From the Archives: CRUNCHY FROG PODCAST #3 (by Andreas 30. May 201)

It’s podcasting time!, as we’re back with our third episode. This time around it’s an Icelandic special in the honour of our new signing: Apparat Organ Quartet. Crunchy Frog’s resident Icelander, Thor, joins in and waxes poetic about some of Iceland’s finest, while Johann Johannson from Apparat Organ Quartet also comes in for a chat about the group and their forthcoming album, Polýfónía.

Njótid Vel!

The tracklist is as follows:

Intro: Tahonga Loung Baby (Most Groovy)
FM Belfast – Underwear
Sigur Rós – Flugufrelsarinn
S.H. Draumur – Öxnadalsheiði
Mugison – Murr Murr
Johann Johannson – The Cause of Labour is the Hope of the World
Apparat Organ Quartet – Romantika
Apparat Organ Quartet – Konami (Radio Edit)
Björk – Unravel
Outro: Tahonga Lounge Baby (Most Groovy)


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