From the Archives: VibraCrunch3 – FINAL SCHEDULE!!! (by 31. July 2001)

Get ready for Vibracrunch 2001
It’s time for the annual one day festival in Malmö called Vibracrunch (it’s a part of the Malmöfestival throughout the city). It started out as a Swedish-Danish collaboration, featuring some of the best bands from the two countries – among these several from Crunchy Frog and Swedish Vibrafon Recs. And even though Vibrafon is now only a warm memory and pop history, the event continues with both Swedish and Danish acts.

VibraCrunch3 features loads of good bands on two stages at Uppsala Bastionen only 200 metres from Centralstationen in Malmö (Malmö central train station). It’s all free and all day on the 11th of August from 14H (2pm) ’til 01H (1am). Enjoy all these fabulous bands:
Superheroes (dk)
The Mopeds (s)
Rhonda Harris (dk)
James Kochalka Superstar (us)
David and the Citizens (s)
Wynona (dk)
THAU (dk)
Hell On Wheels (s)
Glorybox (us/n/dk)
Diefenbach (dk)
Quit Your Dayjob(s)
Saturday Frank (s)
Moon Babies (s)
Angus & Graves (dk)
+ DJ Martin Theander (malmö)


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