Crunchy Club # 5

Beloved people in London!

We know you’ve been missing another Crunchy Club so guess what? The 25th of September, we will let you have another one. We’re actually going to give you a pretty amazing night with 2 of our finest acts. Please notice, that we have a brand new location – the cool venue The Old Blue Last:

The Old Blue Last will be torn down, by Shiny Darkly and Thee Attacks.

Thee Attacks will never leave you disappointed. They have wowed critics and audiences alike during their endless amount of touring since the release of their first record “That´s Mister Attack To You” in 2010. With their catchy, riff-based rock ´n roll tunes from their upcoming album “Dirty Sheets” we can guarantee an amazing night, together with these 4 young men.

Shiny Darkly´s dark and noisy soundscape have already become a favorite amongst the English press. Their EP  takes the listener to a dark, highly electric, narcotic drone-like universe, highly inspired by the post punk and shoegaze of the 80’es and 90’es by the likes of Joy Division, The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen and Jesus & The Mary Chain. Their live shows are even darker, and their soundscape will appear even noisier.

We hope to see you again. This night is not worth missing, ok?


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