From the Archives: Bring beef, tequila and condoms! – The Palin files. (by Jessi-Q 21. June 2011)

Gag of the month!

As you may have heard, all email correspondance from US darling Sarah Palin’s days as governor of Alaska has been released to the public! Good reading! Going through all this, it’s unavoidable not to stumble across some weird approaches for Miss Palin. One of many is actually an invitation to a BBQ from Jeppe Senior’s (and former Wolfkin) LA manager, Alexis Riviera, who runs the label Echo Park Records. Whenever he sends out his invitations, he always make up an email address in the “to” line of invitees, for everyone to see. And then keep all the real email addresses BCC. So he did this with Sarah Palin, guessing what her email would be. What he didn’t know was that it in fact WAS her real email address!!! “BBQ at my house! Strange Boys are playing! So tip the kids and bring beef, tequila and condoms!” – I bet Palin must have been tempted!! Funny detail is that Alexis is now getting good sponsor offers from condom and tequila companies!! Not too shabby!!
Read all about it at Gawker


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