU) decided to leave the band after having done excellent guitar work on the recent album. Las Vegas is back to the trio set-up as they have been in long periods of their carreer. They had their re-but as a trio in Stockholm and also brought some harddisc tracks featuring some samples, keys and strings. The effect is really great and sets a great mood for their poignant love songs.
The band will take their time to treat the danes with their new live-show in a small string of double concerts with Tiger Tunes. Here are the dates:

23.01.2004: Randers, Café von Hatten.
26.02.2004: Esbjerg, Tobaksfabrikken.
27.02.2004: Horsens, Kulisselageret.
28.02.2004: Haderslev, Månen.

From the Archives: Danish press has been taught by Vegas! (by 21. October 2003)

Do you want to learn from Las Vegas?
Perhaps with a little help from their stripper or elf (or stripper-elf) from the cover of “Richard and Liz”, Learning from Las Vegas have finally lifted their music out of the basement and placed their songs on what surely sounds like what could be the record of the year.

Here is a little recap of some of the great reviews Learning from Las Vegas have received from the Danish press:

Jyllands-Posten – daily newspaper:
5 out of 6 stars
”Pragtfuld skramlet rock med masser af stof til eftertanke. Learning From Las Vegas, der efterhånden har eksisteret i 11 år, kan stadig. Opleves både tændte og motiverede på “Richard And Liz” og ridser dybt i den musikalske korrekthed og pænhed”
(”Splendid rattling rock with plenty of food for thought. Learning from Las Vegas, who have been around for 11 years, have still got it. They appear highly motivated on “Richard and Liz” and make deep scratches in the musical appropriateness and pleasantness”)

Ekstra Bladet – daily newspaper:
4 out of 6 stars
”KOMPETENT:[Richard and Liz red.]”Learning from Las Vegas tredje og hidtil bedste Album….”
(“COMPETENT: “Learning from Las Vegas’ third and so far best album”)

SIRENE – magazine for young women.
4 out of 6
”Hele albummet har en rar og meget fin lyd, og jeg er ret sikker på, at pladeselskabet Crunhcy Frog (der står bag succeser som Junior Senior, Superheroes og The Raveonettes) har ramt plet igen.”
(“The entire album has a pleasant and delicate sound to it and I’m pretty sure that the record label Crunchy Frog has once again hit the mark spot on”)

Gaffa – Music magazine
4 out of 6 stjerner
”… som på den fine forgænger Petit Bourgeois er Richard And Liz spækket med små finurlige sange om parforholdets op- og nedture, hvor deres blanding af pop og rock er svær at modstå” (…) ”Endnu et uimodståeligt album fra Learning from Las Vegas.”
(…like its excellent predecessor Petit Bourgeois Richard and Liz is packed with small atypical songs about the ups and downs of relationships, where their blend of pop and rock is hard to resist”(…)”Yet another irresistible album from Learning from Las Vegas.”

Berlinske Tidende – daily newspaper:
4 out of 6 stars
…med nærværende ”Richard and Liz” træder gruppen for alvor i karakter med en helt igennem helstøbt skrammelbunke af kantete popsange.”
“ with the present “Richard and Liz” the group step into character for real, with a thoroughly integrated junk pile of edgy pop songs.”

Information – daily newspaper:
…”det endelige resultat af al denne skamløse talentophobning er et af efterårets allerbedste danske album…”
…”the final result of all this shameless accumulation of talent is one of the autumns very best danish album…”

From the Archives: VC5 – better than ever! (by 28. August 2003)

This year VibraCrunch celebrated its 5 year anniversary in Malmö. And what an absolutely splendid night we had! More than 4000 dedicated musicfreaks & fans showed up to move their feet and feel united for 7 hours of crazy beats, funky stuff, indiepop and pure ol’ rock ‘n’ roll – making it the biggest crowd so far at vibeful Vibracrunch.

With kind of a dream line up (according to some people the best ever) and all the bands being up for some serious party business after giving all they had and a little more, the night was destined to be magic! To top everything we were also lucky as the weather was with us. It started out pretty bad with rain and dark clouds early in the day, but later the sun arrived (thank you, weathergods!) turning everything into a beautiful Swedish, yet indian summer, which (almost…) made everyone forget all about the loooong beer queues and the not so cool and very expensive Swedish cigs – well, you can’t win em’ all!

