From the Archives: PÓLÝFÓNÍA by Apparat Organ Quartet out today september 5th (by Ramogens 5. September 2011)

We are celebrating the release of Polýfónía by Apparat Organ Quartet with this new video for Apparat Organ Quartets latest single 123 FOREVER.

The production company Joy & Thunder are fans and friends of Apparat Organ Quartet and comissioned Gerda Klotz who came up with the idea, the scenograpgy and props. We, as well as the band, love it!

With a naïve, almost cartoony simplicity, the lyrics to 123 FORVER tell the story of the band – of their many concerts, secret hand signals, Japanese fans and all their odd equipment. The single is a headbanging hymn, served in a mixture of electronica and rock-beats. The beautiful, melancholic melody is sung through vocoders by Jóhan Johansson and a Japanese voice synthesizer. Apparat Organ Quartet is clearly unique on the musical scene.

Click below to check out the video

123 Forever


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