From the Archives: THE LEGENDARY TRIO BREAKS UP (by Kasper 21. January 2010)

It is with melancholy that we announce the break-up of the legendary Danish/German rock band 18th Dye. Their 3rd album “Amorine Queen” from 2008 unfortunately was to be the band’s last. It’s not the first time the band dissolves. The first time was in 1996  after two trendsetting albums and an EP (released by Matador, Che and Cloudland Records), 3 John Peel BBC sessions and a lot of memorable concerts. After a long break they reformed in 2005 to play the Crunchy Frog festival VibraCrunch in Malmö, Sweden. This performance was the spark that inspired the trio to do more concerts reaching and surpassing the high quality of the 90s shows. The band started writing new material and the ensuing 3rd album revived the well-known, compact Dye musical universe – and extended it with alternative instrumentation and a less naturalistic approach to the studio process. “Amorine Queen” was met with due critical acclaim and the band toured both home countries and the USA, and played the Roskilde Festival. Even though 18th Dye artistically – both regarding recordings and live energy – was showing great promise for the future, the band report that external circumstances and other obligations has come in the way of continuing the band. The members are good friends and the decision was taken together.

18th Dye write – taciturn and characteristically to the point:

“It is not possible for us to compose, create and act as a band any more. We have decided to stop the band at this point.”

Jesper Reginal, Crunchy Frog MD, dye-hard fan and producer of “Amorine Queen” states:

“It is a huge loss to our label and to the Danish rock scene in general that 18th Dye has chosen to stop. Their influence on the Danish indie rock can hardly be overstated. They seriously put uncompromising noise, minimalism and originality on the agenda here in the 90s, and it was a great honour for us to be able to work with the band when they reformed in 2005. That their last show was to be at our Crunchy Frog 15th anniversary party is also something of which we are proud. Without putting any of the other bands’ fine performances down, 18th Dye simply showed all of us how it is Done. In my opinion among the 5 best live bands on the planet. On a good day: the best. At the party Dye played a handful of new tunes, promising great things for the planned 4th 18th Dye album, which we will now never hear. Dammit! And seriously: It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with the band, and we of course respect Piet, Heike and Basti’s decision. It hasn’t been an easy one. We wish them all the best for the future and cross our fingers for a re-union in 2017.”

18th Dye was – and will always be:

Sebastian Büttrich: guitar, vocal

Heike Marie Rädeker: bass, vocal

Piet Breinholm Bendtsen: drums, vocal



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