Shiny Darkly EP

And well… Monday was happy-official-release-day for the self-titled Shiny Darkly debut EP. As most of you of course already know it’s insanely beautiful. Let us present to you six very good reasons why you should give yourself a happy-Friday-present, buy it right here.
Shiny Darkly EP
Identifiable as hell, but Shiny Darkly gives you a throughout kick in the heart with the six tracks of the EP
You feel completely captured in the gloomy universe
– Geiger
  The monotonous and replicating songs are confident and spot on

(3,5/5) – Bands of Tomorrow

With an immediate fascinating understanding for distortion, noise and not the least simple musical patterns, Shiny Darkly demonstrates a professional understanding for the currents, which shaped new age and the post punk era

(4/6) – Gaffa

A band which is impressively uncompromising with their sound

(4/6) – Soundvenue

A unique band which borrows from the past and augers well for the future
(4/6) Lydtapet
These are sweet words and very well deserved don’t you think? One thing the reviews have in common is the optimism on the band’s behalf. As Soundvenue puts it: “they can only grow bigger and darker from here”. Darker, bigger, good.

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