From the Archives: The Crunchy Frog Podcast (by Andreas 23. February 2011)

Yes sheople, the rumours are true! We are branching out in our quest for total airwave domination and now have a monthly podcast via the kind people at Euradio Nantes. Informative yet entertaining, the Crunchy Frog Podcast will bring you the finest in musical recordings and on- air banter.

The first episode can be streamed or downloaded below and is hosted by Andreas (the regular host and male prostitute) and guested by Yebo (the boss). So go ahead and listen to us wax poetic about the music we love, interview Powersolo at their release party and play some tracks we recorded at said release party. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Right here

Intro: Tremolo Beer Gut – Tahonga Lounge Baby (Most Groovy)
Powersolo – Teach You Fun
The Fresh and Onlys – Waterfall
The Dirtbombs – Underdog
Earl Sweatshirt – EARL
The Malpractice – Boss Stallion
Lars and the Hands of Light – Me Me Me (Laidback Remix)
The Pixies – Bone Machine
Thee Attacks – Are You?
Powersolo – The Rither (Live at Bakken)
Powersolo – Hear My Plea (Live at Bakken)
Powersolo – I Love You But I Hate You (Live at Bakken)
Outro: Tremolo Beer Gut – Tahonga Lounge Baby (Most Groovy)


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