From the Archives: 15 ÅRS KNALDET – WE ARE COUNTING DOWN! More info than before… (by Yebo 27. August 2009)

Oh yes young ‘uns. We are fastly approaching the event of the year! Our very own happy birthday! As you have undoubtedly been readin in these e-pages, it is going to be quite the feast.

TICKETS are limited and cost 115 kroner + handling fee. And here’s a hot tip for ya. If you buy advance tickets at then you just pay the handling fee once regadless of how many tickets you buy. If you buy at the door it’ll be 15 kr handling fee for each ticket. On top of that we might sell out all the tickets in advance, and then you’ll stand there like a s.u.c.k.e.r all dressed up and nowhere to go but… home.

PS: After thursday sept. 3rd at 6pm the pre-sale tickets will not be sent to you. We will in stead email you and tell you where to pick them up at the door at the party! Apart from that we will also sell tickets for hard cash at the door on saturday!

THE LOCATION is UNDER VAND. This venue is fairly new and unknown to many. Maybe because it is truely an underground venue. As the danish name suggests it is indeed UNDER WATER. Conveniently located a brisk 15 second walk from the Ørestad Metrostation (on the oppositie side of the shopping mall Fields) you’ll find some water reservoirs. It is below these that it is all going down on saturday 5th!

TRANSPORTATION is fairly obvious. It is a 15 second walk away from the Metro station kids! It takes just 12 minutes from Nørreport station, and the Metro runs aaaaall nite long, yo! Coming from Copenhagen you need to take the Metro towards Vestamager. Not the “Lufthavnen” line!

WHAT TO BRING? Your ticket might be a pretty good idea!. Apart from that you’ll just need a lot of spending cash. Not that the bar is going to be expensive! At the warm-up session beers and hotdogs will be just 15 kroner. Later beers and cider will be 25 kroner (from Ølfabrikken) and drinks (G&Ts + Rum&Cokes) will be 30. Water and soda for 20. The good people from Dyrehaven will make pastrami deli sandwiches and gourmet sauseges all night long, so all your basic needs are going to be covered. Music, food, beer… and… Oh yeah- that’s right: you also need to bring a bag! We are going to put up a nice Crunchy merchandise booth with prices that you just won’t believe. That’s how crazy expensive it’s gonna be – NOT! We’ll practically – and for some items literally – be giving stuff away!!!

There will be a wardrobe to put your jacket and bag for the duration of the party of course! We will also have 1 credit card station, so if you want to avoid long lines in front of that machine just stuff loads of crisp 100’s and get ahead!

 FREE STUFF will be plentiful. Not only will we give our new release “SALUTING THE CRUNCHY FROG-A-LOGUE” out to the first 100 guests – we’ll also draw lots for t-shirts, jackets and other goodies. Your lottery ticket will be your numbered admission ticket, so save it Goddammit!

THE PROGRAM for this party is nothing less than astounding!!! We will present to you in live action the very best that Scandinavia can offer. As we have said before: you cannot aford to miss any one of these fine bands’ performances, so you need to arrive in time – and in style og course! The live shows will start at 19.30 – but before that:


To celebrate the release of our 2CD compilation “SALUTING THE CRUNCHY FROG-A-LOGUE” about which you can read extensively in this weblog we gather as many of the performing non-Crunchy artists to listen to the full album in high fidelity stereo while congratulating eachother on a job mighty well done. Everybody can of course participate. We will also have sneak peak listens to forthcoming Crunchy Frog albums from Heavy Trash and Lars & The Hands of Light. Man, that is going to be something. We know – cause we know! By the way: the give-away of the first 100 copies of the 2CD set begins at 5pm – so get with the program asap! As written before: beers and dogs are just 15 kroner et the warm-up.


Each band will perform a set of about 35 minutes – PowerCinders a little longer, as they are 2 bands playing against each other. We have kept the running order a secret, and if the bomb strikes just before the parrty we will take it to our graves! Don’t bet on the chance that your favourite band is not the first one! And just think what you’ll miss (in total random order):

THE DEBUT FIRST-EST MOST-EST EVER SHOW of Lars and The Hands of Light. If you haven’t heard the debut single – right now roaming the Danish airwaves – check the link immeddiately. It’s a classic!

THE VERY SINGLE LAST-EST SHOW FOREVER AND EVER from the legendary epo-555. The band have been in hiatus and semi-brokien up for a year or so, but right now they are rehearsing like never before to give a poignant farewell.

THE USUAL RED SMOKY INFERNO of The Tremolo Beer Gut. You know you want it. And only 35 minutes of TBG is a very short time to get your bottle up – and will leavy you aching for more.

THE UNUSUAL BUT MAGIC PRESENCE of Mr. Asbjørn Auring Grimm of Decorate Decorate and Ms. Marie Højlund of Marybell Katastrophy as front man/woman for Beta Satan. Were you growing a bit tired of that asshole Kåre? Well, join the fuggin club. Nice to see some real singers in front for a change while Kåre is hopefully having a strong beautiful baby back home in Århus. Congratz in advance!

THE UNUSUAL BUT NOT UNPRECEDENTED PRESENCE of Mrs. Jenny Wilson as part of First Floor Power. Jenny of course used to be in the band, and this is a rare opportunity to hear a few of the hits that she fronted and that FFP haven’t played for years. MAN!

THE AMAZING AND BULLITPROOF SOUND of Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band, just returned from China and in total Kung Fu top form. They will chop chop you up and eat you like the dawg you are.

THE BRAND NEW TUNES FROM THE NEXT ALBUM from 18th Dye. Yessiree, the giants of rock are working hard on the next album, and emerge from Camp Dye with a handful of new songs + a few oldies!

THE BATTLE OF THE BROTHERS! Well we all knew that Kim Kix is a schizoid bastard, but now his freakbrother Bo has joined the madness… they both play in both PowerSolo and Kim and The Cinders of course… but tonight these bands will play against each other. Wazza? Well, we just have to wait and see what that is all about!


Jenny Wilson, Kim LAS and the Crunchy Crew will spin their fave records ’til dawn. There is no curfew! The trains run all night long. Get down! Ouwww! If space admits we’ll sell late comer tickets for 60 kroner from midnite! But please: don’t come late. If we’re full you’ll spend the night window-shopping at Fields. And that is just too sad innit?

What is left to say? See you on saturday the 5th. We are pretty darned excited about this. It will be the stuff of legends, people! Come and celebrate the Frog’s coming of age!



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