Contact info

Crunchy Frog was founded as a Copenhagen indie label by the four members of THAU back in 1994. Even though the label is no longer an underground operation, and despite the fact that nowadays Crunchy Frog has moved out of the flat that used to be the HQ, the philosophy and ambition is still the same: to release quality music in the area of alternative pop and rock under the conditions of full creative control for the bands. And since we started out as musicians, we know how much that counts. The important thing isn’t always the bottom line and the $$$, but that we are able to maintain our position as the most interesting indie-label around! And not just around our native country of Denmark: Crunchy Frog is the best record label in the Universe! Ever!!

Halmtorvet 29, bldg. 12A, 1.
DK-1700 Copenhagen V
phone:             +45 3311 5411

myspace: crunchyfrogdk
facebook: crunchyfrogdk

German office contact:
phone:             +49 40 369734 18
fax: +49 40 369734 29

Sooner or later all demos sent to Crunchy Frog will be listened to, but we can’t guarantee a quick response. Please be sure to include email@ so we can reply this way. We don’t have the capacity to return submitted materials. If you have a myspace-page or can send 2-3 mp3s that is the fastest way for us to listen. Thanks for getting in touch.

Crunchy Street Team: If you’re interested in joining our street team please email us at (subject: Crunchy Street Team) and tell us about yourself.
The deal is that you receive our releases and in return you spread out the word and put up posters and flyers in your area.


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