From the Archives: PowerSolo sale! (by Ramogens 14. March 2011)

Exactly a month ago we released PowerSolo’s most scary album yet: Buzz Human. To celebrate the baby steps of this fine piece of music, we’re running a sale on the duo’s old albums on iTunes. Be sure to get you copy of “IT’S RACEDAY… and your pussy is GUT!!”, “Egg”, “BloodSkinBones” or the soundtrack for “Himmerland” while supplies last (funny, eh!?). Click on a cover to go directly to iTunes.


Oh, yeah – they’re playing concerts together with a full live band too! These are the coming dates:

19/3 – Kulisselageret, Horsens

25/3 – Tante Olga, Randers

26/3 – Voxhall, Aarhus

31/3 – Beta, Copenhagen

1/4 – Karensminde Kulturhus, Copenhagen

7/5 – Templet, Lyngby

27/5 – Volksbad, Flensburg


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