Learning From Las Vegas – Memory Babe

Memory Babe

Hungry and Tired 3:05

Memory Babe 3:39

Ten Thousand Songs 5:06

Since You´ve Gone 3:17

Divine 3:13

Bittersweet and Slightly Hungover 3:42

St. Christopher 3:18

Major Seven Afternoon 5:33

Ballistic 4:55

Suburban Bath-tub 4:09

Two Chairs 4:24

Uneven 3:20

Bliss 4:02

Recorded at Mobil Kurt summer 1995 by Mikkel Iljitsj and Louise Munck. Produced by Mikkel Iljitsj with Klaus Mandal Hansen who also sings, plays guitar, organ and wrote the songs. Rikke Frisk sings and plays the bass. Morten Voigt plays the drums and designed the cover. Sebastian Høeg Gulmann sings on Since You’ve Gone and Suburban Bath-tub.

We want to thank THAU, everybody at Crunchy Frog, Peter Neergaard Henrichsen, Tom Golzen, Ulla Welinder, Hans Hvass, Rune Mielonen, Anders Reuss, Koda, Rosa and all those listening.


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