From the Archives: Death to the Death Tothe (by 1. September 2006)

Ye olde cassette chaos – never to be forgotten
…is a re-release of the legendary old cassette tape releases that preceeded the band’s first cd “Candy’s Speech” from 1996. The three cassette tapes “In Lack of Gods … Motherfuckers Unite” from 1991, “Bone” from 1992 and “Just How You Like It” from 1994 are comparable in size and matter to three entire albums full of music. And oh what music! Extreme noise-terrorism embrace sweet sweet pop in a twisted lyrical universe, all kinds of weird experimental uses of playtoys, and numerous pop cultural references to B-movies, The Simpsons, Monty Python and Ren & Stimpy.
Death Tothe was all through the nineties a central figure on the Copenhagen indie rock scene and their reckless genre experiments was a strong influence on bands such as Düreforsøg, Murmur (now Speaker Bite Me), Psyched Up Janis, Twang, Spektr and many others. This applies to the early recordings as well as to the later which were released on the bands three albums “Candy’s Speech” (1996), “Steak” (1997) and “The Slow Light Theory” (2000) – the last two under the name Tothe International.
Politiken’s anthology of Danish Rock writes about the phenomena Death Tothe:
“In 1990, inspired by the Residents, Butthole Surfers and Tom Waits, the two THAU members Ulrik Petersen [alias The Great Nalna] and Jesper Reginal alias Yebo formed the unconventional experimental project Death Tothe – the name was taken from the T-shirt print “Death To The Pixies” – along with singer Karsten Schiøler [alias Show] and guitarist Robert Schmidt [alias Bart], with the purpose of bringing together humor, madness and experiment. One year later Mikael Fenger [alias Miko] joined the band as an “abundant” member. He could neither sing nor play, a fact that did in no way limit his contribution through recitation, percussion, theremin, megafon, playtoys, shouting, roaring and beating, and the band was completed with the joining of Anders Reuss alias Nars from Naked. From the start the band tried to dismantle the concert setting by cooking, arsoning and blowing up stuff on stage, as well as by their extensive use of costumes, wardrobes (!), paper hats, child stars, ladders and space ships. Later though, the music increasingly became the main attraction. In 1993 Reuss left the band and was replaced by Torbjørn Slotman alias DødsTor… [etc…]”
Yes, all those memories… and they are now released exclusively as a digital download album called “Death to the Death Tothe”. We have picked out those songs from the cassette tapes, which were never released on cd. We have even found an overlooked pearl “Tha” which has never been released until now! The songs have been mastered directly from the original tapes. The original lo fi sound is in so doing kept intact, although we have optimized the sound where it was possible.
We hope that old fans as well as new listeners will open a bottle of Bockwurts, pour themselves a huge glass of cherrywine, and enjoy these recordings as much as we do.
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From the Archives: What can we say …? Crunchy X-mas rocked! (by 5. December 2002)

The Crunchy X-Mas show in Copenhagen was a huge succes – 1500 people came to celebrate and experience the full roster of crunchy bands playing. Thanks to everybody who attended and to our wonderful staff both from Vega (the venue) and CF HQ. Everybody did a fantastic job. For the back stage and afterparty action check out another news item on this site called “Behind the music: The underbelly of the frog”

The show started with a brief welcome by one of our founding fathers of CF: Mr. Jesper Rofelt. He presented the humongous electrically lit Crunchy Frog logo which hovered above the stage all night and spred love, peace and sweet sweet crispness. Rofelt then presneted the REAL presenter of the evening Mr. Karsten Irving “Show” Schiøler, who also happens to be the lead singer of Tothe Int’l. And thus the party begun….

TOTHE INTERNATIONAL hasn’t played live for quite some time, but MAN are they back in great form! They played a few of the classics and spellbound the audience with their mix of great music, weird instrumentation (with Yebo NOT playing drums on most songs but instead organ, theremin and megaphone) and whacky stage show (whith their manager Rud standing in the back with a white cowboy hat, looking mean as f***). One of the best highlights was when they played their contribution to the Xclusive Crunchy Xmas Covers-sampler. They did a wonderful country rendering of Junior Seniors “White Trash”, and also a powerful “Momma, I’m a Communist”, which in turn happens to be the song that was covered for the sampler by…..

THE RAVEONETTES who gave a loud (the loudest of the evening!), energetic and truely electrifying show. Looking cool as always the band was clad in black, only exceptions (as a reviewer pointed out) was Sunes red scarf and Sharins white cleavage – uh baby.

