From the Archives: The Crunchy Frog Podcast #4 – Covers Edition (by Andreas 22. November 2011)

The Crunchy Frog podcast returns! With The Tremolo Beer Gut having just released their heavily reverbed and all- kinds of awesome covers album, “Under the covers with…”, the podcast pays tribute to covers in all forms – both Crunchy and non- Crunchy. There are regular covers, covers referencing other covers and even covers of covers. All that said, one thing is for sure; it’s all in the name of great music.

Check it out.

Track list

Intro: Tahonga Loung Baby (Most Groovy)
Figurines – Television Time (The Mopeds Cover)
HEALTH – Goth Star (Pictureplane Cover)
Oliver North Boy Choir – Teenage Lust (Jesus and the Mary Chain Cover)
White Stripes – Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover)
Soft Cell – Tainted Love (Gloria Jones Cover)
The XX – Hot Like Fire (Aaliyah Cover)
The Tremolo Beer Gut – Every Minute Alone (WhoMadeWho Cover)
WhoMadeWho – Delirium Tremolo (The Tremolo Beer Gut Cover)
All Seeing I – The Beat Goes On (Buddy Rich and Cathy Rich “Cover”)
The Soft Pack – Red Headed Girl (Tijuana Panthers Cover)
Department of Eagles – Too Little, Too Late (JoJo Cover)
Outro: Tahonga Lounge Baby (Most Groovy)


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