Our own Danish rock bastards – Baby Woodrose – was the opening act. And what a show! These guys surely know how to get in gear with their nasty sound and catchy rock tunes – and it was certainly a thrill to see the dust rise, as the crowd moved along to the beat and riffs.
The cool and superb indieband from Sweden – First Floor Power – was the opening act on the main stage and they instantly made everyone smile with their warm, catchy melodies.

(Due to technical problems we don’t have any pictures of FFP at VibraCrunch…plase send us one, if you have!)

Powersolo delivered a burning and powerful performance with their Rockabilly-garage-punk-country songs. A little less conversation and a little more action, as The King would have said. We are very proud of these guys. Check them out!

When the day faded into night it was time to kick some ass and chew some bubblegum (and to drink, of course) as Superheroes took the stage by storm. Drunk Danes and smashing Swedes joined together in utter madness to this legendary band and sang along to all the hits (Johnny really had fun tonight!). All of them drooling over Thomas T’s well shaped naked torso.

With a bag full of new material from their forthcoming album (out on Crunchy Frog October 6th) as well as oldies but goodies like all time favourite, Ten Thousand Songs, Learning From Las Vegas gave an intense concert. They created a magic moment at the Lounge Stage. And with a jolly jumper in guitarist Jesper Sand, the band made sure the guitars did the talking!

Next in line on the main stage was the Scandinavian kings of dub – Dub Sweden. This band was a great crowdpleaser (in the most positive meaning of the word). They are enjoying quite a big success in their home country and for for the Danes – not all of ’em sober at this time – this was the perfect introduction to an excellent party band you can jump around to and have fun!
A wonderful bunch of native Malmoe people playing some wicked shit. As usual the band, led by singer and guitarist Henrik Andersson (who is originally from Umeå) kicked off in high gear. Melodic stuff and breath taking ballades – just how you like it!
To finish an unforgetable night of pure pleasure and joy it was Danish band, Mew’s turn to take over the main stage. Due to their much (well deserved!) hyped, new international album, “Frengers” and their spectacular stageshows, they sure had something to live up to. To judge from the huge and excited crowd, Mew fulfilled everyone’s expectations with a mindblowing and heartful finale on a grandiose day. Only the people made of stone didn’t have a little tear in their eyes by the end of the night.
Thanks to all of you out there making VC5 a goddamn extraordinary experience for everyone. See you next year! Roger, over and out!

From the Archives: It’s Vibra time again and it’s FREE (by 22. May 2003)

The time for the annual VibraCrunch festival is getting closer each day. Put an X in your calendar on August 22nd – music starts at 6:30 pm and since smaller and bigger bands are mixed in no particular order, make sure you are there early so you DON’T miss your favorite band. Crunchy Frog has had the pleasure of setting up a slot at the Malmö Festival since 1999, where it all started out as a collaboration with Crunchy and our sister label from Malmö, Vibrafon (R.I.P.). During the years we have presented such excellent artists as: Junior Senior, Swan Lee, Rhonda Harris, Wynona, Glorybox, Diefenbach, Knallert, Dipper, Ray Wonder, First Floor Power, David and the Citizens, Ny Akustik, Revlon 9, Moonbabies, Quit Your Dayjob and of course all bands from the Crunchy family. This year we’ll celebrate our 5th anniversary – hence VibraCrunch V. As usual you can expect an outstanding set up with some of the coolest Danish and Swedish Indie bands you can imagine. The program is ready now. So feast your eyes on this golden and 100% FREE lineup (more details at the bottom):


We are most proud to present the band who hang out with Courtney Love and supermodel Helena Christensen, and has fans such as R.E.M, who dedicated one of their songs to the band at their recent gig at the Midtfyns Festival, DK. Their latest album ‘Frengers’ is a beautiful journey through dreamland and should be found on every night table in the universe!


One of Sweden’s best indie bands. The band has grown a great live audience in Scandinavia due to their constant touring. Signed to cool, Swedish indie label, Silence Records, they released their debut album, ‘There is Hope’ (produced by Jonas Jonasson of Bob Hund) in 2000. They got a new album out in late August.


