From the Archives: WARM-UP TO THE 15-YEAR BASH (by Martin 14. July 2009)

Hi everyone,

As you all surely know (otherwise read the post below), we will celebrate our 15-year anniversary on saturday September 5th at Under Vand with a huge ball, featuring the entire Crunchy roster in live action as well as DJs spinning records all night long.

However, it’s also important to note all the other great stuff that will take place.

As you may also know, a lot of esteemed Danish acts are covering their favourite Crunchy tunes that will make up the compilation “Saluting the Crunchy Frog-a-logue” and thus this party is also the release party for this release. At our warm-up session that bgegins at 5pm we’ll listen to this compilation and also two forthcoming Crunchy releases. Heavy Trash will release ther 3rd long player “Midnite Soul Serenades” on October 12th and Lars and The Hands of Light will release their debut album later same month. Pre-listen to both these amazing feats in high fidelity at the 15 year warm-up at UNDER VAND.

The first 100 guests will receive the first 100 copies of “Saluting the Crunchy Frog-a-logue” – so there is good reason to get there early and enjoy the 15 kroner beers and 15 kroner hotdogs. Be there at 5pm and jump right in !

C U There


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