The Crunchy Frog machine is working well these days. Our artists are all over sharing good looks and great music!

Thee Attacks02

While Thee Attacks are playing their pants off in LA and Toronto, The Malpractice and Shiny Darkly just delivered awesome concerts at this year’s Spot Festival in Aarhus, playing shows both at the festival and at the late night Crunchy Frog afterparty at the legendary Sway.


Finally Lars and The Hands of Light’s new album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is out there for you. Closewatch Music enjoys it “The first thing to say is that BWCDT is a pop album of the highest order.” … you should enjoy it to.



The Malpractice’s studio recording diary #2

How do you transform a cold Danish winther into musical authenticity points when you are longing for a tropical existential storm? The Malpractice are still in the studio recording their second album, and the main-Maller-man Johannes Gammelby is letting you follow the process through his adventurous studio recording diary. Diary #2 is now avalible on Gaffas website: The Malpractice’s Diary


Follow The Malpractice’s studio recording dairy on GAFFA!

The Malpractice are in the studio right now, recording their second album and you can follow the process on Gaffa’s website (in Danish, though). What can you expect? Well, you’ll get singer, songwriter and main-Maller-man Johannes Gammelby’s musings on being in the studio, eating pulled pork and other very relevant things. Check it out here:

The Malpractice’s Diary

The Malpractice

Crunchy Christmas coming up

Crunchy Frog loves Christmas. So we have decided to throw you all an amazing Christmas party. It will take place at Pumpehuset, the 8th of December, and we´ve got a whole bunch of cool stuff going on. First of all we will give you 9 bands including “Apparat Organ Quartet”– coming all the way from Iceland,“Powersolo” and even “Beta Satan”. We will give you awesome DJ´s and you will also receive a free beer when you enter the doors of Pumpehuset. Furthermore there will be extremely cheap n´crunchy merchandise for sale, so if you are looking for a awesome Christmas present to give to your mother in law, you may find it here as well. All this fun, and christmas joy will only cost you 150 danish kroner.

Ohhh  – and if you have children we suggest you drag them to Pumpehuset in the morning – because we´ve also arranged at Crunchy Kids Xmas Manité, were Hr.Skæg and Ramasjang Rally stars Powersolo will be performing.

And speaking about fun, we have a competition for you as well. Answer the following question, and win 2 tickets to this awesome night:

“The Raveonettes, Sterling, Powersolo and Thee Attacks have all released a Christmas song on Crunchy Frog. What’s the name of these 4 songs?”

If you know the answer please write an e-mail to jakobl (at) and you will be a part of a draw were you can win 2 tickets for the show.

Check out the facebook event for Crunchy Christmas 2012 and Crunchy Kids Xmas Matiné and read more.

Buy your tickets HERE.

Crunchy Club # 2 by Kristoffer 15. March 2012

Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit BandA devoted crowd took everything Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band and The Malpractice threw at them as Crunchy Club # 2 went down on 8 March.

Everyone had a blast – fish n’ chips ‘n all – on Thursday last…and the music wasn’t too shabby either.

Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band

Check out these shots from our in-house photographer.

TONITE’S THE NITE – CRUNCHY CLUB BEGINS! by Yebo 23. February 2012

Crunchy Frog is coming to Big Smoke.

As previously advertised we are starting a residency at the Camden bar The Wheelbarrow. We call it … dadaaah … Crunchy Club. Over the next months we will bring Crunchy bands to play live for the flabbergasted London public. And the fun starts tonight. The bands are Thee Attacks and our brand new signing Shine Darkly.

Shiny Darkly are standing in for Lars and The Hands of Light who had to cancel in order to focus on the new album which is being recorded right now!

Please join us at The Wheelbarrow tonight!

Crunchy Club # 1Cruncy Club # 1It will be a blast. Also join up at the facebook event.

In just 2 weeks the next instalment will be ready. The Malpractice and Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band!

Crunchy Club # 2Here‘s the facebook event for that.

And stay tuned hare at the Crunchy Blog for a little photo reportage from tonight’s mayhem in Camden Town.



Crunchy Club @ The Wheelbarrow in Camden by Kristoffer 20. January 2012

Crunchy Frog will bring Powersolo, Lars & The Hands Of Light, Thee Attacks and loads more to London for a three months night club residency

Over the coming months we will be presenting af new wave of signings to the UK. We will be doing so at a little something called Crunchy Club at The Wheelbarrow in Camden.

We will bring over two bands from our roster on each date along with a choice selection of DJs spinning brilliant tunes all night. Over the course of the three months residency, theacts performing will make our crunchy presence felt.

