Lars and The Hands of Light at GoldFlakePaint

The video for “End of Summer” from Lars and The Hands of Light has just been premiered in UK at the tastemakers’ blog GoldFlakePaint. They sensed the yearning for summer warmth in both the video and the song even though Lars sings about its departure. Right now we all suffer a bit from withdrawal.

Check out the UK premiere of “End of Summer”

Back home in Denmark, the second single “Kiss You In The Doorway” from the forthcoming album Baby, We Could Die Tomorrow is in solid rotation on National Danish Radio. So tune in and enjoy some Lars and The Hands of Light while we wait for the summer to come.
Kiss You In The Doorway_single)02


Spröd Bulletin – Danish newsletter – March 2013


Ærede kammerater! Man skulle tro, at 2013 slet ikke var så sprödt, som vi lovede sidste år. Men det er det. Den spröde frø har bare været så sygeligt travl og fremgangsrig, at vi slet ikke har haft tid til at blære os med det. Det har allerede været et tumultarisk, ja, tumultaristisk år for os, idet vor mand i Awehus første februar forlod firmaet. Hr. (Ra)Mogens Kjeldsen, kendt og elsket i hele den danske musikbranche, valgte at trække sig ud mens tid var, og har nu taget tjeneste i det offentlige. Hans letgenkendelige kontrafej er nu rammet ind og sømmet op på mindevæggen i HQ, og vi ønsker ham al mulig held og lykke ude i den virkelige verden, hvor man danser til tekno og stadig køber cd’er med både Tommy, Rasmus og Johan Sebastian Seebach. Vi har gået med sørgebind i trusserne hele februar måned, men nu er det tid til at komme videre. Og i den anledning hilser vi vores nye ansatte Poe hjerteligt velkommen. Poe kommer fra forlagsverdenen (oprindelig fra en Farum stykker) og viser dermed mandsmod nok til at gå direkte fra en synkende skude til en allerede sunken.

Three Crunchy Frog artists invade Canada

Thee Attacks, Shiny Darkly and Apparat Organ Quartet are playing must-see shows at the Canadian Music Week! So if you are in Toronto, check them out. And don’t forget the Crunchy Frog and Friends Official Showcase at The Garrison!



Thee Attacks’ new music video for “STAB” premiered at The 405

A fresh and blood dripping music video from Thee Attacks has just been premiered at The 405. The song is “STAB” and stabbing it is! Bon appetit…

Check it out on The 405 Magazine

Directed by: Asbjørn Munk, Jannik Iuel Krarup and Jonas Bang (
Filmed by: Asbjørn Munk and Jonas Bang
Edit by: Asbjørn Munk, Jannik Iuel Krarup and Jonas Bang
Actors: Peter Von Kohl, Bjørn Garby, Lars Aaby and Sicilia Gadborg Høegh

The 405 Magazine has premiered Snake And Jet’s new video for “Cosmic Ark”

The 405 Magazine has premiered the psychedelic new video for COSMIC ARC from Snake And Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. Yet an awesome piece by band member Laura Rathschau.

Go to The 405 Magazine and check out the video!


Shiny Darkly at Here Today Sessions

Shiny Darkly live at Here Today Sessions performing their new song “Animal Fate” in gloomy surroundings at Supersonic CPH. Enjoy the looks and sounds of an awesome band!

Check out the video: Shiny Darkly at Here Today Sessions

SHINY HereTodaySessions 01

The Malpractice’s studio recording diary #2

How do you transform a cold Danish winther into musical authenticity points when you are longing for a tropical existential storm? The Malpractice are still in the studio recording their second album, and the main-Maller-man Johannes Gammelby is letting you follow the process through his adventurous studio recording diary. Diary #2 is now avalible on Gaffas website: The Malpractice’s Diary


From the Archives: Crisp – The Crunchy Treat DJ Club @ Dyrehaven (by Jessi-Q 12. February 2009)

I suppose you haven’t missed out on the fact that we have moved our DJ club from Ideal Bar to the hippest bar in town. YES! – Dyrehaven it is at lovely Vesterbro, CPH. Every Saturday we will treat your ears to some sexy music, we promise ya! Swing by for some fine food and beer and dig some rock ‘n’ roll.
This month’s line of DJs will surely rock the house:

Feb 12th
Crisp Special: Jenny Wilson (S)
As a special treat Jenny Wilson will drop by on this thursday and play a selection of her favourite tunes! Rhythm and spirituals! She may even play something from her forthcoming album!

Feb 14th
Nasty Nanna (We Got Beef), Jessi-Q (KUBI/Crunchy) + Special Guest: Evil Elg
Classic tracks & cutting edge

Feb 21st
The Railthin Brothers aka Kim Kix + Atomic Child.
We celebrate their new album, Bloodskinbones
Tonight’s DJ theme is:
Five decades of sleazy rock’n’roll, boogie, punk ‘n’ rockabilly
or just:
Getting fucked up on whiskey and pot!

Feb 28th
Madsen & Mikkel (Stengade 30, Ideal Bar, Nagpeople)
Uptempo Oddities, stram læder disco – music we like, no fillers!

From the Archvives: Crunchy Frog signs deal with Ryko USA (by 18. December 2006)

With great pleasure we proudly announce that several years of flirting, nine months of courting, and one month of hard, but fair contractual negotiations has lead to the final signing of a deal, which means that numerous Crunchy Frog artists will be released in the USA. These include names such as Powersolo, epo-555, Wolfkin, The Mopeds, as well as other artists from the Crunchy back catalogue.

