From the Archives: Apparat Organ Quartet’s album Pólyfónía gets awesome reviews! (by Camilla 25. November 2011)

Check these out!

NME 7/10
“The result is a clean, efficient, piston-pumping, Teutonic sound of robots doing serious damage to bands with beards and banjos – icy and brilliantly foreboding future-rock.”

MusicOMH 4/5

“They may rightfully claim to have invented the organ quartet, but Apparat Organ Quartet have somehow managed the impossible, and squeezed a dozen genres out of four organs and produced an album that’s not only interesting and listenable but really enjoyable, whether you’re a geek on their par or an electro novice.”

Subba-cultcha 8/10

“We know what you’ve been thinking. ‘Man, organs are f**king cool and all, but one organ just isn’t enough. We need more. More!!’ Well, anonymous organ freaks of the internet, your day has come.” “Surprisingly wonderful.”

Also check out these crunchy and smothering remarks from magazines like:

Mojo 3/5

“…return with a belated second album that fuses Kraftwerkian vocoders and electronics with Neu! rhythms and a never-less-than-playful sense of kitsch pop melody.”

Uncut Magazine 3/5

“…there’s still fun to be had marvelling at the sheer diversity of analogue weaponry on display.”

Time Out Magazine 3/5

“And for those who’ve never heard of them, AOQ are five vintage synthesizer nerds who create experimental, occasionally incredible synth-prog odysseys…”

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go get the album yourself!


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