THAU was next band on stage after one of the 3 half hour breaks of the night. Introduced as the band without whom (…etc.) they entered the stage together with the “5th member” Soma Allpass Hammarlund on cello, organ and percussion. The band kicked off presnteing a retrospective of songs from the first, second and third album. At this point the room had filled to the maximum capacity and it was nice to see that the Crunchy Frog fans actually had the attention span to listen to difficult music and not get bored or go to the bar in hords. It is in fact a great tribute to the music lovers out there, that although many came for Superheroes or Junior Senior, they actuelly gave the more underground and weird sounding bands a chance, and generally dug them as well. This certainly proved to be true during the Thau show as well as some of the later ones. The concert climaxed as Thau played “This Is OK” which transformed itself into “I Touched Her Legs” by Superheroes, and at the last song “Na Ni” when Per Sunding of TBG and Tanja of Superheroes joined them on stage.

JUNIOR SENIOR was the band that made sure that EVERYBODY got their ass in gear and got the party started right. As always Senior was the master of ceremonies and Junior did a fantastic piece of guitarwork. The Rhythm Prophets (as they call themselves) Yebo and Filip were tight like hell and the girls Anna and Lullu (with 3 l’s!) had never looked or sounded better. That band just is a treat to watch and hear.

Even though they don’t like being labeled a “party band” it is pretty damned hard to stop a party from erupting when they play. On stage they were joined by the always great Lars I Lommen and Thomas T (Superheroes), and for the last song Senior asked the audience to join the band for a orgasmic overpopulated version of “White Trash”. Again it is a tribute to the fans that the stage wasn’t trashed and everybody just had a great chaotic time.

LEARNING FROM LAS VEGAS was next band up, and this was the awaited first time they presented a lot of the material from their forthcoming album, which is being recorded at the moment – it will be out before summer ’03. They also had a few of the old classics on the program this night and it was a pleasure to revisit songs such as “10.000 Songs” and “DataBankMemoHaiku”. With new member Jesper Sand (from Thau) as a strong pressence on guitar and backing vocals the set up we almost didn’t miss the newly departed member Per, who used to play the keys in the band (but we still miss you… come back!). Thomas T from Superheroes who is producing the new album helped out with some keyboard parts on stage. It was so nice to hear the lads play live again. Stay tuned for the album people. It is gonna be great!

THE TREMOLO BEER GUT – now there’s another band that hasn’t played live for some time. Apart from 10 minutes at a street party during summer, the band has been spread out doing their own stuff in other bands and as producers etc. This was truely a home coming. Per just finished the Cardigans record as producer. Sune has been travelling the world with The Raveonettes, Yebo has kept busy with Crunchy Frog and Junior Senior and Jengo is still the Fruit King of Denmark. It was such a thrill for the guys to be together and that wasn’t even all: on organ and theremin we witnessed the genius of Mr. Bas Morgansen (aka P. Bartosch of Eggstone), and on backing vocals 4/5 of the B-team from Roskilde Festival 2000: Show (Tothe Int’l), Satan Beck (Pleasure Machine), Magnus S (Cardigans) and Simon Beck (Sun Lounge). All in all a pretty happening bunch of cool cats.

Despite the lack of rehearsal the band played a wonderful show and topped it off with the entry of Senior who did the vocals for “Cool Cig’s” which in his version on the XCXC-sampler became “Cool Dicks”. A gay anthem with witty rhymes such as “mono” rhyming with “homo” (?) etc.

As a surprice Tanja from Superheroes showed up with a huge dildo and tried to ram it down Yebos throat… some happy camper from the audience went home with a trophy this night…

THE MOPEDSunfortunately couldn’t make the sound check during the day, so they had a bit of technical troubles and was suffering with some bad sound. BUT it was a treat to see and hear the band again – back on Danish soil.

They brought Patrik B and Sven on Sax as guests, and did an entertaining show playing all their hit songs and speaking their funny brand of Danish in-between the songs.

SUPERHEROES was the most delicious treat, saved for last. Everybody knows they are the best live band in the State of Denmark, and they certeinly had no difficulties living up to that (no offense to the other great CF bands).

Even though the audience by now had listened to 7 shows and had been drinking for 5 hours, it was no sweat for Thomas T and his troops catching the eyes, ears and hearts of every single person in the audience. The band simply grooved and played like there was no tomorrow.

Thomas T was a lean mean crowdsurfing, stagediving, waterthrowing, stripping machine. We are talking ACTIONPACKED!

Joined onstage by most of the other bands and a lot of the CF staff for the last song “In Control of the Beat” the superheroes finished the night in great style.

