From the Archives: VibraCrunch 4 – Over and (well) done! (by 23. August 2002)

VibraCrunch 4 is over and what a night! The evening was held in good spirit, nice sunshine, warm summernight breeze later and cold beer all over. Everything just worked perfect, except for the last-minute cancellation of Raveonettes’ concert because of Sharin getting sick. It all ended well though, with the rescue team of Pleasure Machine taking over without any warning or practising. Thanks to them for a great show!Unfortunately we don’t have pictures from all shows, but if any of you who were in the public that day have any snapshots from any of the bands, that you’d like to share, please send them to

Ny Akustik

The first band to enter the main stage was one of Stockholms most interesting bands right now: Ny Akustik. They had the opening slot because one of the guys had to dash off right after the show to play with Doktor Kosmos in Jönköping (or was it Lindköping? – some kinda köping anyhoo). They delivered a heartfelt and intense show despite the fact that people was just starting to arrive. Too bad for Ny Akustik, but they managed to do a really great concert for us that were there in time.


Knallert means “Moped” in Danish. But the word can also be used to describe a loudmouthed sassy punk kid, and that’s really a conotation that fits the band Knallert much more precisely.Knallert from Copenhagen started out with an instumental tune designed to shred your ears and kick off 45 minutes of hectic punk rock. The boys in the band origin from some of the strong bands on the grunge and rock scene in Denmark such as Psyched Up Janis, Strawberry Slaughterhouse, and all that accumulated rock energy (and distortion effects for the guitars) certainly paid off at their VC4 show.


As usual Knallert had invited guest vocalists (today: Bo from On Trial and Krstian from Soft Porn) and even Yebo from THAU playing the Theremin in a long psychedelic intense live offering. These boys sure knows how to rock!

The band brought a new batch of their almost home made t-shirts, that surely brings on a smile at most peoples faces. They use their own old used tees, and just print their childish “knallert-rock-usa”-logo on it, and voila: an incredible piece of ugly – yet charming – merchandise…

(Knallert photos: Ztine)


After the sonic outburst of Knallert the audience must have felt ready for Revolvo who delivered a great indie pop show.


Back at the “lounge stage” – as it has been dubbed by the Malmö Festival – Thau was next in line to deliver one of their best concerts for a long time. They had decided to play a lot of rare older songs, slow gripping tunes such as “Come Whatever” and “Fast Awake”. From a very low key beginning the set picked up speed and noise towards the end. Their reworked version of “Detached” and the always amazing “Awestruck” being the most poignant songs of the show.As usual Soma Allpass delivered an excellent performance on the cello, and as a guest bassist Thau had brought along Tor Slotman that some may know from labelmates Tothe International.Tor has been moonlighting as substitute for Roffe, but he’s leaving for Barcelona this fall, so who knows what we can expect of Thaus next show???

Swan Lee

As their very last live show on an extremely long tour, Swan Lee took the main stage at VibraCrunch4 and played their hearts out. Everyone there must have been touched by Pernille’s intense vocal performance. The band seemed genuinely grateful to play before the Malmö crowd, and they indeed had a nice last show.As usual the sound was awesome, the lights really captuered the mood of the songs, and that Pernille Rosendahl isn’t hard to look at, as many of the boys out there will agree (not that the boys from Swan Lee aren’t sex bombs in their own right!)

By the way: right now the documentary about Swan Lee called “Stjernekigger” is out in selected Danish cinemas. We suggest you go check it out. This band really had to fight to get to where they are now, and respect is due for all the effort and hard work they have shown to make a succes of themselves.

The show at VC4 indeed showcased a band at the hight of their powers.

Revlon 9

2 tough chicks and 2 nice boys from Stockholm entered the Lounge stage at VC4 and won over everybody in the tent. Or that is not quite true: Revlon 9 seems to have a way of dividing the audience – either you get it, or you don’t. They make simple and powerful music, and that’s it. So to rectify: everybody who liked it, loved it! Nobody from the primarily Copenhagen and Malmö audience relly knoew the band, but we have heard from a lot of people that Revlon 9 was the single best surprise they had the whole day.By the way: the band is being sued by the american Revlon-company, so they may have to change their name pretty soon.

Junior Senior

Just returned from the Skanderborg Festival Junior Senior was a lean mean party machine. At this point the main tent had been filled to the brim with interested audience, that just had to check out what all that commotion about the band is all about. And they soon learned their lesson. Senior was once again the master of ceremonies getting people to clap, sing along and dance at his command.

Quit Your Dayjob

QYDJ also played last year at VC3, and back then they had a great show and great response. This time the band was even more in tune and geared up. In fact they played 10 songs in 20 minutes and left the stage and the audience hungering for more more more. But alas: all the fuel had been used up, and the band refused to play another note. But that’s the spirit: leave ’em hungry!As a footnote we can divulge that the band indeed DID get their share of fuel after the show. MAN those boys know how to drink beer! Several crates of it!


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