Crunchy Frog’s very own pop/rock darlings. They always deliver A++++++ liveshows, but you probably already know that. If not… there is no excuse not to go see this amazing band in Malmö and their ONLY gig in the Øresund area this year!


A well known secret from Crunchy Frog. This band plays beautiful indiepop and is about to release their third album this fall. Come out and see this fantastic band before everybody else starts talking ´bout ’em, and hear all their new songs before your lazy neighbour. He might have heard the single ‘Yale Keys’ which is already in heavy rotation on Danish radio, though!


Dub Sweden from Stockholm has played at numerous clubs all over Sweden as well as big Rock festivals (e.g. Hultsfred in June). Their songs have been on high rotation throughout different radio stations in Sweden. Expect Rock, pop and…dub..??.


The opening act at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Probably Denmark’s next big export success, with their high energy, psychedelic Rock ´n Roll music. But first stop: Malmö.


Malmö’s very own Hank, plays Pop/Rock in an intensive and melodic way as only the swedes can do it and they are ready to conquer the world. Don’t miss it.


These guys play as if they were coming straigt outta the swamps of Southern Loisiana; playing catchy Rockabilly-garage-punk-country songs. Come and swing your asses off, or your mama will be very dissapointed.

Practical stuff

This map shows the excact location of the site. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Central Station.

For Copenhageners it’s nice to know that the trains back to ol’ CPH departs every hour all through the night.

It’s free and no tickets are required – so just turn up in time to soak up all of the splendid music!

You can buy beer and food at the site, and of course records and t-shirts from all the bands that have any.

From the Archives: What can we say …? Crunchy X-mas rocked! (by 5. December 2002)

The Crunchy X-Mas show in Copenhagen was a huge succes – 1500 people came to celebrate and experience the full roster of crunchy bands playing. Thanks to everybody who attended and to our wonderful staff both from Vega (the venue) and CF HQ. Everybody did a fantastic job. For the back stage and afterparty action check out another news item on this site called “Behind the music: The underbelly of the frog”

The show started with a brief welcome by one of our founding fathers of CF: Mr. Jesper Rofelt. He presented the humongous electrically lit Crunchy Frog logo which hovered above the stage all night and spred love, peace and sweet sweet crispness. Rofelt then presneted the REAL presenter of the evening Mr. Karsten Irving “Show” Schiøler, who also happens to be the lead singer of Tothe Int’l. And thus the party begun….

TOTHE INTERNATIONAL hasn’t played live for quite some time, but MAN are they back in great form! They played a few of the classics and spellbound the audience with their mix of great music, weird instrumentation (with Yebo NOT playing drums on most songs but instead organ, theremin and megaphone) and whacky stage show (whith their manager Rud standing in the back with a white cowboy hat, looking mean as f***). One of the best highlights was when they played their contribution to the Xclusive Crunchy Xmas Covers-sampler. They did a wonderful country rendering of Junior Seniors “White Trash”, and also a powerful “Momma, I’m a Communist”, which in turn happens to be the song that was covered for the sampler by…..

THE RAVEONETTES who gave a loud (the loudest of the evening!), energetic and truely electrifying show. Looking cool as always the band was clad in black, only exceptions (as a reviewer pointed out) was Sunes red scarf and Sharins white cleavage – uh baby.

THAU was next band on stage after one of the 3 half hour breaks of the night. Introduced as the band without whom (…etc.) they entered the stage together with the “5th member” Soma Allpass Hammarlund on cello, organ and percussion. The band kicked off presnteing a retrospective of songs from the first, second and third album. At this point the room had filled to the maximum capacity and it was nice to see that the Crunchy Frog fans actually had the attention span to listen to difficult music and not get bored or go to the bar in hords. It is in fact a great tribute to the music lovers out there, that although many came for Superheroes or Junior Senior, they actuelly gave the more underground and weird sounding bands a chance, and generally dug them as well. This certainly proved to be true during the Thau show as well as some of the later ones. The concert climaxed as Thau played “This Is OK” which transformed itself into “I Touched Her Legs” by Superheroes, and at the last song “Na Ni” when Per Sunding of TBG and Tanja of Superheroes joined them on stage.

JUNIOR SENIOR was the band that made sure that EVERYBODY got their ass in gear and got the party started right. As always Senior was the master of ceremonies and Junior did a fantastic piece of guitarwork. The Rhythm Prophets (as they call themselves) Yebo and Filip were tight like hell and the girls Anna and Lullu (with 3 l’s!) had never looked or sounded better. That band just is a treat to watch and hear.

