From the Archives: Revealing footage from the housewarming (by Ramogens 9. October 2009)

Last week we threw a nice housewarming party here at the new HQ. Together with our roommates Greathouse, Gearbox, Bad Afro, Nürnberg Design, NTOV and Molim we handed beer, drinks and hotdogs out to the crowd of happy guests. We actually remembered to take some pictures and they’re all available at the Crunchy Frog Flickr page. If you just want the short version of a most excellent night, that ended at Jolene with Lars and The Hands of Light playing a helluva set, then look no further:

Party in the yard. Tents, beer and hotdogs. What's not to like?!?

Our accountant (on the left) knows wherethe action is. So does the Great Nalna.

Kids parking in front of youtube. Works everytime!

Later on the party started for real - as our distributors show in the best way possible. Weirdos!

Inside at Jolene, Lars and The Hands of Light played as if their very life depended on it.

And finally it was over and all the happy people went home. But what the hell was Sanne in the back looking at!?!


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