Crunchy Club has been put together in collaboration with esteemed London promoter 5000. Entry is free and the lineups are as follows:

Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band

Buzz Human

Crunchy Frog has a whole new wave of bands coming to the UK and they are all grade A high caliber touring acts, as previous Crunchy Frog bands such as Junior Senior, The Raveonettes, 18th Dye and Heavy Trash.

We are a home brew kind of label where the people working at Crunchy HQ are deeply involved with the artists and their albums and actually there is also a lot of connections between previous Crunchy acts and the ones we will be presenting over the next couple of months. For instance, members of Powersolo and The Tremolo Beer Gut – another brilliant Crunchy act – have been part of Heavy Trash’s touring band for years and have played on UK tours several times.

Lars Vognstrup from Lars & The Hands Of Light was also in Junior Senior – he actually grew up with those guys and in Lars & The Hands Of Light they channel similar influences, however, in a slightly less mainstream but equally addictive way.

Thee Attacks are no strangers to London as their debut album was produced in the Toe Rag Studios by the very crunchy Liam Watson (White Stripes’ Elephant). Thee Attacks have also repeatedly been praised by Mojo Magazine and found themselves on Mojo’s “7 best bands at SXSW 2011”-list, and the boys will be going back to wreak more havoc in Austin. Keeping it familiar, Ritchie Attack often plays the live drums for Powersolo by the way.

Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band are very crunchy. They are an edgy and groovy duo from Copenhagen and they feed  the fire of their sparsely vocaled funky cocktail with screeching guitars and vintage synths creating a very unique retroish modern style. It will please your educated ears as well as move your feet slightly beyond a gentle tapping.

Label boss Jesper ‘Yebo’ Reginal, co-founder along with Sune Wagner from The Raveonettes of The Tremolo Beer Gut, reminisce some of the crunchiest memories of previous London gigs: “I was a drummer with Junior Senior back in their heyday and have a lot of great memories from smaller venues, TV-shows and bigger venues. The five star treatment is certainly nice – especially when your’re not used to it – however, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll kind of guy so i guess the best stuff comes from just being in town a lot and making new friends and discovering crunchy record stores and after hours clubs like a fine ‘snooker club’ with an open bar. Someone took us there after a Powersolo gig a few years ago. I felt like we saw a side of London tourists never get to see, and that’s what it’s all about innit? Getting your kicks and enjoying the stranger, crunchier fruits.”

“Business wise of course, the success of Junior Senior and The Raveonettes tops everything, but going out and playing shows with Heavy Trash in rock clubs was just as much fun and a real eye opener in many ways.”

“London goers at the Crunchy Club shows can expect a top notch, crunchy performance from brilliant bands. In fact, if they weren’t awesome and rocked on stage they wouldn’t be Crunchy Frog material. So it’s satisfaction guaranteed or you get your money back! Did I mention admission is free?”

“Also, be on the lookout for The Malpractice, a new addition to our crunchy family. All the members also play in Beta Satan, a cruncy band for years (checkout their album “Girls”, it is truly amazing). The Malpractice however, is a friendlier but still fairly evil incarnation of that band: bad ass, depressing, angst driven indie rock you can get your groove on to…if your family is the fucking Manson family…to quote James Ellroy”

The Malpractice

From the Archives: Eddie Schweighardt is a cool kid! (by Ramogens 3. January 2012)

Back in the Spring of 2011 we were planning the “Oh, the Irony” video for The Malpractice. A neat little story about a kid who bought a beautiful goldfish only to feed it to his pet piranha. One of our main concerns were how to find that kid. But left to the director, Matthew Thompson, and the producer, Oliver Hartman, it proved no problem. They found the perfect boy: Eddie Schweighardt. Charming and cute but still with a dark edge and most of all lots of talent.

Now Matthew just informed me that Eddie’s talent (and not least dark edge) could be seen in the recent season finale of Larry David’s hilarious show Curb Your Enthusiasm. And what a performance including both jews, Hitler, a sewing machine and swastikas!

We’re talking Emmy material, people!

From the Archives: Everybody loves The Malpractice (by Rune 5. July 2011)

Ohhh yeah… that’s right!! Crunchy Frog HQ are proud to show off all the reviews from the epic Malpractice concert at Roskilde Festival 2011…

Take a look at the reviews (in Danish only)


GAFFA (5/6 stars) Photo by: Steffen Jørgensen

SOUNDVENUE (4/6 stars) Photo by: Christian Hjorth

UNDERTONER (4/6 stars) Photo by: Mogens Kjeldsen

And here’s some interviews.. DIG IT!!!


GAFFA TV (Photo by: Steffen Jørgensen)

….And one last thing.. soon you’ll be able to buy the concert on MP3!! Check it out right here!