THEE ATTACKS WILL PLAY SXSW AND CMW by Simone 20. February 2012

We’ve got some very good news for those of you on the other side of that small ocean, they call the Atlantic. Thee Attacks will play this year’s SXSW in good old Austin, Texas, as well as CMW in Toronto. This is not only good news to us and the band, it’s brilliant news for all of those people going. Last year MOJO magazine named Thee Attacks as one of the seven at their The Magnificent SXSW Seven-list. That’s a good list. But then again… Thee Attacks is a really good band, so it all kind of makes sense.

Thee Attacks will rock SxSw and CMWIt looked somewhat like this at SXSW last year. We don’t want to make any promises the band can’t live up to, so let’s start with this modest little teaser: Thee Attacks will without any doubt deliver the concert of your life. They will. Impatient, yes? To kill time we suggest you take a look at what happened when Thee Attacks played Roskilde in 2010 (ok, it might just leave you a little more impatient, but at the same time extremely impressed).

Good enough news? Or do you want more? Updates on the coming album? Gossip from the crazy-London-recording-life? Stay tuned! In a case like this, Crunchy Frog kiss and tells.


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