From the Archives: Apparat Organ Quartet – signed at Crunchy Frog (by Rune 12. May 2011)

New Crunchy Frog signing: The second album Pólýfónía by Apparat Organ Quartet will be released in Denmark and the rest of Europe in September 2011!

On Crunchy Frog we’re pretty sure that there are no other organ quartets than Apparat Organ Quartet. Certainly no one with five members!! And certainly no one at the same time pointing to Kraftwerk and Motörhead as their role models. Every note in AOQ is played manually. Neither sequencers or computers are utilized!! In concerts and records the band plays on keyboards from their massive collection of antique analogue machinery, which includes Russian synthezeisers and purpose-built harmoniums, ARPs, Farfisas, malfunctioning Hammonds, vocoders and various circulatory changed Casio and Portasound -keyboards. The band has even a firm contract with waste disposal authorities in Reykjavik, who informs the band every time they encounter an old organ, or keyboard.

Apparat Organ Quartet is as mentioned, despite the name, a five pice band: four keyboard players and one drummer.

Check out the band and look forward to the European release of Pólýfónía.



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