Lars and The Hands of Light at GoldFlakePaint

The video for “End of Summer” from Lars and The Hands of Light has just been premiered in UK at the tastemakers’ blog GoldFlakePaint. They sensed the yearning for summer warmth in both the video and the song even though Lars sings about its departure. Right now we all suffer a bit from withdrawal.

Check out the UK premiere of “End of Summer”

Back home in Denmark, the second single “Kiss You In The Doorway” from the forthcoming album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is in solid rotation on National Danish Radio. So tune in and enjoy some Lars and The Hands of Light while we wait for the summer to come.
Kiss You In The Doorway_single)02


Thee Attacks’ new music video for “STAB” premiered at The 405

A fresh and blood dripping music video from Thee Attacks has just been premiered at The 405. The song is “STAB” and stabbing it is! Bon appetit…

Check it out on The 405 Magazine

Directed by: Asbjørn Munk, Jannik Iuel Krarup and Jonas Bang (
Filmed by: Asbjørn Munk and Jonas Bang
Edit by: Asbjørn Munk, Jannik Iuel Krarup and Jonas Bang
Actors: Peter Von Kohl, Bjørn Garby, Lars Aaby and Sicilia Gadborg Høegh

The 405 Magazine has premiered Snake And Jet’s new video for “Cosmic Ark”

The 405 Magazine has premiered the psychedelic new video for COSMIC ARC from Snake And Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. Yet an awesome piece by band member Laura Rathschau.

Go to The 405 Magazine and check out the video!


Stalker at Barometret

If you listened to Det Elektriske Barometer last night it’s not a big secret – Barometeret loves Crunchy Frog! A couple of weeks ago Lars and The Hands of Light were on The Barometer List. And now it’s Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band’s turn. They are one of the ‘Boblere’ this week with their new single “Stalker”.

We think you should hit play, take a look at the cool video and right after follow THIS LINK and vote the song straight to the list. Otherwise Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band are going to stalk you! No, just kidding…

Lars and The Hands of Light on Barometeret

Every Sunday evening all the young kids in Denmark are feeling sad, heartbroken and in mood for some quiet music. They tune in on Det Elektriske Barometer but this time they are getting pretty exciting – Lars and The Hands of Light are on Barometerlisten (a hitlist made by the listeners)! Yeah that’s right, the brand new single ‘End of Summer’ made it to the list!

And we don’t want it to stop here. So take a listen to the new single from Lars and The Hands of Light while you vote the song all the way to the top of Barometeret. Just follow THIS LINK and remember you don’t have to be quiet while voting!

New Oliver North Boy Choir video

On a grey and rainy day like this we think it’s time to give you a little treat to keep you happy. The trio that only exist online, Oliver North Boy Choir, have released another single – WUHU! It’s called “Sleep” and as all other ONBC songs it’s sad pop with a great femal vocal. Perfect for the autumn.
And it doesn’t stop here. Oliver North Boy Choir have made a video for the single inspired by Chris Marker, one of the big guys in French Nouveau Vague and known for his short film ‘La Jetée’. Take a look at this little photo novel with sleeping people and enjoy the rest of your (sleepy) Thursday.

Live performance on KEXP

A couple of weeks ago Apparat Organ Quartet visited Seattle and the awesome radio station KEXP for a live session. If you didn't remembered to tune in you had the pictures from the session to enjoy – and now a video! The full live session were filmed and you can watch this kick ass performance and look forward to Iceland Airwaves Music Festival – we do!

Behind the scenes of Black Egg

A little week ago we posted the video for “Black Egg” by Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band – a pretty dizzy video that almost makes you puke up your breakfast! Now you can get a look behind the scenes for the shooting of the video. The production team M&E have uploaded a video where you can see how they made the spinning video. And they actually didn’t add any effects to the footage in post-production – a true DIY video!

Making Of Black Egg from M&E on Vimeo.

Rotating video from Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band

If you’re eating then put your food down on the plat, lean back and hold on! After a couple of months Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band are finally ready to show you the video for their first single “Black Egg” from the album “Stuff That Rotates” – and that’s pretty much what’s happening in this video for more than three minutes. So if you wanna start your week with a spin take a look at this video – we dare you to see it in full screen!

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band: Black Egg. Directed by M&E from M&E on Vimeo.