CRUNCHY CLUB #8 Season Finale

Ladies and gents, get ready. The Crunchy Club #8 Season Finale is just ahead of us. Again we will throw a party at The Old Blue Last in London with some of our finest acts. This Tuesday evening we give to you Shiny Darkly and Lars and The Hands of Light. And this is the season finale of Crunchy Club parties in London, so it will be a show to remember! Be there on May 28th and enjoy!



The 405 Magazine has premiered Snake And Jet’s new video for “Cosmic Ark”

The 405 Magazine has premiered the psychedelic new video for COSMIC ARC from Snake And Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. Yet an awesome piece by band member Laura Rathschau.

Go to The 405 Magazine and check out the video!


Shiny Darkly at Here Today Sessions

Shiny Darkly live at Here Today Sessions performing their new song “Animal Fate” in gloomy surroundings at Supersonic CPH. Enjoy the looks and sounds of an awesome band!

Check out the video: Shiny Darkly at Here Today Sessions

SHINY HereTodaySessions 01

Follow The Malpractice’s studio recording dairy on GAFFA!

The Malpractice are in the studio right now, recording their second album and you can follow the process on Gaffa’s website (in Danish, though). What can you expect? Well, you’ll get singer, songwriter and main-Maller-man Johannes Gammelby’s musings on being in the studio, eating pulled pork and other very relevant things. Check it out here:

The Malpractice’s Diary

The Malpractice

From the Archives: PowerSolo Rules! (by 10. March 2004)

PowerSolo Rules!
As all of you probably know by now, our crisp and crazy trio – PowerSolo – has just released their much awaited Crunchy Frog debut album: IT´S RACEDAY…and your pussy is GUT!!! The first single from the album – Juanito – has already shown to be a real smash-blockbuster-spring-hit!
This irresistible mexicana sing-along was chosen as Single Of The Week by Denmarks biggest musicradio P3 and the hilarious video is now enjoing a lot of spins on Boogie TV.
To top this PowerSolo has also been doing some tv and radio shows as well as newspaper and magazine interviews (including, Rundfunk, Snurre Snups Søndagsklub, P3 Rock, Politiken, Chili etc). This sure is a band in demand!

Since the album has been out in the shops, the Danish press has so far given the band great reviews. Here´s a little recap of some of them:

Gaffa – music magazine:
4 out of 6:”…with PowerSolo the danish rockscene has got a new devil-may-care string to play on.”

Sirene – womans mag
5 out of 6: “It´s Raceday…” is rare and strange, but it´s cool!”

Jyllands-Posten – daily newspaper
5 out of 6: “Proud jutlandic hillbillies kick ass on a troubled disturbing debutalbum that either set the scene for removal on the locked ward or world domination”.

DR Musik – Denmarks National Radio:
5 out of 6:”…PowerSolo is GUT and is capable of moving the garagerock outdoor and into the light.”

Tjeck – youth magazine:
5 out of 6:” The result is cheery and humorous with cool numbers like Oak Tree Girl and the garage rocker NASCAR. It will sure be a great experience to see the group live on the festivals this summer.”

Berlingske Tidende – daily newspaper:
4 out of 6: “It´s a pure party of draught-beer-bath, call-out-choir and clog-dance”.

Politiken – dailiy newspaper:
4 out of 6: “PowerSolo and the band leader, Kim “Kix” Jeppesen, has the right personality and an original approach to the genres, that are featured on this album.”

Euroman – mens magazine:
4 out of 6:” With “It´s Raceday…And Your Pussy Is Gut!!!!” the trio from Aarhus candidate for the most crazy enterprise on the Danish musicscene right now.

Soundvenue – music magazine
5 out of 6: “It´s Raceday…and your pussy is GUT!!! is shortly said a fantastic well-written, stylish and thorough album”…”with PowerSolo Crunchy Frog has once again signed a band, that smells of international succes.”

Lowcut magazine – music mag
4 out of 5: “The Band has found the right balance between humour and hillbilly twang, and the songs are infinitely superior and a zillion times more exciting. It´s Raceday…is a must for rock ´n´-rollers looking for something unique with that strange cow dung smell.”

