Tothe International – Candy’s Speech

Candy's SpeechTheme From Birdbrain 1:29

Media International 4:04

Power E 4:38

Jens Lyn 5:23

Anekdote Michelsen 0:23

Spooky Speaks 4:55

Payback Time 3:59

Rocket Girl 3:44

Oh, You´re So Fucking Perfect, Huh? Join My Hell 1:50

I Just Wanna Dance 2:03

The Dream Of The Dental Buff 4:19

Bashop-San 1:27

Closer Still 5:41

Just How You Like It 4:05

The Last Few Days of Candy´s Speech 2:47

Media International, Power E, Payback Time & Bashop-San recorded by Uffe Lauesen on Bunker’s 8-track at Short’n’Painless, Hamburg, October ’95. Produced by Uffe & Death Tothe.

Jens Lyn, Just How You Like It & Theme From Birdbrain recorded by Uffe on René & René’s 16-track at Sweet Little 6teen, Copenhagen, July ’94. Dubs on Jens Lyn recorded by Mads Lundgård at Mobilkurt(B), Copenhagen. Dubs on Just How You Like It recorded by Uffe at Mobilkurt(B). Mixed at Mobilkurt(B). Produced by Uffe & Death Tothe.

Spooky Speaks, Closer Still, Rocket Girl, I Just Wanna Dance & The Dream of the Dental Buff recorded by Uffe, Mads & Anders Skjødt on 24 tracks at Mobilkurt(A), Copenhagen, July ’95. Produced by Uffe & Death Tothe.

Anekdote Michelsen & Oh, You’re So Fucking Perfect, Huh? Join My Hell! recorded by Death Tothe on Peter’s 6-track at the rehearsal room, Måløv, August ’92. Produced by Death Tothe.

½ of The Last Few Days of Candy’s Speech recorded on Könneth’s 4-track at Webersgade 56, Copenhagen, some time in ’91. The other ½ was recorded on 24-track at Mobilkurt(A), July ’95. Produced by Death Tothe & Uffe.

Mastered by Uffe, Yebo, Nalna & Kim Aage Hendrup on a very large computer at Tocano, Smørum, December ’95.

Cover by Kool Kruzin’

Thanks Uffe, Mads, Kim, Bunker, DødsGry, Rafle, Tobak, Dana, Nars, Esben, René & René, Anders, Mikkel, Motto, Ulrik & Peter Kurt, automatic., everybody at Kool Kruzin’, Henry P, Bum Bum, Jim Jam, Pille, Könneth, Terser, Propdenoppopklop, everybody at Hocus Bogus, Glenny-boy & Jesper, Death Tothe Jam, Thau, Twang, Learning from Las Vegas, Murmur, Naked, 18th Dye, Many Voices, K-city, ZZ Top-Jam, The Happy Hiker Girls, Take Fzat!, Fede Mamma, Rikke Frisk, Per, Stærke, Claus & Lisbeth, Monty Python, Pigen med “Sorry Mom” t-shirten, Matt Groening, John Kricfalusi, Sam Raimi, Dan Cake, Böklunder, Leonora, King Tut, Döner, Helium and everybody at Crunchy Frog.


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