Theme song for Ramasjang Rally

We can’t imagine anyone else better for the job than Powersolo. The guys have made the theme song for the television program Ramasjang Rally (a soapbox derby for kids – so cool!). You can catch the song and video on the Danish channel DR Ramasjang these days but if you don’t own a TV (God knows why) or ain’t a Dane you can watch the pretty amazing video right here. And for all English speaking fans: the song is in Danish but you can still watch the rockabilly styled kids and their soapbox cars – so cute!

Ramasjang “Rally” from Christian Schwanenflügel on Vimeo.

Ramasjang Rally will air Friday 31st of August 18.30 at DR Ramasjang right before Disney
Show (you Danes know what we are talking about). Until then go out in your garage, look behind your old dusty boxes, take your soapbox car and get ready for a speedy soapbox derby!


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