Ryko has for more than twenty years enjoyed the position as a renowned and successful indie label (Rykodisc) and indie distributor (Ryko Distribution, and for several years Ryko Distribution has been voted the best midsize distributor in the US. Rykodisc has had important artists in their stable such as David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Big Star, Bootsy Collins, Flaming Lips, Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants, Devo, Morphine, The Replacements, Yoko Ono, Sugar, Throwing Muses, Tom Tom Club, Brian Eno, James Kochalka Superstar, Ladytron, Elf Power and many others. Read more about the Ryko history here

In January this year Crunchy Frogs own Jesper Reginal met with Rykodisc’s then-President, William Hein, at the Midem trade fair in Cannes, and the two of them started to talk seriously about cooperating. A few months later Hein brought several people from the Ryko stab to an epo-555 concert at the SXSW festival in Texas. It was by then clear that his staff at Ryko in both New York and Boston also shared Hein’s love for Crunchy artists as well as his wish for more cooperation with Crunchy Frog. Meanwhile, during the summer, Ryko was sold to Warner and Hein left Rykodisc. In turn, the head of Ryko Distribution, Jim Cuomo, was now appointed as head of both Ryko companies. Fortunately, Jim had just as big an interest in working with the Crunchy bands as Hein, and the closer relation between the two Ryko-branches has in fact made is possible to construct a much more interesting deal for both parties.

Crunchy Frog will get access to Ryko’s well-developed and award-winning distributional network, and thanks to Ryko’s own promotion and marketing apparatus, the Crunchy bands are secured regular and serious releases in the American market. This means that The Crunchy bands will be promoted actively and equally in line with Rykos’ own artists. All this will continue to exist under Crunchy Frog’s own label and logo, which will assist in establishing the record company as a guarantee for originality, quality and good music in the USA – all of which we are already recognized for in Scandinavia, Iceland and Germany.

The deal with Ryko enables Crunchy Frog to establish itself as an independent label in a large, and for our bands, very interesting market. The independence is not only apparent, but also bona fide. The deal is neither a partnership nor a shared ownership with neither Warner, nor Ryko. Crunchy Frog will solely decide which band to be released and when. All in all, this is an outstanding deal, which both Ryko and Crunchy Frog are thrilled about and expects a whole lot from.

The first Crunchy Frog products will be released in USA during the spring of 2007. More information about this will be released in time. Now all there is to do is work and make plans. We look forward to it!

From the Archives: PowerSolo Rules! (by 10. March 2004)

PowerSolo Rules!
As all of you probably know by now, our crisp and crazy trio – PowerSolo – has just released their much awaited Crunchy Frog debut album: IT´S RACEDAY…and your pussy is GUT!!! The first single from the album – Juanito – has already shown to be a real smash-blockbuster-spring-hit!
This irresistible mexicana sing-along was chosen as Single Of The Week by Denmarks biggest musicradio P3 and the hilarious video is now enjoing a lot of spins on Boogie TV.
To top this PowerSolo has also been doing some tv and radio shows as well as newspaper and magazine interviews (including, Rundfunk, Snurre Snups Søndagsklub, P3 Rock, Politiken, Chili etc). This sure is a band in demand!

Since the album has been out in the shops, the Danish press has so far given the band great reviews. Here´s a little recap of some of them:

Gaffa – music magazine:
4 out of 6:”…with PowerSolo the danish rockscene has got a new devil-may-care string to play on.”

Sirene – womans mag
5 out of 6: “It´s Raceday…” is rare and strange, but it´s cool!”

Jyllands-Posten – daily newspaper
5 out of 6: “Proud jutlandic hillbillies kick ass on a troubled disturbing debutalbum that either set the scene for removal on the locked ward or world domination”.

DR Musik – Denmarks National Radio:
5 out of 6:”…PowerSolo is GUT and is capable of moving the garagerock outdoor and into the light.”

Tjeck – youth magazine:
5 out of 6:” The result is cheery and humorous with cool numbers like Oak Tree Girl and the garage rocker NASCAR. It will sure be a great experience to see the group live on the festivals this summer.”

Berlingske Tidende – daily newspaper:
4 out of 6: “It´s a pure party of draught-beer-bath, call-out-choir and clog-dance”.

Politiken – dailiy newspaper:
4 out of 6: “PowerSolo and the band leader, Kim “Kix” Jeppesen, has the right personality and an original approach to the genres, that are featured on this album.”

Euroman – mens magazine:
4 out of 6:” With “It´s Raceday…And Your Pussy Is Gut!!!!” the trio from Aarhus candidate for the most crazy enterprise on the Danish musicscene right now.

Soundvenue – music magazine
5 out of 6: “It´s Raceday…and your pussy is GUT!!! is shortly said a fantastic well-written, stylish and thorough album”…”with PowerSolo Crunchy Frog has once again signed a band, that smells of international succes.”

Lowcut magazine – music mag
4 out of 5: “The Band has found the right balance between humour and hillbilly twang, and the songs are infinitely superior and a zillion times more exciting. It´s Raceday…is a must for rock ´n´-rollers looking for something unique with that strange cow dung smell.”

Urban – daily newspaper
3 out of 6: “Powersolo is a badly needed, exotic spice in the Danish popsalami”…Completely irresistible is the cheery Oak Tree Girl and the unvaluable mexicanahit Juanito

Citadel – monthly magazine
4 out of 6