Urban – daily newspaper
3 out of 6: “Powersolo is a badly needed, exotic spice in the Danish popsalami”…Completely irresistible is the cheery Oak Tree Girl and the unvaluable mexicanahit Juanito

Citadel – monthly magazine
4 out of 6

From the Archives: Rave On! (by 17. December 2003)

Rave On!
“Heartbreak Stroll/The Christmas Song” is the new double A-side single from The Raveonettes (only released in UK and USA). In Denmark Crunchy Frog release it in an EP-format with 2 great bonus tracks from the “Whip It On” sessions. The album is available now in the shops and on

“The Christmas Song” has already enjoyed a lot of succes: Denmark’s biggest music radiostation “P3” chose the song as Single of The Week and since its release it has remained on the top 5 airplay chart. Furthermore the leading British musicmagazine NME has proclaimed this irresistable song to be the greatest ode to Xmas since Phil Spectors legendary album “A Christmas Gift For you From Phil Spector” from 1963.

Recently The Ravonettes were in Denmark to perform on the Danish National Radio Award show “P3 Gold”, which took place in Copenhagen the 4th of December. Here The Raveonettes played 3 songs live at the show which was aired both on radio and television. Shortly after their set they received the award for Artist of the Year. In his improvised speech Sune thanked Crunhcy Frog and complained that he couldn´t smoke and drink in the concert hall. Then it was off to the bars to celebrate all night before going on a 6 am flight to Cleveland, Ohio to play at the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame at a Buddy Holly tribute show.

Soon The Raveonettes will finish their US tour and after that Sune and Sharin will take a short and well deserved Christmas Holiday break after one glorious year, where they have
played more than 200 concerts, been in nearly all major music magazines, appeared in countless numbers of radio/tv programmes (including David Letterman) – as well as having received brilliant reviews for their album “Chain Gang of Love”.

The hard work is now being rewarded: The Ravesters have been nominated in the “Band of The Year” category at the Danish Music Critic Award “The Steppenwolf”, which takes place on the 30th of January 2004. Sharin is number 20 on NME´s list of the hottest artists in 2003 along with other prominent artists such as Outkast and Justin Timberlake. “Chain Gang of Love” is on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list over the top 50 albums of the year. And the music critic, Robert Hilburn, from L.A. Times has tipped The Raveonettes to be potential favourites at next year’s American Grammy Awards. He´s usually right in his predictions, so we cross our fingers and wait in excitement!

Next year the tour continues, the new video to the single “Heartbreak Stroll” will be premiered, the Danish musicprogram “Rundfunk” on TV2 will air a special feature about The Raveonettes the 2nd of january, and the 8th of february the band will co-headline an NME Award Show along with Har Mar Superstar in London. Stay tuned for more news in the new year!

From the Archives: It’s Sir Junior Senior to you! (by 20. December 2002)

It’s not just another award – it’s the one that means that Junior Senior’s “Move Your Feet” is the most played song all year on Danish National Radio. December 5th Danish P3 handed out their yearly P3 Awards and the crunchy appearance were overwhelming: 5 nominations – and two bands performing live.

Junior Senior were nominted to three awards and picked up one of the big ones “Hit of the Year”.

From the Archives: The best Fricke’nly band in years!!! (by 9. June 2002)

”The best band I’ve seen in years” Whoa!! Hold on! Say that again!? The BEST band? YOU’VE seen? In YEARS? David Fricke, legendary Rolling Stone writer and rock n’ roll guru extraordinaire, actually thinks The Raveonettes is the best band he’s seen in years after seeing them live at the recent Spot 08 two-day music festival. And what a party it was! The audience was extaticly thrilled with The Raveonettes’ no-shit, in-your-face rock n’roll which can be heard on their intense debut mini-album, Whip It On, out now on Crunchy Frog.

But it’s not just any mini-album. Whip It On is based on three chords only (who needs ’em anyway?!?), and the eight songs featured on the album are all played in B-minor. And no sir, it does NOT sound boring! Au contraire, Whip It On is an electric mix of rock n’roll, surf, garage, punk and pretty much everything in between. The Raveonettes features Sune Wagner, formerly of the much-missed alt.rock outfit Psyched Up Janis, and the stunning Sharin Foo, who by far must be the coolest grrl in the rock n’roll biz!

The songs are about all the pure things in life like sex, drugs, booze and… ghost riders, and not since the likes of The Ramones, The Cramps and The Jesus And Mary Chain, have you heard such an explosive cocktail of pure attitude and good ole fashioned kick-ass rock, like our mom used to make it!! Basically, it will kick your ass into oblivion. But that ain’t all folks! The Raveonettes have already begun recording their next mini-album, and this time, it will feature three different chords!! How about that?! Only three chords, and it still sounds so electrifyingly, fantasticly, whippedly, in your face’idly awesome!! And the fans and critics have gone completely cwazy for this band! Already they’ve build a solid fan base who will undoubtedly follow Sune and Sharin to the end of the world!