Oh what a night to remember (if you weren’t too drunk). We hope everybody had a great time and enjoys the record we did for each other and all of YOU!

Watch out for more pics, behind the scene revelations and after party scandals… Check out “The underbelly of the Frog”

From the Archives: It’s gonna be a Crunchy Christmazz (by 22. October 2002)

Get your Christmas spirits going on the night of Crunchy X-mas, one hell of an evening with all 8 crunchy bands performing live – and a free exclusive CD for all guests. That’s right: Junior Senior, Learning From Las Vegas, The Mopeds, Superheores, The Raveonettes, THAU, Tothe International AND The Tremolo Beer Gut + a free cd AND international DJs as weel: DJ Theandernaler, DJ Crillinator and DJ Franke – all for 180 DKR.

The time for a racing pulse, clammy hands and warnings from your financial advisor is moving closer; Christmas is the name of the Beast! But this year you will be prepared, or at least you will have the resistance to stand up to this demanding season. We – the good and kind people at Crunchy Frog – will give you an injection of pure energy, joy and X-mas love.

Saturday the 30th of November we proudly present the ultimate concert experience of the year in Store Vega, Copenhagen. It’s gonna be one hell of a night with all your beloved crunchy bands performing live, surprises, DJ’s and a buttload of ho ho ho’s. Spread the word: Crunchy X-mas is the only rock’n remedy for this years holyday-blues. As a guest you will receive a special crunchy treat you can’t buy for money: A CD containing crunchy bands covering the songs of other crunchy bands. The bands have done all recordings and honestly: it is one cool cd! With this funky tracklist:

Tothe International: White Trash (written by Junior Senior)
The Raveonettes: Momma, I’m a Communist (Tothe International)
Learning From Las Vegas: Veronica Fever (The Raveonettes)
Superheroes: St. Christopher (Learning From Las Vegas)
Thau: I touched Her Legs (superheroes)
The Mopeds: Awestruck (Thau)
The Tremolo Beer Gut: Deep under the Chinese Snow (The Mopeds)
Junior Senior: Cool Dicks (The Tremolo Beer Gut)

Tickets are available right now (but only 1000 of them, so hurry up!!!). Get’em on billetnet or

From the Archives: VC2 (by 5. October 2000)

The second edition of the yearly VibraCrunch – an outdoor concert featuring some of the best bands from Sweden and Denmark, that happens to be released on the two labels behind the event, Vibrafon (S) and Crunchy Frog (DK) – was held on Sunday the 13th of August at Bastionen in the heart of Malmoe, Sweden. All in all this was a perfect day for the many Swedes and Danes who had decided to treat their body to loads of sunshine, cold beer and excellent music.

The first Crunchy Frog band on stage was Tothe International. They had their first show without crazy man Matty Matt Matt. The beloved bassist and token negro is leaving Europe for his native town of Austin, Texas. The rest of the band did their very best to make up for the missing prankster, and performed an intense gig featuring material from their recent album “The Slow Light Theory” and old underground hits such as “Momma I’m a Communist” and “Steak!”.

After Tothe Int’l, The Mopeds played a whole bunch of new superb rock tunes and gave everybody something to look forward to. They release their new album early next year – and on this fine afternoon we got a sneak peak into the new songs. They rock! Mopeds brought Eggstone’s Patrik Bartosch with them, and he gave a smashing performance playing guitar and synth.

As the afternoon became early evening, Superheroes – as usual – played a most convincing concert. Lead man Thomas Troelsen took off his shirt and worked out in front of a demanding and enthusiastic audience. He even declared that he liked Malmö so much he want to move there! Despite his great love for the city he made the mistake of saying “Thank you Skanderborg” when he left the stage (sorry Thomas, we had to tell….).

Dipper as usual was pure dynamite and lead singer Joachim Leksell seems to get more and more carried away from concert to concert. These guys rock the bejesus out of you, and it’s always a pleasure hearing such a tight band backing up such an out of this world lead singer.

The last band of the evening was the Danish/Swedish combo The Tremolo Beer Gut, who certainly lived up to the beer part of their name. Luckily this band just gets a little more authentic when they play with alcohol in the bloodstream! And they sure did this evening! The band embodied the spirit of rock n’ roll and even impressed the members of 22 Pistepirkko who were among the audience.

Besides the three bands from each label, VibraCrunch this year presented a couple of guest stars: From Denmark the party minded and coconut-shakin’ Junior Senior who had a guest star in Thomas from superheroes.

