From the Archives: Pictorial from 15 års knaldet! (by Yebo 8. September 2009)


What a party!

It was so incredibly amazing to see so many tipsy, happy, dancing people at the Crunchy Frog 15th anniversary party. It was so much fun and all the 9 bands delivered the goods – BIG TIME. It really went above all expectations despite really crappy weather. The show was sold out (due to fire regulation, not lack of space) and the party lasted 12 straight AND gay hours. We busted our chops setting this up and spent two days cleaning up and driving away the debris, but it was well worth it!

Go look at our very own photoboy Jonas Bang’s pix at our Flickr Page by using this link. (See more of Jonas’ stuff here.)








Also look at these pix from Steffen Jørgensens photostream!








…and this pictorial from

… plus these from the Danish Radio Music Blog
It will be as if you were there yourself, but if you were, then you know that it was much more fun in real life. You other poor sods missed out… but at least you can have a peak at all these sites. Please send ud more links if you took some pix or did some video at the party, and we’ll post it here!

See video from the party HERE!



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