From the Archives: VibraCrunch4 – the legend goes on… (by 23. July 2002)

Another year another swell line up…
Yes, once more we are ready to host the best day of the summer during Malmöfestivalen. We and our sugar daddy Nicklas Johansson have compiled a sweet list of great bands from Crunchy Frog, Denmark and Sweden for you to enjoy absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

All you have to do is to show up on friday 16. august around 17.00 CET at Uppsala Bastionen (see map below) and bring your smile and money for beer and merchandise!

The party goes on at two stages – alternating between Main Stage and Lounge Stage – until 0.30. Both stages are covered by tents, so even if the weather is bad, you can enjoy the sounds of…

17.15 Ny Akustik (S)
18.00 Knallert (DK)
18.45 Revolvo (S)
19.45 THAU (CF)
20.30 Swan Lee (DK)
21.30 Revlon 9 (S)
22.15 Junior Senior (CF)
23.00 Quit Your Dayjob (S)
23.45 The Raveonettes (CF)

…. just think of it: all these excellent bands for the price of 0 SEK… you just gotta be there!!

If you should happen be one of the poor people in the world that don’t know ANYTHING about the bands, here’s some info:

Ny Akustik:
The band from Stockholm is playing some of the most beautiful music there is to find in Sweden these days. They have a certain affinity to the fellow-townsmen from bob hund, with their – very scandinavian – mixture of weltschmertz, humour and popmusic. And just like bob hund, they sing in their native language.

The Band – featuring ex-members of Psyched Up Janis, Strawberry Slaughterhouse and Amstrong – has recently enjoyed great succes before the eyes and ears of thousands of people on the campingstage on this years Roskilde Festival, with golden reviews as the result. Knallert plays hardpunching alternative and noisy rock’n’roll, both instrumental and with the charismatic leadsinger Patricia!

Good reviews will never end for this quartet from Malmö, who has played with The White Stripes. They have a particular british sound, which leads your thoughts to My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver, but never as pure retro. It’s melancholy and melodious.

Besides being the owners of the best and crunchiest recordlabel in the Universe, the quartet has in many ways been right in the middle of everything on the indie-stage of Copenhagen. They were up against the Worldcup-final on this years Roskilde Festival but gave nevertheless a concert many has mentioned as the best this year! Since the rumours has been circling, telling that the bassplayer has left the band and that they therefore were splitting up. Let’s once and for all state: THAU will never split up, because the ambitions has allways been to exist longer than Rolling Stones AND Beethoven. Put together! At VibraCrunch they will play material from both the latest album “All It Takes Is Everything” and a few oldies and perhaps a couple of new ones.

Swan Lee:
This band has untill now mostly been broadly known for the song that didn’t appear in a James Bond movie, but connoisseurs have already long time ago given them a little room in their hearts. And there must be quite a few of them, since the debutalbum “Enter” has sold more than 10.000 copies, without any kind of tv-campaign or major-label-millions as backup. As bonus info we can say that Swan Lees singer Pernille Rosendahl might be the best of her kind in Denmark!

Revlon 9:
“Fuck you right here” are only one of many alike titles of Revlon 9’s songs. On stage they swap instruments all the time, while they sing lyrics like: “I’ve got no underwear – ahrrgghhhh!!!”. Swedish when it’s hard and at it’s very best.

Junior Senior:
You know them already and if you don’t, you must be on this site by accident! Junior Senior are still terrorising the charts with their hit Move Your Feet and soon all of Europe will sing along, when their anarchistic dancemusic are going to be released through Universal Music.

Quit Your Dayjob:
This Malmö-trio played an outstanding concert on last years VibraCrunch. They are not afraid to cut the music down to basic. Quit Your Dayjob is therefore one of the hardest punches in your face, that the human body is capeable to enjoy!

The Raveonettes:
Crunchy Frogs own The Raveonettes has during the last few months of their short life drawn a good deal of attention to some of the big recordcompagnies, caused by their raw and spell-binding sound. The band has two EPs out this year – one in the tune of Bb-minor and one in Bb-major.

Practical stuff…
This map shows the excact location of the site. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the Central Station and about 10 minutes from the boat from Copenhagen.

For Copenhageners it’s nice to know that the trains back to ol’ CPH departs every hour all through the night.

You can buy beer and food at the site, and of course records and t-shirts from all the bands that have any.

The previous years…
As the 4 in VibraCrunch4 implies, this is not the first time we are doing this festival. It all started out 4 years ago when the local Malmö label called Vibrafon was asked by the Malmöfestival to put together a bill of cool artists. The boss at Vibrafon, Mr. Martin Theander, thought it would be cool to invite the soul mate label from Copenhagen to be co-host. This labe of course was Crunchy Frog. We started out having just one outdoor stage, and though it started raining in the evening, the first VibraCrunch was a great succes. The first year there was almost only Vibrafon and CF bands on the bill, but the next year we started inviting more outside bands, and developing the festival as a Danish/swedish brotherhood kinda thing. Still with a heavy base of our own bands of course.

Unfortunately Vibrafon just barely survived long enough to participate in VibraCrunch 2. The label caved in (with the signing of The Mopeds to CF as a result, and we also took over the management of – so at least two “good” things came out of that…). The following year the Malmöfestival asked us to carry on the tradition, and we did it with pleasure. So even though it is now only a Crunchy Frog thing, we still take pride in presenting new intersting bands from both contries at the 1 day music feast. We hope that all the participants from the previous years and a lot of newcomers will take part this year and make it a great day for us all.

We want to thank Malmöfestivalen and especially Nicklas Johansson for being our partner in crime on this thing, and for supplying the funds to make this a FREE event.

C ya there!

Oh yeah! – please go to the NEWS-section of this page to see the accounts of the previous VibraCrunch’es…


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