And from Sweden not only the singer(songwriter-oriented Linda Johansson, but also the truly original Galéns, featuring Mats and Johnny from Swedish band Bob Hund and the exotic Maya de Vesquez from Chesty Morgan.

From the Archives: Yebo’s diary from the Topper Interdiptional Tour 2000 (by 5. May 2000)

We – the merry men of tothe International – have always had a weak spot for the Swedish band Dipper. In the past we have played and toured together many a jolly old time, and we seem to fit together perfectly both as bands and as people.

We all remember legendary back stage parties such as the one in Haderslev where we had a lemon jello fight and everybody lost their pants, Dipster Jochim Leksell got buck naked and Smartin put a rose through his penis (his own penis!). God damn, those were the days.

Well, as Tothe was setting out to play some Danish dates after the release of our latest album “The Slow Light Thory” we of course asked Dipper to tour with us again. And it turned out to be a great idea!

We played some truely great shows all over Denmark and got pretty damned drunk and hung out ’till 67 in the morning and promised each other that we would never part, and that we have to do a record together (maybe/maybe not called: They Might Be Joints or Berberi StressAnd or just Backstreet Bajs). The only problem I have doing a diary about all this, is the simple fact that it’s pretty blurry… what happened first and then what…? From the first leg of the tour I just remember fun fun fun ’till my daddy takes my T-Bird away.

So on the next leg of the Interdeepshitional action man tour I brought my trusty camera (Where’s my camera? Instant camera?), so the pictures could revive my memory – and they sure did.

The last week end we played 2 shows. The first was at Rytmeposten in Odense. A really cool place where the audience is always nice, interested listeners who’s not afraid to drink a beer or two. On top of this they have the nice local Albani Brew that both Dipper and Tothe has grown quite fond of.

This friday night a good crowd of people had decided to come out and listen to some loud and groovy music, and we gave them just that.

Dipper opened with a set of their action packed new wave punk garage whatchammacallit-songs and leadsinger Joachim (by tothe dubbed Jolle XL – which meanse Extra Large Joint in Swedish) thrilled everybody with his bag of stage tricks such as the old beer-masturmation, the rattlesnake-gymnastics and a generally nice and spastic performance.

After that we gave it our best shot to live up to the magic of Dipper, and I think we came close (I even did an oral theremin-solo an “Midnite & the Medicine”). When the koncerts were over, we hung out with the friendly people of Odense and drank quite a few of the Odense Pils + some vodka and Martini we’d bought. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but everybody was in a relly exceptional mood, and it turned out to be the best after party I can recall for a long time!

First row: Magnus, Show, Yebo, Nalna, second row: Patrick (Pot-drik) and Matt, and behind us – ready to mount the pyramid: Tor, Jolle XL and Scary

At the height of the party, Tothe and Dipper decided to symbolize our brotherhood by a human pyramid. Although the picture doesn’t show it, we actually succeeded in doing it! But as everybody was pretty damned inebriated at the time the pyramid was swaying back and forth, and when it suddenly broke down, Mr. Harri Kolari (Scary Kolary) of Dipper fell down and twisted my foot. THIS HURT LIKE HELL!!!

We quickly got a lot of ice to relieve the agonizing pain I was feeling through all the Odense Pils, vodka and Martini, and it helped a whole lot!

Martini straight up and a foot on ice!

And then the party took off!

Oh yes. The next morning did come, and we all felt pretty bad. Especially me with the foot and all. I couldn’t walk on it and had to go to the emergency room at the hospital in Vejle – the next stop on the tour. No bones were broken, but it still hurt quite a bit.

The night in Vejle turned out to be quite different (apart from the drinking) as almost no people came out to the show. This didn’t stop Dipper from giving another one of their super cool koncerts. Those guys just rock so friggin’ hard!

After Dippers inspiring performance it was a joy to go on stage with Tothe, and it turned out to be a really fine gig for us too. We didn’t hold anything back and just played our asses off. I of course had to watch “the foot”, but still managed to play…

Only embarrasing moment from the show? After the set, the rest of the band left the stage for the ritual “encore”… well, not being able to walk very well, I decided to just hide behind the drums, so I didn’t have to climb off and onstage… A good idea, I thight… But the other guys didn’t notice this (or else they were just plain evil) and wouldn’t go back onstage because I was missing (they thought I went out to pee). So all this time I was squating on the floor behind the drums, and the damned bastards didn’t bother to come back for encores.

Finally I had to just face the embarrassment and call out to the guys where I was, and everybody had a jolly good laugh at my expense… Yeah.. and that’s that.