CRUNCHY FROG SIGNS SHINY DARKLY by by Simone 16. February 2012 Shiny Darkly is probably the most amazing and in every way coolest band, you’ve stumbled upon since you stumbled upon something really, really, really good. And here is the best part: CRUNCHY FROG JUST SIGNED THEM. We’re so proud and thrilled to share these huge news with all of you, and if possibly we’re even more excited to introduce our three fine, young men in Shiny Darkly to you and the whole beautiful world.

Shiny DarklyShiny Darkly is white-dark noisepop wrapped in a simple lo-fi formula; it’s electric and noisy, and with inspirations such as the post punk and shoegaze of the 80’s and 90’s, Joy Division, The Cure and Jesus and The Mary Chain – even with strings to the best of the 60’s and 70’s, it’s not unlikely that you’ll regret not signing the band yourself. At Crunchy Frog HQ we all agree: this is unpleasantly good. As in really, really, REALLY crazy stupid good.

There’ll be an EP out sooner than soon – the band will be in studio with the former PowerSolo-member, Jens ”Benz” Søndergård, the brilliant man behind brilliant albums from Iceage and Thulebasen among others. So expect your favorite songs of 2012 in early May. We intend to keep you posted, but start counting the days. If you haven’t already met Kristoffer, Mads and Oliver, you surely get the chance now – already this Saturday, they’ll celebrate the amazing news with a concert at KB18. Join them, join all of us, propose a toast, fall in love and forget that you ever knew a life without this shiny darkness.

And for the UK-people reading along – there’s no need to fight, we’ve plenty of Shiny Darkly for all of you. They’re replacing Lars and The Hands of Light on our first Crunchy Club night in London 23 February 23. So go ahead, bring your very best friends and your dancing shoes – with both Thee Attacks and Shiny Darkly, you have quite a night ahead of you!

With these words, we’ll let you go, but only because we’re absolutely sure where you’re going…


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