From the Archives: FROG-A-LICIOS! THE PRODUCT IS HERE! (by Yebo 3. September 2009)

Wuhu! The cds have just arrived at Crunchy HQ. Gaddamn they are crisp and crunchy and utterly frog-a-licios. Just look at it! that is a great looking package. and the contents are over the top. Go get that 2-desc set at your earliest convenience. It is release on saturday!

Sour note, though: As always the joy with a brand new product is somewhat lessened by Thomas immediately finding the 1 error that all artwork HAS to have. The one detail that nobody noticed the 1000 times this artwork was looked over. We forgot an “s” in The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Many appologies to Mette and Lar. We are very sorry. Oh shit, no! – now I forgot the “s” in Lars. Sorry again. Please go get all the *correct* info about TAGT here.

…and THEN get your hands on “Saluting the Crunchy Frog-a-logue” post haste! First place to get it will be a the RELEASEPARTY at Under Vand on saturday 5th at 5pm. We will pass out some free spirituosa and listen to the damned thing! Thank you Gordons Gin for all this merryment.


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