TONITE’S THE NITE – CRUNCHY CLUB BEGINS! by Yebo 23. February 2012

Crunchy Frog is coming to Big Smoke.

As previously advertised we are starting a residency at the Camden bar The Wheelbarrow. We call it … dadaaah … Crunchy Club. Over the next months we will bring Crunchy bands to play live for the flabbergasted London public. And the fun starts tonight. The bands are Thee Attacks and our brand new signing Shine Darkly.

Shiny Darkly are standing in for Lars and The Hands of Light who had to cancel in order to focus on the new album which is being recorded right now!

Please join us at The Wheelbarrow tonight!

Crunchy Club # 1Cruncy Club # 1It will be a blast. Also join up at the facebook event.

In just 2 weeks the next instalment will be ready. The Malpractice and Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band!

Crunchy Club # 2Here‘s the facebook event for that.

And stay tuned hare at the Crunchy Blog for a little photo reportage from tonight’s mayhem in Camden Town.




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