CRUNCHY CLUB #8 Season Finale

Ladies and gents, get ready. The Crunchy Club #8 Season Finale is just ahead of us. Again we will throw a party at The Old Blue Last in London with some of our finest acts. This Tuesday evening we give to you Shiny Darkly and Lars and The Hands of Light. And this is the season finale of Crunchy Club parties in London, so it will be a show to remember! Be there on May 28th and enjoy!




The Crunchy Frog machine is working well these days. Our artists are all over sharing good looks and great music!

Thee Attacks02

While Thee Attacks are playing their pants off in LA and Toronto, The Malpractice and Shiny Darkly just delivered awesome concerts at this year’s Spot Festival in Aarhus, playing shows both at the festival and at the late night Crunchy Frog afterparty at the legendary Sway.


Finally Lars and The Hands of Light’s new album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is out there for you. Closewatch Music enjoys it “The first thing to say is that BWCDT is a pop album of the highest order.” … you should enjoy it to.


Three Crunchy Frog artists invade Canada

Thee Attacks, Shiny Darkly and Apparat Organ Quartet are playing must-see shows at the Canadian Music Week! So if you are in Toronto, check them out. And don’t forget the Crunchy Frog and Friends Official Showcase at The Garrison!



Artrocker Radio session

If you don’t know what to do at a rainy Tuesday like this you’re in luck. About two weeks ago the lovely boys from Shiny Darkly did a live session for Artrocker Radio and now it’s online for all of you to enjoy – we’re just as happy as you are! You can listen to three live tracks and an interview with the boys and you just have to click right HERE (tip: the session starts about 43:00).

And next week Artrocker Radio has another treat for you – the brand new “Animal Fate” which the boys also played at the live session.Shiny Darkly fans stay tuned!

You all know where you’re spending your Tuesday evening. That’s right – at The Old Blue Last in London with Thee Attacks and Shiny Darkly for Crunchy Club #5. We actually just wanna share this cool poster for the event with you so you can print it out, stare at it during your weekend and look forward to spend an Tuesday evening with some sweet Danish guys.

Shiny Darkly at Reeperbahn

Right now the Shiny Darkly boys are on their way to Hamburg, more precisely the Reeberbahn Festival. The boys are ready for a weekend, with concerts, DJ sets, parties and much more.

Tonight they will be playing an unplugged show at stage east. Shiny Darkly going unplugged might sound as a weird combination, but as we all know – unplugged is a subjective term, and you might be in for a bit of a surprise. At 10 pm they will    even do a DJ set, playing awesome tracks from their favorite artists.

The main show will take place at Headcrash, Saturday night at 8 pm. It´s for sure going to be one of those dark, magic shows that Shiny Darkly are well known for.

The boys are ready to conquer Germany, and we wish them good luck.

Shiny Darkly @ Roskilde – pix ‘n’ footage

We have collected a bit of documentation from the fabulous concert(s) at Roskilde Festival by Shiny Darkly. Indeed the spirit was high among the boys in the band as well as the audience. Let these fine links speak for itself!

Hot new photographer and video director, Jonas Bang was on the spot with his camera and here’s the concert seen through his lens.

Roskilde Festival TV – Catch two songs from the explosive set; Into the Shade + He’s Suicidal. Press the link below and scroll to find Shiny Darkly.

Impro pop up show on top of a tank in the middle of the Pavilion stage area – wednesday night!



If you could ever get too much UK-love, this would probably be slightly over the top. But since you can’t and since it’s all very well deserved, let’s pick up on the Shiny Darkly/UK love affair. Read along as The Line of Best Fit and Clash Music write these pretty, pretty (very pretty, yes) words.

On Shiny Darkly (more darkly than shiny, to be honest) the band goes from the jammed-organ drone and guitar rumble of lead track ‘Into the Shade’, to the yelping assault-on-the-senses of ‘He’s Suicidal’, to the skeletal terror of ‘Diana (Do Drugs)’ with stylish ease, and every moment on the EP is visceral, fresh, and brilliant (…) Copenhagen’s best new band.

Here’s a quick sample. ‘He’s Suicidal’ – a track title which gets straight to the point – opens up with a circular, spiralling guitar riff which is equal parts C86 and Goth. ‘Velocity Girl’ once she’s discovered her fear of heights, Shiny Darkly sit back and let their amplifiers bleed through the stereo.

Shiny Darkly playing our first Crunchy Club in London back in February.

Bonus-info: improve your Shiny Darkly knowledge at The Line of Best Fit. There’s an interview. It’ll let you in on all the secrets. It leaves no mystery behind. Actually, you’ll probably feel like you are a part of the band when you finish it. Maybe not. Read it either way. Okay.


It’s video week this week. This time Shiny Darkly has teamed up with Jonas Bang, who’s directed, filmed and edited this beauty. If you think Copenhagen is looking depressingly grey today, you might feel different after watching this one. Grey is good. Just as rainy, gloomy Fridays are good.

Friday night soundtrack material. Enjoy!