No no no, it is indeed no catastrophy at all. We just want to announce to the world that Beta Satan will be joined on stage on saturday at the party of the year – not only by Asbjørn from Decorate decorate and the 30es – but also by the beautiful, talented and most delightful (and probably Satanist) lead singer from Marybell Katastrophy: Marie Højlund.

Marie used to be the pretty feminine one in Q and Soft-Kåre’s old band Tiger Tunes. Oh no wait: Mogens was the pretty feminine one… but anyway: she was in the band and now she wins more awards and sells more records than Beta Satan. (Not that that is impressive in and of itself – ah-hah-hahaah). So it is very nice of her to descend upon the lads this evening and spread a little stardust on Beta Satan.

What a treat!



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