If you’re in the States, don’t neglect the chance to go see The Raveonettes, as they embark on a showcase tour in God’s own. America’s never gonna be the same again. They said the same thing about Elvis, but this time we assure you, the name’s gonna fit!

Whip It On is bargain’ly available at

From the Archives: A full Vibracrunch 3 report (by 12. September 2001)

It was surely one hell of a fine day. On Saturday 11th of August Crunchy Frog presented a bill of 13 superb artist from Denmark, Sweden and USA.
The weather turned out to be OK, the crowd was growing all day and the Swedish beer was cold and kept on coming – and the music was startling: mean and crazy from Angus & Graves and James Kochalcka, moving and moody from Wynona, Glorybox and Rhonda Harris, oisy and poetic from Diefenbach, Hell On Wheels and Thau, and groovy as hell from David & The Citizens, The Mopeds and Superheroes.

The third edition of the annual Vibracrunch one day festival included not one, but two stages: the big tent stage and the small and cozy lounge stage. Local heroes David & The Citizens kicked the day to a funky start on the big one, and the good people of Malmö started pouring into the VC3-site.

Among the musical peaks was Quit Your Dayjob, who spanked the ears of the audience with their focused and punked up in-your-face electro/guitar tunes.
And the theatrical rubber show Angus & Graves introduced their own performance in both Swedish, Danish and English wearing elaborate swimming gear. They performed a show that made believe that there is still new musical ground to be explored. Saturday Frank thrilled people with their Waits-garage sounds and the “ethnic” Glorybox (US/DK/N) gave a perfect evidence of why they are so popular in the Benelux.  Denmarks best post rock band Diefenbach kicked up the volume on the guitars, Rhonda Harris took them down again and delivered (as usual) a great and intense concert. The newcomer Moonbabies (who was quite unknown to at least the Danish part of the audience) was an interesting new aquaintance.

Copenhagen based country rockers Wynona seduced us all with their melodic indie country. And when James Kochalcka played his second show at Vibracrunch3 on the big stage, people where wise to all the tricks: the dino choreography, the Swedish (!) heavy rocker Ozzy Osbourne and best of all: James’ funky magic finger (his dink!). Whenever this crazy American visits Europe he gains a larger and larger crowd of fans. Among these are Hell on Wheels who – despite the fact that they played earlier on the same day at the Arvika Festival – insisted on driving to Malmö to play and – more important – to hail and enjoy mr. James Kochalcka Superstar. As usual the HoW-liveshow was startling and excellent, and they gained many Danish fans as well.

A most amputated version of THAU – only 2 fourth of the band played under the name “AU” – gave a world premiere of songs from their new album “All It Takes Is Everything” (out September 10th) accompanied by recorded drums, strings and organs. Though the dimminutive band explained the absence of brothers Nalna and Yebo with a “double tour of Europe” (Roffe and Fzat playes northern Europe, Yebo and Nalna the southern part), which would double the income of this lazy band. But that explanation was ruined when Yebo entered the stage and sang the last song of the gig and received great applause by the audience.

Day turned into night before The Mopeds played one of their best shows ever, supported by Patrik “Muso” “Paddy” “Bas Morgansen” Bartosch of Eggstone and a thrilling brass section – which of course meant a kick ass sax solo, you didn’t think was even legal these days. Mopeds presnted a long string of hits and included recent radio favourites “Dina Tried Her Silverbow”, “The Right to Be Unfunky” and “Steppin’ On Fire”.

As the big crescendo of the day superheroes was flown in from sunny France to play a gig of extraordinary show quality. Lead singer Thomas Troelsen showed his more devilish sides spitting, spacing out and putting his hands all over his 1,5 meter body – where everybodies eyes could see! The show was recorded by the Swedish National Radio (P3) and is to be heard later this year – as well as Rhonda Harris and Glorybox, which both as well ended on national tape.

Whoa, it’s hard to sum up such a smashingly happy day of thrills, chills and high quality music. VibraCrunch3 was indeed a great success, and we have received nothing but praise by the fans and participants. What we still need, though, is some more pictures from the concerts to post on this very page. As you see we have a limited supply as of now.

Looking forward to next year!