From the Archives: New lean, mean OH, THE IRONY video fromThe Malpractice (by Sanne 6. June 2011)

Lean, mean, and eerily beautiful. The new OH, THE IRONY video from the Malpractice is here, just in time to celebrate the announcement of The Malpractice at this years Roskilde Festival.

The video is directed and recorded in the US by Guy Manly and came about from an idea from the Danish video director Peder Pedersen, (mostly known for the Barbie Girl-video).  Almost ten years ago Peder told his idea to Jesper Reginal from Crunchy Frog when they were brainstorming for a video for ”Someone Else” by superheroes, (the one with the crying people directed by Pedersen which must have inspired Good Boy Creative to do the magnificent WhoMadeWho video ”Every Minute Alone”). On several occasions during the following ten years Reginal and Pedersen talked about realizing the idea for the video, but only now came the perfect project, the perfect song, the perfect title, OH, THE IRONY. Unfortunately Peder were too busy, so instead the video were recorded in New Jersey suburbia by Guy Manly, which certainly doesn’t make the video less exceptional!
Do yourself a favour and watch it till the end:


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