Even though they don’t like being labeled a “party band” it is pretty damned hard to stop a party from erupting when they play. On stage they were joined by the always great Lars I Lommen and Thomas T (Superheroes), and for the last song Senior asked the audience to join the band for a orgasmic overpopulated version of “White Trash”. Again it is a tribute to the fans that the stage wasn’t trashed and everybody just had a great chaotic time.

LEARNING FROM LAS VEGAS was next band up, and this was the awaited first time they presented a lot of the material from their forthcoming album, which is being recorded at the moment – it will be out before summer ’03. They also had a few of the old classics on the program this night and it was a pleasure to revisit songs such as “10.000 Songs” and “DataBankMemoHaiku”. With new member Jesper Sand (from Thau) as a strong pressence on guitar and backing vocals the set up we almost didn’t miss the newly departed member Per, who used to play the keys in the band (but we still miss you… come back!). Thomas T from Superheroes who is producing the new album helped out with some keyboard parts on stage. It was so nice to hear the lads play live again. Stay tuned for the album people. It is gonna be great!

THE TREMOLO BEER GUT – now there’s another band that hasn’t played live for some time. Apart from 10 minutes at a street party during summer, the band has been spread out doing their own stuff in other bands and as producers etc. This was truely a home coming. Per just finished the Cardigans record as producer. Sune has been travelling the world with The Raveonettes, Yebo has kept busy with Crunchy Frog and Junior Senior and Jengo is still the Fruit King of Denmark. It was such a thrill for the guys to be together and that wasn’t even all: on organ and theremin we witnessed the genius of Mr. Bas Morgansen (aka P. Bartosch of Eggstone), and on backing vocals 4/5 of the B-team from Roskilde Festival 2000: Show (Tothe Int’l), Satan Beck (Pleasure Machine), Magnus S (Cardigans) and Simon Beck (Sun Lounge). All in all a pretty happening bunch of cool cats.

Despite the lack of rehearsal the band played a wonderful show and topped it off with the entry of Senior who did the vocals for “Cool Cig’s” which in his version on the XCXC-sampler became “Cool Dicks”. A gay anthem with witty rhymes such as “mono” rhyming with “homo” (?) etc.

As a surprice Tanja from Superheroes showed up with a huge dildo and tried to ram it down Yebos throat… some happy camper from the audience went home with a trophy this night…

THE MOPEDSunfortunately couldn’t make the sound check during the day, so they had a bit of technical troubles and was suffering with some bad sound. BUT it was a treat to see and hear the band again – back on Danish soil.

They brought Patrik B and Sven on Sax as guests, and did an entertaining show playing all their hit songs and speaking their funny brand of Danish in-between the songs.

SUPERHEROES was the most delicious treat, saved for last. Everybody knows they are the best live band in the State of Denmark, and they certeinly had no difficulties living up to that (no offense to the other great CF bands).

Even though the audience by now had listened to 7 shows and had been drinking for 5 hours, it was no sweat for Thomas T and his troops catching the eyes, ears and hearts of every single person in the audience. The band simply grooved and played like there was no tomorrow.

Thomas T was a lean mean crowdsurfing, stagediving, waterthrowing, stripping machine. We are talking ACTIONPACKED!

Joined onstage by most of the other bands and a lot of the CF staff for the last song “In Control of the Beat” the superheroes finished the night in great style.

Oh what a night to remember (if you weren’t too drunk). We hope everybody had a great time and enjoys the record we did for each other and all of YOU!

Watch out for more pics, behind the scene revelations and after party scandals… Check out “The underbelly of the Frog”

From the Archives: It’s gonna be a Crunchy Christmazz (by 22. October 2002)

Get your Christmas spirits going on the night of Crunchy X-mas, one hell of an evening with all 8 crunchy bands performing live – and a free exclusive CD for all guests. That’s right: Junior Senior, Learning From Las Vegas, The Mopeds, Superheores, The Raveonettes, THAU, Tothe International AND The Tremolo Beer Gut + a free cd AND international DJs as weel: DJ Theandernaler, DJ Crillinator and DJ Franke – all for 180 DKR.

