From the Archives: Godless Wicked Creeps (by Ramogens 2. May 2011)

This really isn’t Crunchy Frog news but we’re proud of it, so I’ll just use a few kilobytes of data storage on this blog to make an announcement. As of April we’re the digital distributors of most of Godless Wicked Creeps’ releases. These psychobilly gems have been hidden on dusty shelves for too long and finally they have found a digital home. And actually this is slightly Crunchy Frog-related! If you know your PowerSolo you also know that Kim Kix used to bang his hairdo in Godless Wicked Creeps. As did Martin Budde who switched to organ in The Defectors and Thomas Mejer who resides in Johnny Nightmare these days. See for yourself right here:

Three fine young men with impressive hairdos: Kim Kix, Thomas Mejer and Martin Budde, 1994

Go check the crazy sounds of this amazing psychobilly trio (and later quartet) on iTunes, Amazon, WiMP or whatever digital retailer you prefer.


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