From the Archives: The move documented (by Ramogens 14. September 2009)

As the regular reader might now we deciced to ditch the old offices downtown in the I’ll-just-park-my-lamborghini-all-over-the-place-outside-this-celebrity-coffee-bar-while-I-drink-my-cortado area (please remember that I’m a peasant from ye olde land while reading that – some of my more urbanised co-workers might have a different look on the café culture of ‘Pisserenden’!). We’ve moved to Halmtorvet, Vesterbro which is packed with hookers and dealers making us feel at home, I guess.

Well, we did take a photo or two of the move and now it’s up at our neat Flickr site. See treats like…

The old HQ packed up and ready to go

Ach du fuggin lieber: now all the shit is moved to the new yard...

OK. Pow wow. What are we going to do? Should we just set fire to the stuff in the yard or carry it up?

And... almost set in the HQ.
Mogens and Kristina pretending to work. Gotta keep them facebooks updated, yo!

I gotta tell you the new place is some treat. Air, light, space, green floors, a seperate kitchen and whatnot. Now all we need is clean drinkable water and we’ll take over the world!


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