The time for a racing pulse, clammy hands and warnings from your financial advisor is moving closer; Christmas is the name of the Beast! But this year you will be prepared, or at least you will have the resistance to stand up to this demanding season. We – the good and kind people at Crunchy Frog – will give you an injection of pure energy, joy and X-mas love.

Saturday the 30th of November we proudly present the ultimate concert experience of the year in Store Vega, Copenhagen. It’s gonna be one hell of a night with all your beloved crunchy bands performing live, surprises, DJ’s and a buttload of ho ho ho’s. Spread the word: Crunchy X-mas is the only rock’n remedy for this years holyday-blues. As a guest you will receive a special crunchy treat you can’t buy for money: A CD containing crunchy bands covering the songs of other crunchy bands. The bands have done all recordings and honestly: it is one cool cd! With this funky tracklist:

Tothe International: White Trash (written by Junior Senior)
The Raveonettes: Momma, I’m a Communist (Tothe International)
Learning From Las Vegas: Veronica Fever (The Raveonettes)
Superheroes: St. Christopher (Learning From Las Vegas)
Thau: I touched Her Legs (superheroes)
The Mopeds: Awestruck (Thau)
The Tremolo Beer Gut: Deep under the Chinese Snow (The Mopeds)
Junior Senior: Cool Dicks (The Tremolo Beer Gut)

Tickets are available right now (but only 1000 of them, so hurry up!!!). Get’em on billetnet or

From the Archives: The TBG goes to NYC to meet JS from the BX (by 17. February 2000)

As a special addition to the Crunchy Frog show case on this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in NYC (where both superhereos and Learning From Las Vegas are also playing) The Tremolo Beer Gut will hit the states for the first time. The gig will be at Luna Lounge in Ludlow St (near the corner of E. Houston St.) on saturday 18th September at 4pm. If you happen to be anywhere near there, don’t miss it!!!

The Beer Gut just released their debut album in May, and has also already been released in Japan this summer. The band pretty soon reached the #15 on the hit list at the Beach-radio in Tokyo. This is a station only broadcasting on the many beaches in the
Tokyo area which have 100s of 1000s of visitors every week. What could be more approproiate than listening to Tremolo chilling on the beach?

Sune and Yebo surfin’ away at their latest gig at VibraCrunch. A red hot and pretty damned inebriated performance that was the culmination of the many gigs Tremolo played in Denmark and Sweden during summer.

And now the US of A – the birthplace of both surf, western and garrage rock – will be the next stretch of beach for the Tremolo guys to conquer. Yebo, Jengo and Per will meet up with Sune who is already residing in Seattle, Washington, where he is forming a new band after Psyched Up Janis broke up this summer. Much against their ordinary style the band just might do a small rehearsal before the New York show (this summer they played 10 gigs and rehearsed only once!!! damn
professionals!). The reason for this break with a fine tradition is the pretty big possibility for Mr. Jon Spencer from The Mighty Blues Explosion being in the audience.

When JSBX played a gig in Malmö in the spring, Magnus from The Cardigans – who is himself a devoted Tremolo listener – handed over some copies of ”The Inebriated Sounds of The Tremolo Beer Gut” to the Blues Exploders. Then nothing happened for a long time.
Then suddenly 2 days before JSBXs show at Århus Festuge in Denmark their manager called the danish promoter and asked if Tremolo could support the gig. Unfortunately Sune had just gone to the US, and Jengo was in Paris (for once…!) so the band was much against their will (and wildest dreams) unable to play.
But Yebo decided to take fate into his own two trembling hands, and went straight to Århus to give Spencer, Bauer & Simmins some vinyl singles that features songs not available on the album.

When he finally met with Mr. Rock himself it turned out that Jon Spencer is a great fan of the Tremolo album. Can you believe that? Yebo couldn’t, but he had to deal with the unreality of it all later, as Spencer asked 100 questions about the record, and praised both the Tremolo songs and the Tremolo sounds. Well, if The Tremolo Beer Gut had to pick only one person in the whole freakin’ Universe that they wanted to like their record, it would definitely be Jon Spencer. Not too fucking shabby at all!

Mr. Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion showed up together with his soundman, and enjoyed Tremolo’s gig at Luna Lounge. you can’t get a cooler audience than that!