Record Store Day

This Saturday – April 21 – it’s the annual and mighty Record Store Day. A special celebration of all the great record stores out there, that let’s music lovers indulge in long talks about obscure, new, weird or crappy releases for hours on end. And that carries new releases from small labels like our own instead of focusing on DVD’s and Wii games. They’re important for keeping a vibrant music scene alive and we strongly urge you to support your local record dealer. On Record Store Day a lot of limited releases are sold and special events occur alongside competitions and what have we. Find all participating stores here.

In Denmark we’re throwing a little gift at Route 66, Copenhagen who will be selling the new LP from Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band one week before the official release. And from 12.00-13.00 it’ll be at the special price of 100 DKK. Another cool event in Denmark is the release of the Pop Revo program in Badstue Rock in Aarhus together with free beers and live music. A true day of celebration for vinyl junkies!

See you in your local record store!


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