HERE’S YOUR PROOF by Simone 20. February 2012

Evil rumors have been going around town this weekend. But there’s no truth to them. Shiny Darkly didn’t sign to some mass-producing major label, and they didn’t sell all of their belongings and run away to Southeast Asia to avoid the massive amount of press coverage, they’ve received since our big news Thursday. And in case you were wondering, they most definitely didn’t fail to impress Saturday night at KB18. Crunchy Frog really did sign them. Here’s the proof:

Shiny Darkly + Crunchy Head Honcho Yebo signing deal

This is the band and Yebo having fun while signing, since signing is probably the funniest thing to do. From the left: Oliver, Mads, Yebo and Kristoffer. And paparazzi.

Photographer-favorite Søren Solkær immortalized the concert as well as the signing. And we’ve uploaded the pictures for your eyes only. Let your eyes and Flickr unite and relive a great night (or regret not going so much that it’ll definitely be the very last time you decided to stay in on a Saturday). HAVE A LOOK!

Once again we welcome Shiny Darkly to Crunchy Frog! And London. Seriously don’t miss out on this one. Crunchy Club #1 is still this Thursday. Shiny Darkly is still playing. And it’s still going down.


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